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  • Target program on development of information technology industry to 2020, vision to 2025

  • Friday, 6/9/2017

  • AsemconnectVietnam - To promote development of fields of information technology industry, giving priority to development of software industry, digital content production, designing and manufacturing microchips.


    Viewpoints, objectives
    1. Viewpoints
    - Information technology industry is an important component in construction of information infrastructure, contributing to improve synchronous system of socio-economic infrastructure in order to make our country to basically become industrialized country by 2020 under the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Resolution No. 13-NQ/TW dated January 16, 2012.
    - The program is one of key tasks in order to ensure successful implementation of scheme of making Vietnam soon become a strong country in information technology and telecommunication, contributing to implementation of the Politburo’s Resolution No. 36-NQ / TW July 1 2014 on promoting information technology application, development to meet requirements of sustainable development and international integration.
    - To promote development of fields of information technology industry, giving priority to development of software industry, digital content production, designing and manufacturing microchips, providing information technology services which Vietnam has competitive advantages and export potentials.
    2. Objectives
    2.1. Objectives to 2025
    Information technology industry become an sustainable economic sector with rapid growth rate, high turnover and huge export value; Vietnam has full of capable of developing, producing information technology products and services to meet demand of domestic and international markets, creating a foundation for development of knowledge economy, contributing to own all information systems and ensure information security and national digital sovereignty.
    2.2. Objectives to 2020
    - To hit minimum growth rate of 15%/year of fields of software, digital content and information technology services; attracting foreign direct investment projects (FDI) into key fields, out of which, electronics hardware sector attracts USD 5 billion of FDI capital during a period of 2015-2020.
    - To enhance competitiveness and maintain a position as one of the top 10 countries in field of providing service of outsourcing and digital content. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi maintains position of a group of 10 attractive cities on global outsourcing.
    - To develop several trade marks of Vietnam in field of hardware - electronic, software, digital content and information technology services, ensuring better meet demand and striving to increase proportion of procurement of Vietnam trademark products to annual total fund of investment procurement of government agencies, enterprises and society.
    - To develop various models of providing professional information technology services to meet demand of government agencies; increasing proportion of information technology service rent expenditure to total procurement cost of information technology services of ministries, branches and localities.
    - To support to constructing at least 7 information technology parks.
    II. Tasks        
    1. Supporting to raising operation capacity and competitiveness of organizations and enterprises
    - To survey and assess status and role of organizations, enterprises and propose solutions of constructing and developing Vietnam’s information technology industry and service ecology system.
    - To support development and application of standards and international standards on production processes, quality management, information security assurance, customer management (CMMi, ISO, ...) and other appropriate international standards for international organizations and enterprises; organizing training courses, supplementing and raising advanced knowledge and skills of standards, international standards in field of information technology for individuals, agencies, organizations and enterprises.
    - To develop new information technology enterprises through supports of consultant, facilities and infrastructure in order to foster and improve capacity management, product research and development, trademark building and market development for organizations and enterprises. Supporting to implement other content to improve competitiveness of information technology organizations, enterprises.
    2. Developing key information technology products
    To fulfill to select products, organizations, enterprises to participate in, support investment in research, development, production, promotion, commercialization, testing deployment and other related content, out of which, paying attention on:
    - To invest in development of software products used in government agencies, enterprises and society, especially software for large systems, software applied into mobile networks, Internet; developing products and solutions basing on open source software and open technology platform. Supporting to raising capacity of enterprises of open source software, training of technical experts on open source software; supporting training, transfer, deployment of open source software products; building capacity for Vietnam open source software community and building centers of supporting open source software; compiling documentation, training curricula, date bank of open source software; organizing to advertise, promote and raise awareness about open source software and other related content.
    - To develop digital content products having Vietnamese trademarks; products serving government agencies, fields of education, agriculture and rural; products applied into mobile networks, internet, search tools, search services on Internet.
    - To invest in research, design, manufacture, produce hardware products, integrated system that Vietnam has advantage or for safety and security requirements; IC products, electronics, semiconductor products; developing supporting industry in field of hardware - electronic.
    - To invest in development of key IT products, information security products, information technology products to serve national information systems, security and defense.
    3. Development of information technology services
    - To improve capacity and competitiveness of information technology service organizations and enterprises through supporting development, evaluation and application of standards on process, management, quality assurance and information security in providing information technology services; training and retraining skills, expertise and manpower for enterprises of information technology services; supporting contents to develop many professional organizations and enterprises of providing information technology services to international and domestic markets, especially providing information technology services to the State agencies.
    - To invest in and support research, development, testing, transfer, provide some information technology services those Vietnam has a competitive advantage, or high levels of intelligence, or capable of exporting, or widely used in government agencies, service of data center, cloud computing services or online information technology service which has ability of information orientation such as social networks, search tools, translation tools, online entertainment products online.
    - To support development of information technology services, especially outsourcing services of business process, outsourcing services, digital content for foreigners. Surveying, assessing market and plan on development of information technology field, constructing information technology services ecosystem of Vietnam; investing in constructing system of registration and information on information technology services; organizing surveys, reviewing, ratings, starring for organizations, enterprises providing some kind of information technology services in Vietnam.
    - To support investment in developing a number of services having advantages, high content of knowledge and high technology through solutions, mechanisms and tax incentive policies, trade and investment promotion, improving competitiveness, developing and training human resources.
    - To develop field of data services and data analysis in Vietnam, forming several professional enterprises of providing date service and analyzing data, having full of capacity to dominate local market, step by step assessing international markets; the State supports agencies, organizations and enterprises to use data services and data analysis services provided by Vietnamese enterprises.
    4. Developing concentrated information technology parks
    - To invest, construct and develop a number of key information technology parks, especially concentrated information technology parks in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi and localities being in line with master plan on developing information technology parks which was approved by the Prime Minister on Decision No. 2407 / QD-TTg date December 31, 2014. The State budget (central and local) supports to implement tasks which will be invested by the State capital under provisions of Decree 154/2013/ND-CP on information technology parks.
    - Basing on successful models, constructing and transferring key model on concentrated information technology parks; supporting to build operational capacity of information technology park; constructing and forming a series of concentrated information technology parks. Supporting skill, professional training activities, capacity building, exchange of managing experience and developing concentrated information technology parks.
    - To develop and implement programs of investment promotion, organization of exhibitions, conferences and seminars in the country and foreign countries for concentrated information technology parks.
    - To invest in building comprehensive infrastructure to concentrated information technology parks, creating a favorable environment for concentrated information technology parks.
    - To invest in constructing research facilities, nursery garden in concentrated information technology parks under program of researching, training and building high technology infrastructure under national program of development of high technology by 2020.
    5. Information technology human resource development
    - To strengthen capacity and improve quality of information technology training for information technology training facility, prioritizing key training institutions such as Ha Noi national university, Ho Chi Minh City national university, Hanoi university of science and technology, institute of posts and telecommunications technology, university of Da Nang, Hue university, university of Vinh, Can Tho university, Thai Nguyen university. Supporting to improve ability of lecturers, standardizing curriculum, textbooks, teaching documents, electronic lectures; importing and transferring programs and training curricula of foreign advanced information technology. Supporting to invest in constructing, upgrading and supplementing equipment, infrastructure for laboratory and practice activities for information technology training and research.
    - To closely link between training institutions with organizations, enterprises; supporting to organize and help information technology, electronic and telecommunication students, graduates to train practically in organizations, enterprise of information technology.
    - To support to organize short training courses of enhancing management skills, knowledge, technical skills, soft skills for information technology manpower to suite with actual requirements; training foreign language for who working in information technology field and training information technology skills for the foreign language talents who wants to work in information technology field; supporting to organize training courses on skills of using information technology, training skills of exploiting network resources, information technology resources and skills of using online services for enterprises, community, the people.
    - To develop and implement to apply standard of information technology human skills; implementing project of constructing and operating system for testing standards of information technology human resource skills and developing centers for testing, certificating information technology human resource skills; supporting training and participating in examining, certificating information technology human skills; performing evaluation and ranking information technology training institutions through organizing student to participating in testing standard of information technology human skills.
    - To train staffs, employees and officials at all levels of skill of using information technology; supplementing content of open source software in programs of training and examination, raising level of staffs, employees and officials.
    6. Investment promotion, trade promotion and market development
    - To strengthen implementation of trade promotion activity for information technology industry in national trade promotion program, focusing on North America, Europe and Japan.
    - To survey, research, build market research reports, trade and investment information, compiling, printing and distributing leaflets, publications, white books on information technology in several languages; organizing exhibitions, conferences and seminars on developing information technology industry, human resource and services; building date information system on products, services and typical information technology organizations, enterprises.
    - To strengthen implementation of investment promotion activities for information technology industry in national program of investment promotion, focusing on attracting investment in concentrated information technology parks.
    III. Solutions of implementing the program
    1. Policy solutions
    - To review incentives policies on tax, credit and investment for information technology industry activity to ensure that creating favorable conditions for activities of research, development and production of information technology industry. Management and deployment of contents of the program shall comply with current regulations on mechanism of leasing information technology services, investment, management and application of information technology which use the State funds or applying regulation on management of program of software industry development and program of development of Vietnam's digital content industry.
    - To give priority to small and medium-sized enterprises of information technology field to participate in supporting activities of programs of the Government, such as borrowing loan from fund of development of small and medium-sized enterprises being issued under the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 601/QD-TTg dated April 17, 2013r; credit guarantees under the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 58/2013/QD-TTg dated October 15, 2013; participating in supporting contents stipulated in the Government’s Decree No. 56/2009/ND-CP dated June 30, 2009 on aiding development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
    2. Supporting development of information technology in some key areas
    - To focus on information technology development in key cities, having growth potential, especially in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang.
    - To support development of information technology in the midland and mountainous regions in north Vietnam, the Central region and Central Highlands, southern key economic region to support restructuring of economic development of these localities, enhancing capacity of producing and supplying information technology products and services of the region to be equaled to average level of the country; improving level of exploiting and using information technology of government agencies, enterprises and citizens. The central State budget supports localities key content such as: training human resources for enterprise of information technology, training skills of using information technology for governmental officials at all levels; supporting to build capacity for organizations and enterprises; supporting development of information technology products and services in the region; supporting development of information technology parks; supporting investment promotion, trade promotion.
    IV. Organizing to implement
    1. Ministry of Information and Communications
    - To function as the main implementer to organize implementation of this program.
    - To establish Steering Committee of the program to coordinate, supervise, inspect and guide agencies to plan and estimate annual budget, aggregating and reporting to the Prime Minister and proposing adjustment of the program content to suit with actual situation.
    - To evaluate programs, plans and projects of development of information technology industry, content of trade promotion, promotion of investment in information technology sector, project of develop information technology products which uses science and technology funds of ministries, agencies and localities.
    2. Ministry of Finance
    - To arrange expenditure for implementing the program in accordance with Law on the State budget to implement the program's content.
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with Ministry of Information and Communications to implement task, financial measures defined in this decision.
    3. Ministry of Planning and Investment
    - To coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies to synthesize, submit competent authorities for considering and supplementing the programs into medium-term public investment plan of the whole country in a period of 5 years of 2016-2020.
    - To arrange the State budget source to investing in implementing projects and schemes under the program as prescribed.
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with Ministry of Information and Communications to perform related content of investment promotion prescribed in this decision.
    4. Other Ministries
    - Ministry of Science and Technology has responsibility to prioritize allocation of funding from high technology programs to support implementation of the program’s contents on investment, research, development and manufacturing , commercialization of information technology products.
    - Ministry of Industry and Trade shall functions as the main implementer, in collaboration with Ministry of Information and Communications to deploy contents of trade promotion prescribed in this program.
    - For tasks and projects in appendix, ministries. agencies which are functioned as the main implementer, have responsibility to implement timely and ensure high quality.
    - Ministries, ministerial-level agencies, Government agencies, central State agencies, political organizations, social - political organizations, People's Committees of centrally run provinces and cities are responsible for implementing contents of this program basing on their functions and tasks prescribed by law.
    5. Localities
    5.1. Centrally run provinces and cities base on objectives, contents, solutions of this program and situation of socio-economic development of localities to build, approve and prioritize, ensure full of fund to implement plans, schemes and development projects of information technology industry in the province, focusing on contents which are suitable with local realities in 6 main tasks of the program in section II of article 1 of this decision . Localities in key economic regions specified in paragraph 2 of section III, article 1 of this decision prioritize allocation of resources to implement information technology development tasks to achieve outlined objectives.
    5.2. People's Committees of Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City are three key localities to implement the program, being responsible for constructing, approving and prioritizing resources, mobilizing majority of funds to organize implementation of plans, programs, schemes, projects of developing information technology industry in the localities, ensuring:
    - For software industry, digital content and information technology service, Ho Chi Minh City’s minimum proportion of annual contribution to national revenue is 35%, Ha Noi 30% and Danang 15%.
    - Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City maintains position of group 10 attractive cities of global outsourcing.
    - Ho Chi Minh City continues to promote implementation of projects of investing in research and production of chips and electronic circuits.
    - To invest in constructing information technology parks and (or) key chain of information technology parks in each locality.
    6. Tasks of associations, enterprises
    - Vietnam software and information technology services association (VINASA), Vietnam association for information processing (VAIP), Vietnam electronic industries association (VEIA) and membership enterprises proactively propose projects of development of information technology products and services to Ministry of Information and Communications to consider and propose competent agencies to allocate capital for important, needed projects.
    - Annually, Vietnam posts and telecommunications group (VNPT), Viettel group, Vietnam multimedia corporation (VTC), Vietnam mobile telecom service company (VMS), Saigon industrial corporation and key State owed corporations, groups have responsibility to build and register plans of implementing the program with governing bodies and the Ministry of Information and Communication; prioritizing to mobilize and allocate funds for investing in and fulfilling projects of researching and producing information technology products and performing other contents of the program.

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