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People’s life and social security in two beginning months of 2017 

 Wednesday, March 15,2017

Generally, in two beginning months of 2017, the whole country had 4.5 thousand cases of hand, foot, mouth disease; 9.9thousand cases of hemorrhagic fever; 43 cases of typhoid; 44 cases of virus encephalitis; 5 cases of meningococcal disease and 13cases of Zika virus infection.

The total number of alive HIV-infected persons over the country as of February 17, 2017 was 215.6 thousand persons, of which 88.3thousand cases turned to AIDS. The number of persons died of HIV/AIDS over the country as of above time-point was 90.1 thousand persons.
From the beginning of the year to present, the whole country had 13 serious cases of food poisoning, making 396 persons poisoned, of which 11 cases died.
Traffic accidents
Generally, in two beginning months of 2017, the whole country had 3465 cases of traffic accidents, including 1799 cases of traffic accidents and 1666 cases of traffic crashing, making 1570 persons died, injuring 609 persons and injuring slightly 2051 others. In comparison with the same period last year, cases of the traffic accidents in the first two months of 2017 decreased by 4.2% (cases of traffic accidents less serious and more reduced by 1.7%; cases of traffic collision by 6.8%); the death fell by 1.3%; the injured persons moved down by 52%; and slightly injured persons decreased by 2.2%. On average, each day in two months, the whole country had 56 cases of traffic accident, including 29 cases of traffic accidents and 27 cases of traffic crashing, making 25 persons died and injuring 10 persons and injuring somewhat 33 persons.
 Fire and explosion, environment protection
Generally, in two beginning months of this year, authorities found 4666 cases of violating regulations of environment protection over the country, of which 3702 cases were treated with total fine of 46 billion dongs.
Generally, in the first two months of 2017, the country had 885 cases of fire and explosion, killing 20 persons and injuring 36 others, the value of damage was estimated over 400 billion dongs.
 Source: General Statistics office

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