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Address : Km 3, Pham Van Dong St., Co Nhue 1 Ward, Bac Tu Liem Dist., Hanoi
Tel : (84-24) 37564415
Fax : (84-24) 37564416
Sector :  * Import-Export and main business:
- All kinds of materials, machinery and equipment and complete equipment lines, serving the production of all branches of the national economy, such as industry, basic construction, transportation, and construction. ships, mining and mineral processing... interior decoration, office equipment, consumer goods, ferrous metals (all kinds of billet steel, cast iron...), high-grade alloy steels, used steels tools, fabricated steel, sheet steel, sheet steel, wire steel and other special-purpose steels, ferro-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, minerals, coke, coal, refrigeration equipment, handicraft products handicrafts, bamboo and rattan; Agricultural products, forestry, aquatic products, fertilizers, chemicals, pulp, plastic beads, agricultural materials, medical equipment...
- All kinds of tourist cars, specialized cars for police, military, ambulance. and motorcycles.
- Sale and warranty products of the Corporation Motivation and Agricultural Machines (VEAM) to serve the agricultural, forestry and fishery industries..
- There is a system of motorbike sales and warranty shops authorized by Hoda Company (HEAD).
- Purchasing all kinds of things, scrap iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, for regeneration, recycling for production and business.
*Production and service:
- Organize mineral extraction and processing, especially iron ore mining and deep processing in Ban Cuon - Cho Don - Bac Kan to serve the production of cast iron, sponge iron, steel and import and export business. ..
- Producing styrofoam, cast iron, cast iron, steel, rolled steel, non-ferrous metals such as: Tin, copper, lead, aluminum, zinc...
- Producing, processing and processing consumer products and plastic packaging, paper packaging, furniture and handicraft products... for consumption and for export; Electric cables, microbiological fertilizers, animal feed processing, aquaculture, electricity production and business, civil and industrial construction of technical infrastructure, ground leveling, construction and installation electrical works from 110KV or less.
- Professional transportation service, a team of skilled drivers, with nearly 100 vehicles of all kinds, with a payload from 5 tons to 12 tons in sealed containers, specializing in transporting all kinds of Civic cars, Honda motorbikes, and other vehicles. materials and other goods going throughout 64 provinces and cities nationwide. annual revenue from transportation has reached over 120 billion dong.
- Renting factories, warehouses, yards, office buildings ... for rent, creating an advantage to receive shipping and delivery agents for all partners. Especially, there is a lot of potential in terms of space for the construction of large investment projects, such as projects to build office buildings, high-class apartments and villas... to expand and develop real estate business. movables.
Detail :  - Tax code: 0100100336
- Tax management agency: Tax Department of Ha Noi City
- Business License: 0100100336 - 06/06/2007
- Ower/Lagal representative: Tong Ngoc Thang
- Activity status: Operating

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