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  • Scheme on strengthening transport connection within ASEAN to 2020, vision to 2030

  • Thursday, 6/8/2017

  • AsemconnectVietnam - To ensure consistency between content of scheme of transportation connections within ASEAN with subregional cooperation programs, especially Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).


    I. Viewpoints, objectives and tasks
    1. Viewpoints
    - To grasp thoroughly Resolution 22-NQ/TW dated April 10, 2013 of Political Bureau of Central Committee Communist Party of Vietnam on international integration, integration of transport field must be implemented synchronously in overall strategy of international integration with roadmap, steps which are suitable with actual conditions and capacity of the country; facilitating economic integration and contributing positively to economic development; strengthening national synergy, ensuring national security, protecting sovereignty and territorial integrity.
    - Transportation connection is a part of master plan on ASEAN connection toward establishment of ASEAN Community with sustainable and long term vision on basis of promoting completion of implementation of commitments those Vietnam has signed, at the same time, actively proposing initiatives and actively contributing to build, shape general rules on principle of promoting role and advantages of the whole countries and ASEAN community in region and international arena; continuing to promote and implement effectively cooperation mechanism with key role of ASEAN, strengthening cooperation with dialogue partners of ASEAN, promoting trend of peace, cooperation and development in region.
    - To strengthen transport connections, it should perform synchronously transport infrastructure, institutions and policy and human resources in order to create a harmonious, cohesive and effective transport system. Improving effectiveness of coordination among ministries, branches and localities to implement synchronously and sustainably transport connection strengthening in ASEAN under outlined roadmap.
    - To ensure consistency between content of scheme of transportation connections within ASEAN with subregional cooperation programs, especially Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS); associating closely and integrating plans and roadmap of implementation of regional connection with plans of development national transportation, between cross-border connections and inland connections.
    - To mobilize all available resources to enhance implementation of transport connection; promoting public-private partnership (PPP) for projects of transport infrastructure development; continuing to enlist support of international organizations such as ADB, World Bank, JICA ... as well as major partners such as Japan, Korea, Australia ... in development of transport infrastructure, supporting training and development of high quality human resources. Enhancing participation of enterprises in process of integration and transport connection within ASEAN.
    2. Objectives  
    - To complete implementation of commitments of Vietnam in ASEAN about transport connection.
    - To promote effectively connection to develop socio-economic, ensuring national interests, raising status, role and international competitiveness of Vietnam.
    - To integrate implementation of objectives of transportation connection in ASEAN with completion of objectives outlined in approved strategy, plans and specific projects of transport field.
    3. Tasks
    To proactively propose, build and implement plans, objectives of ASEAN on transport connection and development in a period after 2015 basing on continuing to implement and promote achieved results in a period of 2011-2015;
    3.1. Transport infrastructure connection
    To complete connection of road transport infrastructure system (road network of ASEAN). Focusing on investing in building, upgrading and connecting highway under approved strategies and plans ensure improvement of road network of ASEAN on territory of Vietnam in consistent with commitments in relevant international treaties.
    To build lacked railway sections of railway project of Singapore - Kunming on territory of Vietnam, including Loc Ninh - Ho Chi Minh city railway section and Mu Gia - Tan Ap - Vung Ang railway. Upgrade to modernize north-south railway, newly constructing Lao Cai - Hanoi - Hai Phong railway to connect with China and railway to port of Hai Phong international gateway (Lach Huyen).
    To continue to implement fully development objectives of seaport network of ASEAN; proposing to adjust and supplement seaport of Vietnam into current ASEAN port list to fit actual situation and in accordance with approved plan on developing Vietnam's seaport system; implementing investment and completing upgrading and expansion of Tien Sa wharf stage 2 in 2020.
    To raise capacity of inland waterway connections between Vietnam and Cambodia. Fulfilling well role of nation of coordinating construction and implementation of overall plan on development of waterway system in ASEAN among Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand.
    To construct and upgrade international airports to ensure sufficient capacity and service quality to meet demand.
    To adjust and supplement list of constructed ICD ports of Vietnam into list of ICD ports of ASEAN in accordance with approved plan on development of ICD depot of Vietnam. Forming and developing system of multi-modal transport, logistic system of ASEAN efficiency, friendly environmental; developing system of ICD ports and logistic service and cargo distribution centers of ASEAN.
    3.2. Transport connection
    To participate in building and integrating united ASEAN aviation market, united ASEAN maritime transport market; effectively connecting waterways and railway of ASEAN, ASEAN multimodal transport.
    To implement effectively ASEAN framework agreement on facilitation of transit commodity transport, transnational and multimodal transport.
    To complete signing and implement effectively ASEAN framework agreement on facilitation of transport of passengers across border.
    To complete national single window to look toward implementation of ASEAN single window.
    To implement common goal of ASEAN on intra-regional cooperation and cooperation with dialogue partners, out of which, ASEAN play a central role.
    3.3. Human connection
    To facilitate movement of people and vehicles across border among ASEAN countries, supporting development of ASEAN tourism.
    To develop human resources to meet requirements of integration and transport connection within ASEAN; focusing on developing human resources of crew, pilots, providing multimodal transportation services and logistics under international standards. Harmonizing training standards among member countries; mutually recognizing certificates and diplomas.
    II. Solutions on strengthening implementation of transport connection within ASEAN in a period to 2020, vision to 2030
    1. Increasing investment in transport infrastructure for connection
    1.1. Road
    To give priority to focus on completing investment in upgrading highways of ASEAN road network: national roads No.1A, 22 (AH1), 2, 5, 70 (AH14), 6, 279 (AH13), 8A (AH15), 9A (AH16), Ho Chi Minh road, 14B, 13, 51 (AH17), 12A (AH131), 24, 14, 40 (AH132).
    To put high-speed roads having suitable direction into operation as a part of ASEAN road network to facilitate and improve quality of transport: north-south highway (section of Lang Son - Hanoi, Ninh Binh - Bai Vot, La Son - Tuy Loan, Da Nang - Quang Ngai, Phan Thiet - Ho Chi Minh City), Lao Cai - Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City - Bien Hoa - Vung Tau.
    By 2020, roads of AH1, AH14 basically meet grade I or higher under ASEAN road standards; roads of AH13, AH15, AH16, AH17, AH131, AH132 basically meet grade II.
    To combine, integrate content of ASEAN transport connection with construction of programs of overall connection of transportation system among Vietnam with Laos, Cambodia and China.
    1.2. Railway
    To strengthen calling investment for two railway of Loc Ninh - Ho Chi Minh City and Mu Gia - Tan Ap - Vung Ang railway which belongs to railway system of Singapore - Kunming to be implement construction before 2020. In short-term, accelerating implementation of feasibility study of Mu Gia - Tan Ap - Vung Ang railway. Actively proposing and cooperating with ASEAN countries, especially neighboring countries such as Laos and Cambodia to fulfill unified and complete synchronously lacking projects, ensuring connection and putting into operation, exploiting well entire railway of Singapore - Kunming after completion of construction.
    To ensure good implementation of objectives of strategy, national plans on schedule of investment in upgrading, modernizing or building a new north-south railway, railway of Lao Cai – Hanoi under railway of Singapore - Kunming.
    1.3. Marine
    To promote role of Vietnam's seaport system which are gateway of ASEAN transport corridor to the Eastern Sea, focusing on ports: Vung Tau (Cai Mep - Thi Vai), Hai Phong (Lach Huyen), Quang Ninh (Cai Lan), Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nghi Son, Vung Ang. Arranging suitable land area for construction of cargo distribution center, logistics port, connecting conveniently with national transport network, ICD ports to gradually form a network of modern logistics infrastructure.
    To strengthen capacity of management and exploitation to enhance service quality and competitiveness, attractiveness of Da Nang port on East-West economic corridor (EWEC).
    To renovate port management model to be in consistent with Vietnam. Continuing to promote participation of private sector, particularly foreign investors to invest in building seaports in various forms such as investment - seaport infrastructure rent, public-private partnerships (PPP).
    To apply national single window in all ports from 2015; accelerating implementation of application of electronic data interchange system EDI; innovating port operation management under quality management standard ISO 9001-2000.
    1.4. Inland waterways
    - To collaborate with Cambodia to upgrade waterway which connects Vietnam - Cambodia, completing before 2020.
    - To fulfill well role of nation of coordinating construction and implementation of overall plan on development of waterway system in ASEAN between Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand in 2015.
    1.5. Airway
    To continue to investment in upgrading infrastructure system of flight management, runways, apron, terminal to enhance efficiency of existing airports, out of which, giving priority to expand and upgrade international airport of Tan Son Nhat and Noi Bai, Cat Bi, Phu Bai, Da Nang and Cam Ranh; implementing construction of international airport of Long Thanh (after being approved by the National Assembly in principle) and investing in upgrading Chu Lai airport.
    1.6. Multimodal transport infrastructure and logistics
    To continue to invest in building a network of vacation stations for passengers on road, petrol stations, repairing services, firstly on national highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh national, highways, expressway under ASEAN road network.
    To construct storage systems and storage areas, logistics service to serve cargo, means transit at international road border gates.
    2. Cross-border transport connection
    To continue to implement bilateral and multilateral agreements on aviation, maritime, road, railway and inland waterway, facilitating transport of people and goods across border, transnational transport, multi-modal transport in framework of ASEAN. Unifying and arranging ASEAN development and connection plans in consistent with initiatives, projects, national and sub-national programs to contribute to reduce strain on resources, reducing expenses, costs, saving time and improving coordination capacity.
    To strengthen cooperation to facilitate cross-border transport and inter-state transport of ASEAN, in short-term, focusing on development of transport between Vietnam and neighboring countries of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Promoting development of transport on East-West economic corridor and southern economic corridor. Continuing to strengthen coordination with neighboring countries to open fixed passenger transport lines, cross-border tourism routes.
    To continue to modify and supplement provisions on facilitation of cross-border transport and trade, organizing regularly to inspect jointly facilitation of cross-border cargo, people and vehicles. Reorganizing operations of functional force, regulating united administrative procedures at border gate, at the same time, supporting to encourage enterprises to invest in construction of a cargo transfer center, specialized trade storage at border gates.
    To adjust cross-border irrational regulations on vehicles, people and goods, including provisions on number of vehicles allowed to pass the border, inland places allowed to go, transport allowed cargo volume... Strengthening mutual recognition agreement on conditions and regulations of inspection of goods, vehicles and passengers across border.
    3. Improving quality of transport services
    3.1. Road
    To encourage enterprises to renovate and modernize road transport vehicles, ensuring comfort, safety and environmental protection; improving technical standards of road which are suitable for road standards of ASEAN countries to ensure connection and international integration.
    To develop road transport vehicles in modern, friendly environmental direction; strengthening management, control technical safety conditions and environmental protection of road motor vehicles when transporting.
    3.2. Marine
    To strengthen competitiveness of national fleets: maintaining the leading position in market of domestic sea transport; increasing transport capacity and marketshare between Vietnam with other countries and international transportation in southeast Asia, northeast Asia; gradually expanding exploitation of markets in Europe, Americas, Africa and South Asia; participating in providing services on ocean shipping routes and in global supply chain.
    To give priority to develop multimodal transport capacity corridor connecting with major ports; focusing on promoting connection of multimodal transport between port of Cai Mep - Thi Vai with Cambodia market, Hai Phong ports with ​​southwest China, ports in central region with Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.
    To enhance maritime support systems and security measures under international standards; actively signing/ jointing marine international convention of international maritime organization (IMO) and other organizations; signing bilateral maritime transport agreements with the remaining ASEAN countries including Myanmar Myanmar, Brunei and Cambodia; signing agreement of recognizing certificate of professional capacity for seafarers under international convention on standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers (STCW) 78/95 with the remaining ASEAN countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei.
    To promote development of transport chain and marine tourism, improving capacity of receiving tourism ships and at the same time, enhancing ability of convenient connections to mainland tourism destinations; gradually developing fleet of large tourism ships connecting Vietnam with important tourism destinations in the world.
    3.3. Airway
    To raise capacity of domestic airlines to have full of competitiveness, participating in united ASEAN aviation market, striving to participate effectively in larger trans-regional aviation markets such as ASEAN – EU, ASEAN - China, ASEAN – India and ASEAN - South Korea ... Continuing to strengthen participation of private airlines, low-cost airlines.
    To promote development of freight services and development of cargo fleet of airlines of Vietnam, encouraging investors to develop international cargo transit airport in Chu Lai.
    To consolidate and strengthen quality of facilities and equipment; checking and reviewing operation procedures; correcting discipline, improving accountability of flight management, operations to ensure absolutely security and safety of flight operations.
    To improve quality of service at airport terminals, airports to build and advertise beautiful image of aviation in particular and image of country and people of Vietnam to other countries in region and the world.
    3.4. Inland waterways
    To encourage enterprises to innovate and modernize waterway transport fleet including tug boat, self-propelled vessels with big capacity, container ship and high speed modern passenger ships; improving quality of service of supporting waterway transport (buoys, signal, flow notice) as well as at ports (anchorage area, port procedures) .
    To strengthen infrastructure, equipment of handling and warehousing systems to meet requirements of multimodal transport and logistics services.
    To continue to modify and supplement provisions of Vietnam – Cambodia agreement on waterway transport toward increasing transit routes crossing Tien and Hau rivers. Improving administrative procedures at border gates to create favorable conditions for enterprises.
    3.5. Railway
    To improve quality of passenger and cargo transport services at railway stations, creating favorable conditions for development of transshipment passenger and cargo transport services; promoting travel by railway, connecting railway tourism service with road travel, aviation travel, marine travel; forming tourism trains with high quality service; strengthening coordination with other ministries and sectors to create favorable conditions for passengers to do customs and immigration procedures.
    3.6. Multimodal transport and logistics services
    To promote development of international multimodal transport services and inland transport multimodal connections; quickly completing plan of network of multiple level distribution centers (logistics centers, ICD ports, warehouses, goods yards) and transport of commodity collection in huge urban centers and key economic regions.
    To create favorable conditions to encourage establishment of several large scale multimodal transport enterprises, having capacity of performing complete transport chain of “road - railway - marine or road - waterway – marine, road - airway; strengthening connections of transportation modes through connection of delivery service activities; guaranteeing availability of international – inland cargo transport service chain with reasonable price and high quality; promoting investment and development of transport services, supporting transport activities abroad.
    To ensure quality, reduce cost of transportation, using energy saving, efficiency and friendly environmental, promoting forms of railway transport, inland waterways, marine and public transport to connect inter-province and inter-nations to promptly fulfill demand of cargo transport, inland and regional passenger transport.
    To create favorable conditions for investors to develop international logistics services, provide trilateral, quadrilateral complete services, promoting e-commerce application and model of modern supply chain management.
    4. Strengthening mobilization of resources to connect
    To boost socialization of transport infrastructure development investment, especially in form of public - private partnership (PPP) to create a breakthrough in raising capital on basis of researching to choose model, perfect policy framework for PPP investment form of transport field.
    To strengthen coordination with international organizations, financial institutions, donor agencies and traditional, potential dialogue partners such as Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank (WB), European Union (EU), Bank Asia Infrastructure (AIIB), Japan, Korea, China ... to mobilize financial resources for projects of infrastructure construction investment as well as projects of technical assistance and capacity building to enhance ASEAN transport connection.
    To maximize resource support from other financial mechanism of ASEAN and Asia such as ASEAN infrastructure fund (AIF), Green Climate Fund (GCF), and Asia environment and cooperation fund, infrastructure financial support fund of Japan, ASEAN – China investment cooperation fund, ASEAN +3 investment and credit guarantee fund (CGIF)...
    5. Promoting development of human resources
    To focus on investment in building capacity and equipment for training facility, especially pilot training, air traffic controllers, officers and crew... to ensure high-quality human resource to meet demand of international integration; researching to establish national logistic training centers, at the same time, developing common curriculum on managing logistics.
    To strengthen cooperation between ASEAN countries, effectively implementing projects of technical training support of international organizations, dialogue partners to develop and upgrade skills, build capacity for multimodal transport service providers and domestic logistics services providers (LSPs); constructing national skill certification system for LSPs.
    To accelerate implementation of approved plan on developing human resource of transport field in a period of 2011 – 2020.
    6. Strengthening tasks of ensuring road transport order and safety; marine, aviation security and safety
    To continue to implement effectively national strategy of ensuring road order and safety to 2020 and vision to 2030 (Decision No. 1586/QD-TTg dated October 24, 2012), ensuring objective of annually reducing 5-10 % of the deaths due to road transport accidents in a period of 2012 - 2020, at the same time, applying uniform, sustainably policies and solutions of road transport safety to meet present and future requirements.
    To focus on upgrading, renovating and enhancing safety conditions of road transport infrastructure; removing black spots of road transport accidents, especially on highways under ASEAN road network.
    To develop safety maritime systems and modern maritime security system in accordance with international standards.
    To strengthen cooperation in fields such as aviation security, safety and flight operations management; improving aviation safety system under international standards and ASEAN integration standards.
    To participate fully program of maneuver and coordination of maritime and aviation search and rescue to improve search and rescue capacity.
    7. Improving institution and raising capacity of international integration
    To review and consider amendment and supplementation of several legal provisions and administrative procedures of Vietnam for matching international, ASEAN laws, practices. Putting international transport commitments into domestic laws. Strengthening inspection and supervision of implementation of commitments and obligations of Vietnam.
    To strengthen coordination at all levels with the ASEAN members to implement effectively outlined objectives. Proposing appropriate roadmaps and mechanisms to each specific case to ensure implementation of common objectives and ensure interests of member states.
    To strengthen close cooperation with ministries, agencies, localities and national steering committee on international integration in resolving issues relating to cross-border activities of the people, vehicles and goods, promulgating suitable, synchronous mechanisms and policies to facilitate transport.
    To research to establish interdisciplinary agency to coordinate functions and duties of ministries, agencies and localities in investing in and development of logistics services.
    To integrating plans and objectives of ASEAN commitment into strategy, plans of development of transportation and specialized fields to ensure cohesion and harmony with objectives of development and connection transport system of ASEAN, GMS and other international transport cooperation mechanisms which Vietnam is a member.
    To enhance technical safety standards and environmental protection standards of transport means, energy using efficiency; controlling, preventing and limiting increase of pollution in transport activities.
    III. Organizing implementation of the scheme
    1. Ministry of Transport
    - To function as the main implementer and in collaboration with ministries, agencies and localities to implement the scheme.
    - To work closely with national steering committee on international integration, Vietnam steering committee on ASEAN connectivity coordination, national steering committee on ASEAN single open window and national single open window and related ministries and agencies to ensure that implementation of strategies, plans and projects of national transport sector will be in harmony with national commitments on ASEAN transport connection.
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with related ministries, agencies to consolidate and strengthen organization and specialized personnel to promote effectiveness of operation of working group on facilitating national transport of Vietnam.
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance and other related ministries and agencies to implement Vietnam’s priority tasks of performing enhancement of transport connection within ASEAN to020, vision to 2030.
    - To implement effectively Government’s Resolution No. 19/ NQ-CP dated March 18, 2014 on key tasks and measures on improving business environment, enhancing national competitiveness; functioning as the main implementer, in collaboration with related ministries, agencies and localities to urgently implement measures to improve quality of infrastructure and port services, road transport, railway, inland waterways, aviation, improving logistics service system, reducing transportation costs to be average level of ASEAN-6.
    - To synthesize annually and evaluate implementation of transport connections; actively researching and proposing mechanisms and policies which should be amended and supplemented in process of implementation.
    2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    - To be a main agency in collaboration with the ASEAN countries, partner countries and international, regional and multilateral cooperation mechanisms and organizations to coordinate and support implementation of enhancement of Vietnam’s transport connection in ASEAN.
    - To coordinate with Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Planning and Investment and related ministries, agencies to review, identify projects under master plan on ASEAN connection which need technical support/finance to submit to ASEAN connection coordination committee (ACCC) for coordinating and solving.
    3. Ministry of Planning and Investment
    - To be a main agency to coordinate activities of Vietnam Steering Committee on ASEAN connection coordination, in close collaboration with Ministry of Transport and related ministries, agencies to ensure deployment, implementing enhancement of transport connection of Vietnam in ASEAN.
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transport to work with partner countries of ASEAN, multilateral development banks, international organizations, private sector and other stakeholders to mobilize needed resources to implement ASEAN connection, firstly, giving priority to focus on finding funds to implement construction of 02 railway routes of Loc Ninh - Ho Chi Minh City and Mu Gia - Tan Ap - Vung Ang.
    - To arranging development investment capital of the State budget to implement national projects having capital contribution of the State in order to enhance ASEAN transport connection as prescribed by law.
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with Ministry of Transport to integrate contents of this scheme with scheme on "issuing policies of comprehensive infrastructure development, associating domestic infrastructure development with infrastructure network of regional linkages".
    4. Ministry of Finance
    - To coordinate with Ministry of Planning and Investment and relevant ministries, agencies to propose solutions to mobilize resources for implementation of national projects to strengthen transportation connection in ASEAN.
    - Basing on roadmap, plan approved by national steering Committee on ASEAN single window and national single window, direct and coordinate activities of implementing national single window and ASEAN single window under its functional scope; directing and close coordinating with relevant ministries, agencies to deploy national single window in 2015; to be a main body to coordinate with member countries of ASEAN to connect ASEAN single window in 2016 under joint roadmap of ASEAN.
    - To promote signing and/or implementation of Protocol No.2 on border gate stations, Protocol No.5 on ASEAN insurance mechanism and Protocol No 7 on customs transit system to implement ASEAN framework agreement on facilitation of transit foods as soon as possible.
    5. Ministry of Industry and Trade
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with Ministry of Transport and relevant ministries and agencies to build national strategy of logistics development, mechanism of logistic operation management coordination; researching plans to establish interagency coordination agency on development of logistics to coordinate functions and tasks of ministries, agencies and localities in investment and development of logistic services.
    - To coordinate with Ministry of Transport and related ministries, agencies to promote synchronous, effective implementation of international trade commitments under WTO, ASEAN and free trade agreements (FTA) to facilitate movement of people, vehicles and goods.
    - To strengthen inspection and lawfully handle activities of illegal business, smuggling and trade fraud, market manipulation, unfair competition.
    - To function as the main implementer, in collaboration with related ministries and agencies to facilitate trade activities in inland border gate areas, building a open legal corridor which is synchronous with regional countries, facilitate trade exchanges between countries like Cambodia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar with Vietnam's seaports.
    6. Ministry of Justice
    To coordinate with Ministry of Transport and related ministries, agencies and localities to review, systematize and propose amendments, supplements or promulgate laws and administrative procedures to suit with law, international practices and ASEAN practices.
    7. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Security and other ministries
    To coordinate with Ministry of Transport and related ministries, agencies to implement assigned functions and tasks under working regulation of national steering Committee on ASEAN single window and national single window (promulgated together with Decision No. 55/QĐ-BCĐASW dated May 23, 2012), fulfilling measures to facilitate transport in ASEAN.
    8. People's Committees of centrally-run provinces and cities
    To actively coordinate with related ministries and agencies in transport development cooperation with ASEAN countries and dialogue countries, especially neighboring countries; in collaboration with Ministry of Transport to research and implement transport routes on basis of transport agreement signed between Vietnam and other countries on ASEAN cooperation framework... Constructing investment promotion plan, promote image and strength of economic, tourism cooperation of localities to attract investment and develop tourism, increasing flow of people, vehicles and goods between Vietnam with other ASEAN countries and dialogue partners.
    9. Funds for implementation of the scheme
    - For projects, tasks under scope and management competence of Ministry of Transport: Ministry of Transport carries out on basis of funds allocated from the State budget or from other mobilized sources to implement objectives outlined in approved strategies, plans of transport sector.
    - For projects, tasks under scope and management competence of ministries, agencies: ministries, agencies carry out on basis of funds allocated from the State budget or other mobilized sources.

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