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PVCL: Confident to assert the brand name 

 Tuesday, October 22,2019

AsemconnectVietnam - Cuu Long Petro Urban Development and Investment Corporation (PVCL), set up in in 2007, specialises in housing construction, civil, industrial and traffic construction, real estate business, construction material trading, construction consulting, design and supervision and other businesses.

Currently, PVCL is the owner of 5A Urban Area, the most modern of its kind in Soc Trang province. When completed and put into use, the new urban area will form a new urban complex which is large enough to accommodate 20,000 people and give a helping hand to Soc Trang City to reach the second-grade urban city.

After 12 years of construction and development, with its dynamism and daring investment approach, PVCL has confirmed its strong position in the construction industry in Soc Trang province in particular and the Mekong Delta region in general. Director Nguyen Trieu Dong said, “It is the first step that counts. The more we think of our first challenging days, the more we treasure the help of all levels of authorities in Soc Trang province. In addition, the sharpness and insightfulness of the PVCL leadership and the unity and resolution of the entire staff enable PVCL to live through the tough time, effectively utilise its own competitive advantages in the market.” This strength plus financial capacity, and skilled and experienced employees, have sent PVCL’s business performance to the trajectory of sustainable development in the era of international integration.
PVCL's current success is built on the foundation of prestige and quality, he said. Defining that to survive and develop in the integration trend, the company has to enhance its competitiveness by introducing quality products. Therefore, the concern always places trust and quality on top and regards the satisfaction of partners as the most important objective. Accordingly, the firm always executes construction investment according to regulatory standards and approved planning, places the quality of constructions atop, and ensures the absolute security and prestige of constructions. And, this right approach has helped PVCL achieve stable growth and business performance even in the context of low housing demand in Soc Trang.
With the goal of developing and forming a new residence and resettlement area in the east of Soc Trang City, New Urban Area 5A is planned and designed most synchronously and modern in Soc Trang today. With the investment commenced in 2008, the New Urban Area 5A has a total area of 110.92 ha, including 60.2 ha for commercial purposes. Built according to international architectural complex standards, the complex harmoniously combines luxury villas, high-class apartments, office buildings, and other facilities such as trade centres and supermarkets. With the harmonious combination of the natural landscape of the Maspero River, the restored Nhan Luc Canal, dense patches of green trees planted along pathways, parks and squares, dwellers at New Urban Area 5A can enjoy the true value of life in a fresh natural environment.
With the effort of the investor PVCL, New Urban Area 5A has now basically formed a complex of some 1,000 apartments for resettlement. Currently, PVCL is building housing projects together with selling land plots for to buyers who will build houses on their own to speed up the completion of the project.
While building accommodations, the company also constructs public utilities for New Urban Area 5A to serve residents like Hai Tuong Wedding Restaurant operated since 2011, Son Ca Kindergarten invested by Tri My Private Enterprise, operational 5A Wholesale Market, and warehouses. Apart from built technical facilities and green parks, PVCL will continue to complete technical infrastructure construction in the rest of New Urban Area 5A. “We are willing to cooperate with partners to invest, build and operate project components such as supermarkets, gymnasiums, restaurants, hotels, clinics and schools to shape and perfect a new urban architectural complex to better meet local housing demands,” said Mr Dong.
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