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Address : No. B1-09 St.04, Tan Anhui Residential Area, Tan Phong Ward, Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel : (84-28) 0937191311-0937151311-0902606233
Sector :  - Trading in stationery and office services.
+ Types of paper: A4 paper, A3 paper, A5 paper, Large format paper, A1, A0 printing paper, + Cover paper, Ford color, Continuous printing paper, Thermal paper, Decal paper, Photo paper, Note 3M paper, Paging, Carbon Paper, Sealing, Stamps...
+ Stationery: Writing pens, File covers, Student notebooks - Bookmarks, Staples, punching holes, Accounting forms, Shelf trays, writing boxes, Butterfly clips, paper clips, Adhesive tape, PE film, Knives, scissors, cutting glue, Tag strap – nameplate…
+ Office board: Flipchart board, Pin board, Glass board, Korean word board, Menu board, Information board, Baby word board...
+ Seal - Ink: Engrave Square, Engrave Name, Engrave Signature, Engrave Logo, Engrave Title Mark, Engrave Merit Mark, Date May, Engrave Instantly, Ink Seal...
+ Necessities: Office drinking water, Office tissues, Baskets - Trash cans, Cleaning tools, Detergent solution, Office cleaning...
+ Office equipment: Office machines, CDs, DVDs, Casio calculators, Laser printer ink, LiOA sockets, Battery – USB – computer mouse, Ribbon – Film FAX…
+ Print Tet calendar: Print Bloc Calendar, Print Desktop Calendar, Print Wall Calendar, Print Spring Calendar, Print Notebook Calendar, Print Calendar Sheet, Print Exclusive Calendar ...
- Providing products of famous brands in terms of items and product categories:
+ Casio calculator and Horse stationery.
+ Student tools of all kinds WinQ.
+ Stationery of all kinds Gstar.
+ Student tools and stationery Thien Long, FlexOffice.
+ Stationery Sukiva.
+ Types of Vibook (Vinh Tien), Thuan Tien, Hoa Binh, Loc Phat
+ PLUS, KingJIM.
Detail :  - Tax code: 0313773664
- Tax management agency: Tax Department of District
- Business License: 0313773664 - 25/04/2016
- Ower/Lagal representative: Nguyen Minh Hien
- Activity status: Operating

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