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People’s life and social security in the first Quarter 

 Tuesday, May 1,2018

AsemconnectVietnam - According to the preliminary report of localities, in the first Quarter, the country had 46.2 thousand times of households suffering from food shortage, a decrease of 39.5% compared to the same period last year, corresponding to 173.2 thousand persons suffering from food shortage, down 44.5%.

To overcome this problem, from the beginning of the year, all administrative levels, sectors and organizations from central to local level supported difficult households with 4.6 thousand tons of rice.According to the preliminary report, in the first Quarter of this year, 11.4 million health insurance cards and health care books/cards were donated free to the policy beneficiaries nationwide.

Education and training

According to the preliminary report, in the school year 2017-2018, the whole country had more than 712 thousandchildren going to nursery schools, up 5.4% over the school year 2016-2017; 4588 thousand children going to kindergartens, up 4.1%; 15882 pupils of general education, up 2.4%, of which there were 8015 thousand primary school pupils, up 2.7%; 5361 thousand secondary school pupils, up 2.4%; and 2506 thousand high school pupils, up 1.2%. In the school year 2017-2018, there were 71.4 thousand nursery school teachers, up 8.5% over the last school year; 265 thousand preschool teachers, up 5.7%; 852.3 thousand direct teaching teachers in general education, down 0.7%, including 396.9 thousand primary school teachers, down 0.05%; over 305 thousand secondary school teachers, down 1.9%; and 150.4 thousand high school teachers, down 0.2%.

Epidemic diseases and food poisoning

In three beginning months of 2018, the whole country had over 4500 cases of hand, foot, mouth disease; 11.4 thousand cases of hemorrhagic fever (1 case died); 95 cases of typhoid; 85 cases of virus encephalitis (2 cases died); 53 cases of whooping cough; 27 human cases of streptococcus suis infection (3 cases died); and 502 persons suffering from food poisoning.Total number of alive HIV-infected persons over the country as of March 15, 2018 was 209.3 thousand persons and 90.4thousand cases turned to AIDS. The number of persons died of HIV/AIDS nationwide as of above time-point was 95.8thousand persons.

Cultural and sport activities

Cultural activities in the first three months of the year focused on celebrating the big holidays, major events of the country and organizing activities celebrating the Party, celebrate the New Lunar Year.The mass sports movement in three beginning months of the year took place in various localities with many diversified activities such as folk games, traditional sports, the Olympic Run Day for all People’s Health; implementation of the Safe Swimming and Child Drowning Prevention Program in 2018.
High-performance sports focused on the preparation to participate in important international tournaments, including: AFC U-23 Championship, Asian Cycling Championships, Asian Indoor Athletics Championships, World Diving Championships, Asian Paragames) and preparation for international sports events held in Vietnam.

Traffic accidents

In the first three months of 2018, 4674 traffic accidents occurred nationwide, including 2396 traffic accidents of less serious or more and 2278 traffic crashes, making 2149 persons died, 1220 ones injured and 2407 ones slightly injured. Compared with the same period last year, the number of traffic accidents in three beginning months of this year decreased by 2.9% (the number of traffic accidents from less serious and over went down by 2.3%, the number of traffic crashes fell by 3.5%); Number of dead moved up by 1.7%; the number of injured people increased by 18.2% and the number of minor injuries reduced by 14.1%. On an average, each day in three months, the whole country had 52 traffic accidents, including 27 traffic accidents of less serious or more and 25 traffic crashes, making 24 persons died, 14 ones injured and 27 ones slightly injured.

Damages caused by natural calamity, environment protection, fire and explosion prevention

Natural calamity in the first three months of the year made 7 persons injured; over 4300 hectares of rice and vegetables damaged; nearly 8300 heads of cattle and fowls died; more than 2700 houses collapsed and spoiled. Total value of damage caused by the disaster in the year was estimated at over 178 billion dongs, 3.1 times as high as that in the first Quarter of 2017.
Generally, in the first Quarter of 2018, 4260 cases of violating regulations of environment protection were found over the country, of which 3929 cases were treated with total fine of 55.7 billion dongs.
Generally, in the first three months of the year (from December 16, 2017 to March 15, 2018), the whole country had 1085 cases of fire and explosion, killing 33 persons and injuring 66 others, the value of damage was estimated at over 413.2 billion dongs according to the preliminary report.
Source: General Statistics Office


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