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  Sustainable forestry development program in a period of 2021 - 2025 (Thursday, November 30,2023)

Develop forestry to truly become a modern, effective, efficient and competitive economic and technical sector, linked in a chain from forest development, forest protection, forest use to processing and trade in forest products; manage, protect, develop and sustainably use forest areas and land areas planned for forestry development

  Implementation plan of Scheme on promoting agricultural, forestry and fishery exports in Ba Ria Vung Tau province until 2030 (Monday, October 30,2023)

Promote growth of export turnover of the province's key agricultural, forestry and fishery products. Improve quality and export value of the province's agricultural, forestry and fishery products to meet import market regulations. Gradually build brand of the province's agricultural, forestry and fishery products in international market

  Scheme on developing marine economic clusters associating with building strong marine economic centers in a period to 2030 (Thursday, October 19,2023)

Developing rapidly and sustainably marine economic clusters to create strong national marine economic centers linking to implementation of Vietnam's sustainable marine economic development strategy and socio-economic development strategy in 10 years of a period of 2021 - 2030 and major guidelines and policies of the Party and the State on development of relevant regions, industries and fields

  Project on environmental protection in fisheries activities in a period of 2021 - 2030 (Friday, September 29,2023)

Control and prevent pollution in aquatic activities; prevent and resolve environmental incidents; protect and develop aquatic resources and living environment, contributing to preventing biodiversity loss; improve capacity to adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions; Build and develop circular economy and green economic models in fisheries activities to protect environment and sustainably develop the fisheries industry

  One Commune One Product Program for a period of 2021 - 2025 (English name: One commune one product, referred to as OCOP Program) (Friday, September 15,2023)

OCOP program is a key program for economic development in rural areas in direction of promoting internal resources and increasing value; is an important solution and task in implementing national target program on building new rural areas for a period of 2021 - 2025; building new rural areas in depth, effectively and sustainably

  National target program on building new countryside in a period of 2021 - 2025 (Thursday, August 31,2023)

Continue to implement the Program associated with effectively restructuring the agricultural sector, developing the rural economy, and deepening the urbanization process, effectively and sustainably; implement the construction of advanced new rural areas, model new rural areas and new rural areas at village and village level. Improve the material and spiritual life of rural people, promote gender equality. Building rural socio-economic infrastructure synchronously and gradually modernizing, ensuring a bright, green, clean, beautiful, safe rural environment and landscape, rich in traditional cultural identity, adaptable to climate change and sustainable development.

  Supporting industry development project in Binh Phuoc province for a period of 2021-2025, orientation to 2030 (Thursday, August 31,2023)

Supporting industries play a very important role in increasing competitiveness of finished industrial products and accelerating industrialization process in direction of both expanding in scale and focusing on quality and efficiency

  Project of developing construction materials in Binh Dinh province in a period of 2021 - 2030, vision to 2050 (Wednesday, August 16,2023)

Development of construction materials in Binh Dinh province in a period of 2021 - 2030 with vision to 2050 must be consistent with the Strategy on development of building materials of Vietnam in the period of 2021 – 2030 with orientation to 2050; Binh Dinh province plan in a period of 2021 - 2030, orientation to 2050 and other related plan.

  Project of developing construction material industry in the province in a period of 2021-2025 with orientation to 2030 (Monday, July 31,2023)

Focus on developing an efficient and sustainable building material industry based on the province's strengths. Diversify investment forms to attract all resources (capital, brain, technology...), promote and encourage all economic sectors to invest in and develop construction materials industry

  Implementation plan of labor market supporting development program until 2030 in Bac Lieu province (Monday, July 24,2023)

Concretize and effectively implement the objectives, tasks and solutions to develop the labor market comprehensively and sustainably in the direction of modernity and efficiency, suitable to the local situation and characteristics; serve as the basis and driving force for local socio-economic development in the new period

  Ho Chi Minh city (Tuesday, October 31,2023)

To construct Ho Chi Minh City civilized, modern with a role of special urban, playing a leading role in industrialization and modernization, contributing increasingly to the region and the whole country.

  Ha Giang (Thursday, June 15,2023)

To promote the internal resources of the province along with the investment, the central support and attract other resources to quickly develop these sectors having advantage, along with stable and sustainable development to have a breakthrough, dynamics on basis of promoting the province's comparative advantage in natural resources, tourism resources.

  Thai Nguyen province (Tuesday, May 23,2023)

To implement quick, effective and sustainable socio-economic development coupling with social progress, justice and environmental protection; improve material and spiritual life of the people, reduce gap between the rich and the poor among rural, mountainous area with urban area.

  Bac Kan province (Tuesday, April 18,2023)

To focus on developing advantage sectors, fields of each sub-regions. Giving priority to exploit natural resources, advantages of the province, especially all key products, create breakthrough to change basically economic structure towards industrialization

  Son La province (Thursday, March 23,2023)

To exploit, mobilize all resources, potentials and advantages of human resources, land, water and other natural resources through suitable mechanisms and policies to perform investment restructure, renovate growth model to make a breakthrough on socio-economic development.

  Nam Dinh province (Wednesday, December 14,2022)

To mobilize all resources to reach highest speed growth and improve economic growth; promote economic restructure in direction of decreasing proportion of agriculture and increase proportion of industry and services in GDP

  Binh Thuan province (Thursday, December 1,2022)

The province is 200 km of Ho Chi Minh City, 250 km of Nha Trang City. The National Highway 1, and the North - South Railways are running through, connecting the province with the Northern and Southern provinces. The provincial road No28 connects Phan Thiet City with Southern provinces of Tay Nguyen. The provincial road No55 joins the province with Vung Tau center of petroleum and tourism services.

  Dong Nai province (Tuesday, November 1,2022)

Dong Nai province has an advantage traffic system with many backbone national roads crossing such as: National route 1A, national route 20, National route 51, north - south railway lines.

  Vinh Long province (Monday, October 17,2022)

Master plan on socio-economic development of Vinh Long province to 2025 must conform with socio-economic development strategy of the whole country, master plan on socio-economic development of Mekong river delta province.

  Cao Bang province (Wednesday, August 10,2022)

Economic development associates with implementation of social progress and justice, reducing poverty rapidly and sustainably, creating jobs and improving material and spiritual living of the people and protecting environment. To combine closely socio-economic development with ensuring defense, maintaining firmly security, political stability and social order and safety.

  Ministry of Defence (Monday, October 30,2023)

The Ministry of Defence of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is belong to the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, headed by the Minister of Defence. It has the State management function in building the all-people national defence, the People's Army and the Militia and Self-Defence Force.

  Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Management Board (Monday, June 12,2023)

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Management Board is a government-affiliated agency, which operates under the Government’s Decree No. 37/2008/ND-CP dated April 10, 2008 on functions, tasks, powers and structure of the Management Board of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

  Ministry of Transport (Monday, May 22,2023)

The Ministry of Transport is a government agency and functions to perform the state management of road, rail, inland waterway, sea and air transport nationwide, and of public services according to law.

  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Monday, April 3,2023)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is a government agency, has tasks to represent the State in diplomatic relations with other countries and international organizations.

  Ministry of Health (Tuesday, November 29,2022)

The Ministry of Health is a governmental agency performing the function of State management over the care and protection of the people’s health, including the following domains: preventive medicine, medical examination and treatment... equipment...

  Ministry of Finance (Monday, December 20,2021)

Ministry of Finance (MOF) is a government agency.

  Ministry of Education and Training (Monday, September 13,2021)

Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is an agency of the Government, which performs the functions of State management over education, including: pre­school education, general education, intermediate vocational education, tertiary education, post-graduate education and non-formal education...

  State Bank of Vietnam (Friday, July 2,2021)

The State Bank of Vietnam is a ministerial-level agency of the Government, which functions to perform the State management over monetary and banking activities and acts as the Central Bank of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

  Voice of Vietnam (Monday, June 28,2021)

The Voice of Vietnam is a national radio broadcasting station attached to the Government, performing the functions of providing information on and propagating Party guidelines and policies and state laws, contributing to raising the people's intellectual standards and serving their spiritual life through radio programs, radio broadcast on the Internet, visual radio broadcast and print.

  Government Office (Wednesday, June 2,2021)

The Government Office is a ministry-level agency, which works as an aide to the Government and the Prime Minister

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