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Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask JSC applied green technology in production 

 Wednesday, December 27,2017

AsemconnectVietnam - The Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company produces light source products, lighting equipment, vacuum flasks and glass products. Every year, the company produces about 80 million lamps, 7 million vacuum flasks and 3 million of other lighting equipment.

The Company applied cleaner production solutions to protect environment and save the cost. Knowing that combining production with the environment protection is the key to strengthening the prestige for the company's electricity saving products, contributing to the sustainable development, Do Hai Trieu, the director of the Technical and Marketing Department of the company, said: "Rang Dong produces high efficiency and energy conservation products, thus we are clearly aware of the importance of combining production with the environmental protection. This is aimed at strengthening our brand name. In addition, this creates huge economic values. Therefore, we are making efforts to apply cleaner production and energy conservation methods and use the environmentally-friendly materials."
The company encourages workers concentrate on working to improve product quality and avoid losing materials. Besides, recommendation and rewards activities are regularly organized to honor typical workers and workshops that obey the company regulations. 
To save electricity and reduce emissions to the environment, compact lamps are installed at lobbies, workshops and storehouses instead of incandescent lamps. The company uses electronic ballasts and lampshades to utilize light. At public places and lobbies, an automatic control system is installed which turns on the lamps when there are people and turns off the lamps when there are no people. Those methods help the company to save 15-20 percent of electricity.
Like other companies producing glass products, glass blowing is the stage that consumes the largest materials. Therefore, the company replaced the traditional furnace with Japanese technology Soda-lime glass furnace with a capacity of 30 tonnes per day. With the Soda-lime furnace, the company can produce high quality glass served for manufacturing lamps. The traditional furnace consumes about 230 liters of Fuel Oil (FO) to produce one tonne of products while the Soda-lime furnace uses just 170 liters of FO to produce one tonne of products, equal to 864,000 tonnes of FO per year. Besides, the furnace helps the company reduce 2,300 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted to the environment. Particularly, the furnace has an automatic control system and a camera which supervise all operation processes. With the automatic control system, materials are mixed well, wind speed, pressure and temperature within the furnace are automatically controlled, thus materials and fuel are saved and product quality is increased.
Apart from reducing materials and fuel consumption, the Soda-lime furnace produces lead-free products which do not harm the environment. Lead-free glass tube has high luminous efficiency and does not produce toxic chemicals. In addition, the lamps which use lead-free glass tubes can prevent ultraviolet light and save electricity. Lead-free glass tube is the key that helps the company produce reputable products such as T8 fluorescent lamp which save 80 percent of electricity compared to incandescent lamps.
Besides, T8 fluorescent lamp which uses lead-free glass tube is 38 percent smaller than T10 lamp, so it save fluorescent flour, electricity and reduce wastes eliminated to the environment. This type of lamps uses high quality fluorescent flour, thus produce high efficiency light. Unlike other types of lamps which use mercury vapor, T8 fluorescent lamp use mercury beads, thus it is easy for the company to manage the amount of mercury in the lamp, lengthen the lamp life-span, withdraw mercury when the lamp is broken and decrease influence to the environment.
With applying green technology in producing, Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company saves the production cost, reduces environmental pollution and Rang Dong lamps is always trusted by customers.
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