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Overall plan for developing national tourism zone of Thac Ba lake, Yen Bai province till 2025, vision to 2030 

 Monday, July 8,2019

AsemconnectVietnam - The boundary of the National Park is defined as follows: The North and East take the provincial road 170 limited from village 5, Ngoc Chan commune to Ba Chon village, Vinh Kien commune; the northwest borders on the water surface, the islands belong to Mong Son and Bao Ai communes; southwest of National Highway 70 and the lakeside area of Tan Huong, Dai Dong, Hung Thinh communes and Yen Binh town; The South took all the water edge of Thac Ba Lake

Overall plan for developing national tourism zone of Thac Ba lake, Yen Bai province till 2025, vision to 2030
1. Location, scale, boundaries of tourist areas
a) Lake Thac Ba National Park is located in administrative areas of communes: Ngoc Chan, Phuc Ninh, Cam Nhan, My Gia, Yen Thanh, Phuc An, Vu Linh, Vinh Kien, Dai Dong, Tan Huong, Thinh Hung, Han Da, Mong Son, Yen Binh town and Thac Ba town, Yen Binh district, Yen Bai province; covering an area of ​​about 28,800 ha, of which the area focusing on development of Thac Ba Lake tourist area (excluding the water surface) is about 1,200 ha.
b) The boundary of the National Park is defined as follows: The North and East take the provincial road 170 limited from village 5, Ngoc Chan commune to Ba Chon village, Vinh Kien commune; the northwest borders on the water surface, the islands belong to Mong Son and Bao Ai communes; southwest of National Highway 70 and the lakeside area of ​​Tan Huong, Dai Dong, Hung Thinh communes and Yen Binh town; The South took all the water edge of Thac Ba Lake.
2. Development perspective
a) Development of Ho Thac Ba National Park Development Area based on the advantages of water surface and lakeside area, the value of the scenic beauty of Thac Ba Lake and the cultural identity of Chay river to form the main and typical tourism product , creating a private brand for Thac Ba Lake tourism; ensure compliance, consistency with relevant Strategies, Planning approved by all levels.
b) To develop tourism in harmony with the interests of other economic sectors and other functions of Thac Ba Lake, ensuring absolute safety in the process of operating and protecting the quality of lake water, suitable to the ecological environment conditions, stakeholder interests, national security, climate change adaptation and disaster prevention; suitable and consistent with relevant strategies and planning approved by the competent authorities in the region.
c) To develop Ho Thac Ba National Park in the space connecting with important tourist resorts and tourist spots of Yen Bai province and Hanoi capital; forming close links with national tourist areas, key tourism development in the Northern Midlands and Mountains region.
d) Development of key and key tourism; promoting socialization, mobilizing all resources to develop, associated with the transformation and efficient use of rural labor for sustainable development of Ho Thac Ba National Park, contributing to poverty reduction and promoting the transfer. local economic structure.
3. Development goals
a) General objectives: Before 2025, Thac Ba Lake tourist area meets the criteria to be recognized as a National Tourist Area. Strive to 2030, develop Ho Thac Ba National Park to become an ecotourism, recreation and entertainment center of Yen Bai province and Northern midland and mountainous tourist area with a system of facilities. synchronous technical substances, with key products, typical and branding for Ho Thac Ba National Park.
b) Specific objectives
- About tourists: By 2025, about 380 thousand visitors will be welcomed, of which 40,000 will be international visitors. Strive to welcome about 1.0 million visitors by 2030, of which international visitors reach 140 thousand.
- Total revenue from tourists (at current prices): By 2025, it will reach VND 300 billion. Strive to reach about 900 billion dong by 2030.
- Employment: 2025 creates jobs for over 1,000 direct employees. Strive to create jobs for about 2,000 direct workers by 2030.
- Development of tourist accommodation facilities: There are about 600 accommodation rooms in 2025. By 2030 there are about 1,300 accommodation rooms.
4. Major development orientations
a) Developing the tourist market
- Domestic market: To boost the exploitation of the tourist market from Hanoi capital and other provinces in the Red River delta and Northeastern coastal region, the northern midland and mountainous regions. Expand the market of high-end visitors from Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho. Focusing on eco-lake tourists, weekends for families and young people.
- International visitors market: Priority to exploit traditional French, American and Canadian tourist markets. At the same time, expand the markets of Northeast Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos). Focusing on the market segment of high-end visitors, entertainment, ecotourism, nature experience and indigenous culture understanding.
b) Development of tourism products
- Major tourism products, typical:
+ Ecotourism Ho Thac Ba: Experiencing eco-tourism on the lake surface and ecological discovery of floating islands and agro-ecological landscape areas (thematic ecotourism);
+ Community tourism associated with experience, exploring Chay river culture.
+ Resort tourism: High-end resorts, weekends, honeymoon, nursing and health care tourism.
+ Outdoor sports and entertainment activities: Land and water sports activities; thematic park ...
- Auxiliary tourism products:
+ MICE tourism: Associated with cultural events, typical festivals of residents of Thac Ba Lake, international sports tournaments, especially terrain sports.
+ Tourist tours, spirituality, beliefs: Visiting Linh Son mountain - Cao Bien, Thac Ong temple, Thac Ba temple, historical relic system, Thac Ba hydropower plant.
c) Organization of tourism development space
- Central areas of driving force for development of Lake Thac Ba National Park: It is an area with high investment specialized in tourism with a total area of ​​1,200 ha, including:
+ Tan Huong - Dai Dong tourist center: (located on the west of Thac Ba lake, adjacent to Yen Binh town and national highway 70): It is an important focal center, a driving force for the development of general and priority tourism. develop resort, entertainment and sports products and services for tourism exploitation on the lake, connect with international tourism routes according to the Kunming - Lao Cai - Ha Economic Corridor route Noi - Hai Phong.
+ The tourist center of Linh Son - Cao Bien (located on the east of Thac Ba lake, adjacent to Thac Ba township and provincial road 170): It is a driving force for the development of eco-tourism, culture - spirituality and beliefs. linking with important tourist routes of the Northern midland and mountainous regions (Hanoi - Phu Tho - Tuyen Quang - Ha Giang).
+ Phuc Ninh - Cam Nhan tourist center (located in the northeast of Thac Ba lake, along provincial road 170 and adjacent to the lakeside road): It is the focal tourist center providing logistic services and facilities. techniques for eco-tourism development, cultural learning and experience, linking with Chay river cultural tourism route, connecting with Luc Yen precious stone capital.
- Auxiliary subdivisions for tourism activities:
+ Southwestern supporting service center of Thac Ba Lake (located in the southwest of Thac Ba Lake, adjacent to National Road 37): Developing into a general and multi-functional center combining urban development with cultural services , trade, entertainment, accommodation.
+ The typical tourist landscape area (in the center of the lake and east of Thac Ba lake, adjacent to the provincial road 170): Including the floating island center of the lake, associated with the eco-tourism experience typical of Thac Ba Lake and the landscape and ecological area along the lake in Yen Thanh commune is associated with the eco-tourism experience and community culture.
+ Landscape areas along lakes (areas of residential land, agricultural land, forest landscape and ecological landscape ...): Developing ecological experience and community tourism activities.
- Restricted areas for tourism development (areas of natural forests, protection forests and transport corridors on Thac Ba lake): Do not form construction works for tourism to ensure quality preservation. environmental quality, water transportation activities and regulations on forest protection and development. Organize ecotourism activities, landscape experiences under the strict control and guidance of the National Park Management Board.
- Satellite tourist destinations of Ho Thac Ba National Park: tourist service spots (Thac Ba town, Yen The town), community tourist spots (Ngoi Tu village, Dong Ty village; Tong Pan village ; Dao village, Ban Te), forest ecotourism site (Khai Trung, Tan Phuong, Lam Thuong communes), cave system, cultural and historical sites.
d) Organization of tourist routes
- International tourist route connecting Ho Thac Ba National Park: with Lao Cai and China along the corridor of Kunming - Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Phong; with Dien Bien Phu city (Dien Bien), Chieng Mai (Thailand), Luong Pha Bang (Laos) following national highways 37, 32 and 279.
- Inter-provincial tourist route: To connect Ho Thac Ba national park with Hanoi and Lao Cai along Noi Bai-Lao Cai expressway; The route connects with provinces in the Northern midland and mountainous areas.
- Provincial tourism route: Connect Ho Thac Ba National Park with typical destinations of Yen Bai province such as Mu Cang Chai, Nghia Lo, Muong Lo, Tran Yen and Van Yen along national highway 37, national highway 32 and high. Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway.
- Internal routes: Lines connecting Tan Huong - Dai Dong, Thac Ba and Linh Son - Cao Bien towns; Phuc Ninh - Cam Nhan, Tay Nam Ho Thac Ba auxiliary service center, Thac Ba town along the waterway, road (Highway 70 and provincial road 170).
d) Orientations for development of tourism technical facilities
- About accommodation establishments:
+ Developing high-class resorts, bugalow, resort villas and hotels in Tan Huong - Dai Dong motive tourist centers; Linh Son - Cao Bien; Phuc Ninh - Cam Nhan and guest houses meet standards in Thac Ba and Yen The towns.
+ To develop forms of tourist accommodation in floating houses, stilt houses on island groups floating in the center of the lake; community motels in the area along the lake of Yen Thanh commune and community tourism sites.
- About entertainment facilities, sports facilities:
+ Forming a specialized park in the floating center of the lake; amusement park at the center of Tan Huong - Dai Dong and the South West auxiliary service center Thac Ba Lake;
+ Developing camp, entertainment, water sports in the island cluster floating center of the lake and the center of Linh Son - Cao Bien;
+ Investing in construction of golf practice ground and outdoor sports club at Tan Huong - Dai Dong center.
- Catering facilities: Developing a floating restaurant system in Phuc Ninh - Cam Nhan, Tan Huong - Dai Dong and floating island center; Culinary village at Tan Huong - Dai Dong center.
- Regarding other material and technical foundations: Building and upgrading information centers in the towns of Yen Binh, Thac Ba and Yen The; forming sightseeing spots on lakeside roads.
5. Investment orientation
a) Regarding investment capital structure: Effectively mobilize all resources to invest in developing Ho Thac Ba National Park, including: State budget support, capital of organizations, enterprises and cities domestic economic section and other sources of legal mobilization in other countries.
b) Investment priority areas: Supporting investment in developing frame infrastructure for tourism within the National Park; developing the system of material and technical tourism facilities; develop products of eco-tourism Ho Thac Ba, resort and entertainment with high quality and build up brand and tourism products for Ho Thac Ba National Park; preserving cultural heritage, protecting tourism environment; human resource development.
c) Priority areas for investment: The area focuses on developing tourism services at power centers (Tan Huong - Dai Dong, Linh Son - Cao Bien, Phuc Ninh - Cam Nhan), translation centers. South-west auxiliary service Thac Ba Lake and island clusters floating in the center of the lake.
6. Solutions for implementing the Planning
a) Planning and management solutions
- Planning announcement organization. Review and adjust investment projects that have been registered at Ho Thac Ba National Park in accordance with the approved plan, focusing on developing eco-tourism, towards the high tourist market. level.
- Develop and promulgate the Regulation on management and supervision of the implementation of the planning of the area of ​​Ho Thac Ba National Park in accordance with the Law on Tourism and related laws.
- Develop a set of indicators for sustainable tourism development at Ho Thac Ba National Park.
b) Mechanism and policy solutions
- Study mechanisms and policies to prioritize tourism development; encourage and attract enterprises to invest in entertainment areas, tourism products at Ho Thac Ba National Park, ensuring harmony and balance with other economic sectors.
- Consider exemption of land rent for investment projects in the construction of the National Park according to the provisions of Clause 10, Article 19 of Decree No. 46/2014 / ND-CP dated May 15, 2014 of the Government regulating money. renting land and water surface.
c) Investment solutions and investment attraction
- Developing investment promotion programs, attracting investment, paying special attention to strategic investors for projects with large investment scale.
- Proposing the arrangement and efficient use of capital to build infrastructure of Ho Thac Ba National Park in accordance with the criteria and norms in the target program of tourism infrastructure development in the period of 2016 - 2020 stipulated in Decision Decree No. 1861 / QD-TTg dated November 23, 2017 of the Prime Minister.
- Promote the attraction of socialized capital sources and capital sources of domestic organizations and individuals to invest in material and technical facilities and accommodation establishments. To encourage all economic sectors, including households and individuals to participate in tourism investment, especially investment in community-based tourism development in the eastern area of ​​Thac Ba lake.
d) Solutions for human resource development
- Support from the state budget to organize training courses for managers and tourism service personnel. Prioritizing the implementation of tasks, programs and projects on training and fostering tourism human resources development are local people, especially ethnic minorities.
- Diversifying forms of training and retraining to improve the quality of tourism human resources; encourage training and use of local human resources; support vocational training to transform from agricultural workers to tourism services.
d) Solutions to apply science and technology
- Encouraging enterprises to apply energy and water saving measures in tourism services and enhance recycling of wastes so that they can continue to use, contributing to environmental protection and sustainable tourism development. strong.
- Applying information technology, modern technology to promote smart tourism at the Ho Thac Ba National Park.
e) Solutions for promotion and promotion of branding of resorts
- Proposing to build a picture of Ho Thac Ba National Park area associated with the brand "Thousand floating islands - thousands of wonders - million joys"; "Sea Lake - Pearl Sea"; "Tourism flow - cultural flow".
- Compiling and publishing promotional publications about Thac Ba Lake tourism, integrating promotion activities, promoting tourist areas in the plan of promoting and promoting tourism in general and Yen Bai's investment promotion plan. Bai
- Apply special promotions for domestic and international tourists at Thac Ba Lake to overcome the tourist seasonality.
g) Market development solutions and tourism products
- Building and promoting the brand name of Thac Ba National Park and Tourism Area to expand and attract international market.
- Diversify tourism products and select and create high-quality and distinctive tourism products of Ho Thac Ba National Park based on exploiting the outstanding potentials and typical values ​​of the region. lake of thousands of islands and Chay river culture.
- Exploiting the advantages of aquaculture, raising pearls for pearls, growing medicinal plants ... combining development into attractive tourist products of Ho Thac Ba National Park.
h) Solution of cooperation and association of tourism development
- Maintain effectively the "Connection and tourism cooperation program of 8 North West provinces expansion", bilateral cooperation on developing tourism market with localities of Hai Phong, Hung Yen and Ninh Binh; promote cooperation and cooperation with localities in the Northern midland and mountainous regions and major tourist centers such as Hanoi capital, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Can Tho to connect tourist markets travel to and combine promoting Thac Ba National Park.
- Promote the linkage between Ho Thac Ba National Park and other tourist areas in Yen Bai province, tourist sites and spots in key tourist development areas in the Northern midland and mountainous regions. (Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho, Lao Cai ...) to form a chain of unique and attractive tourism programs and products.
- Strengthening cooperation with international organizations, especially with ValdeMarne (France) in developing MICE tourism and community tourism.
i) Solution for developing tourism infrastructure
- Proposing to upgrade roads connecting provincial roads 170 and national highway 70 to the driving centers of Ho Thac Ba National Park.
- Proposing to build and arrange inland waterway transport maps at tourist boat wharves and investing in warning devices on the lake in the dry season to avoid accidents for ships.
- Proposing to upgrade the 35 KV transmission line in the eastern area of ​​Thac Ba lake, investing a line system and transformer stations to central tourist spots and main islands on the lake.
k) Tourism development solutions in line with water fluctuation amplitude
- Ensuring tourism development activities do not affect and change functions and main tasks of Thac Ba Lake; installation of floating structures on lakes in deep-water areas, large water areas, under the guidance and close supervision of the National Park Management Board, the relevant agencies and absolutely not affect to the main traffic flow
- Installation of alerts, signal buoys at dangerous locations, rocky outcrops to warn vehicles on tourist routes. Planting trees to protect the landscape in the area of ​​uneven water, the flooded areas, semi-submerged areas to green and create lakeside landscape.
- Investment and construction of lakeside service facilities must ensure compliance with regulations on water source protection corridors for hydropower reservoirs. Before conducting construction investment, projects must apply for permission and agree on water source protection corridors according to the law on elaboration and management of water source protection corridors.
l) Solutions to ensure the livelihoods of local communities and preserve and promote ethnic minority cultural identities
- Promote the propaganda and education to raise awareness of the responsibilities of cadres and people in the implementation of cultural tasks, preserve and promote the unique cultural values ​​of the Lake Thac National Park Mrs.
- Research to restore beliefs, customs and habits of ethnic minorities such as Dao, Tay, Cao Lan, traditional festivals, support propaganda about folk festivals.
- Attract indigenous communities to participate in sustainable tourism development, combined with preserving and promoting indigenous cultural values.
- Prioritize to support the development of community based tourism in villages and hamlets of ethnic minorities according to the model of residence at home. Promulgating regulations on service criteria for vacation spots and community accommodation areas to ensure compatibility with ethnicity's cultural traditions and identities
m) Solutions for environmental protection, response and adaptation to climate change, disaster prevention and combat
- Absolutely abide the area of ​​zoning to protect natural forests, prohibit all violations, minimize the impact, only implement tourist activities to visit, learn and experience ecology.
- Investment in construction of tourism infrastructure in the area of ​​forest land must comply with the provisions of Directive No. 13-CT / TW dated 12/01/2017 of the Secretariat on strengthening the Party's leadership in forest management, protection and development, forestry law.
- Prioritize the construction of waste treatment, clean water supply, environmental protection and climate change response projects in priority areas for tourism development. Encourage the use of clean technology and products in tourism business. By 2030, 100% of service business establishments and population communities in the region will have centralized wastewater collection systems and environmental standards as prescribed.
- Comply with the regulations on discharge of waste and mixed oil in accordance with the National Technical Regulation on Rules of Pollution Prevention by Inland Waterway Vehicles and other regulations on environmental protection. inland waterways.
- Investment projects on construction of entertainment areas, resorts, other functional areas, depending on the scope and scale of investment, must make an Environmental Impact Assessment or Conservation Plan Report. environmental protection in accordance with the law on environmental protection.
- Implement forest planting projects to limit the direct impact of extreme weather events such as storms, cyclones, floods, droughts, landslides to infrastructure, tourism technical facilities. Deploy projects on dyke and embankment systems along the lake in the area.
- Promote propaganda and education to raise awareness and responsibility of residents and tourists on environmental protection in general and water resources in particular. No mineral exploitation activities are permitted in lakeside areas and within the boundary of Ho Thac Ba National Park.
n) Dam safety and defense and security solutions
- Coordinate with Thac Ba hydropower plant to regulate water to have a schedule and publish water discharge schedule in accordance with production and business plans of tourist businesses on the lake.
- For the dam project is a national important irrigation project, the protection scope is from the main dam foot to 500 meters. In it, the surrounding area must not encroach upon the main dam base to be 150 meters, the rest is used for activities that do not cause damaging safety.
- The process of making planning projects and specific investment projects in Ho Thac Ba National Park must have the opinions of the Ministry of Defense and the Command of Military Zone 2 in accordance with the provisions of Decision No. 13 / 2012 / QD-TTg dated February 23, 2012 of the Prime Minister promulgating the Regulation on socio-economic integration with defense in defense areas, ensuring that it does not affect the performance of military tasks. Defense and defensive posture, the terrain areas are managed according to Decision No. 2412 / QD-TTg dated December 19, 2011 of the Prime Minister.
7. Organize the implementation of the Planning
a) Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism:
- Leading and coordinating with the People's Committee of Yen Bai province, relevant ministries and agencies to appraise investment projects within the scope of Planning or other influential projects, greatly impacting Ho Thac Ba National Park. . Projects prioritized for investment under the planning scope, based on the scale and nature of each project, must have opinions of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism according to the provisions of law.
- Coordinate with the Ministry of Planning and Investment to support the People's Committee of Yen Bai province to implement socialization of tourism development investment and call for investment in tourism development of Ho Thac Ba National Park.
- Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries and branches in, examining and supervising the implementation of the Planning.
b) The Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Ministry of Finance shall have to sum up and balance the state budget's partial support funding for the implementation of the planning according to the provisions of the State Budget Law and other documents thereon. relate to.
c) Relevant ministries and agencies within the scope of functions and tasks assigned to coordinate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People's Committee of Yen Bai province and relevant agencies to implement Zoning.
d) Yen Bai People's Committee:
- Organization of planning announcement; develop implementation plan; regular inspection and supervision; conducting preliminary review of the planning to propose competent authorities to adjust and supplement contents; ensuring synchronous and uniform integration into provincial planning in the period of 2021 - 2030 in accordance with the provisions of law on planning.
- Promulgate regulations on management of Ho Thac Ba National Park, including regulations for development investment, tourism service business activities, activities of tourists and population communities in the protection protecting natural resources and environment and being in line with the task of ensuring national defense and security.
- Review and complete mechanisms and policies on investment incentives and incentives; in which priority is given to strategic investors to invest in implementing Ho Thac Ba National Park Development Project.
- Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Planning and Investment in, organizing activities to promote investment in the area of ​​Ho Thac Ba National Park according to the approved planning. Based on the actual implementation situation, the People's Committee of Yen Bai and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism may agree to adjust the name, decide to supplement or reduce the project.
- Integrating tourism investment with investment in other sectors and promoting investment in tourism development.

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