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Address : 361/9/18B, Hamlet 6, Dong Thanh Commune, Hoc Mon Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel : (84-28) 0972082248
Sector :  - Design and manufacture low voltage electrical cabinets.
- Producing cable tray ladders.
- Installation of electrical systems, automation systems for industrial production plants.
- Design, construction and installation of electrical panel cabinets suitable for production and business activities of customers.
+ Industrial electrical cabinets, substation cabinets, ATS electrical cabinets, low/medium voltage electric tuds, capacity compensating capacitors,...
+ Receive own production according to requirements, install PLC program of electrical cabinets.
+ Inspect and accept works carefully when delivering goods to customers.
- Main product:
+ Electrical Cabinet.
+ Station Cabinet.
+ ATS electrical cabinet.
+ General Electrical Cabinet.
+ Electrical Panel Cabinet.
+ Low voltage electrical cabinets.
+ Outdoor Electrical Cabinet.
+ Medium Voltage Electrical Cabinet.
+ PLC Control Cabinet.
+ Electrical Control Cabinet.
+ Inverter Cabinet.
+ Industrial Electrical Cabinet.
+ Lighting Cabinet.
+ Distribution Cabinet.
+ Warranty for Electrical Panels.
+ Multi-function electrical cabinet.
+ Power Compensating Cabinet.
+ Construction of Electrical Panels.
+ Design and Installation of Electrical Panel Cabinets.
+ Solar Power Cabinet.
+ Cable tray ladder.
+ Cable tray.
+ Cable Ladder.
+ Cable Tray Ladder.
Detail :  - Tax code: 0316136060
- Tax management agency: Tax Department of District 12
- Business License: 0316136060 - 13/02/2020
- Ower/ Lagal representative: Pham Phu Minh
- Activity status: Operating

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