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Address : No. 21 Phuong Liet Str. Phuong Liet Ward, Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi
Tel : (84-24) 38691980-0912216934
Fax : (84-24) 38686633
Sector :  - Trading and manufacturing of veterinary medicines, raw materials for the production of veterinary drugs, feed for livestock, poultry and other livestock;
- Buying agent, sales agent, consignment; (Mainly medicinal products);
- Research and application of advanced science and technology to improve the quality of veterinary medicinal products;
- Production and sale of aquatic veterinary medicine;
- Production and sale of aquatic feed;
- Production and sale of chemicals (excluding chemicals banned by the State);
- Sales of food products, food, wine, beer, candy, soft drinks (not including the bar business);
- Passenger transport, cargo transport by car under contract and on fixed routes.
Detail :  - Tax code: 0101117050
- Tax management agency: Tax Department of Thanh Xuan District
- Establishment Decision: No. 0101117050
- Business License: 0102002420 - 18/04/2001
- Ower/ Lagal representative: Le Tran Huyen
- Activity status: Operating

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