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National program on developing high technology to 2020 

 Monday, July 10,2017

AsemconnectVietnam - To promote research, owning and creating high-tech; apply effectively high technology in social - economic field; manufacture products, form enterprises and develop some high-tech industry, building technical infrastructure and develop high technology human resources.

I. Objectives
1. Overall goal

Promote research, owning and creating high-tech; apply effectively high technology in social - economic field; manufacture products, form enterprises and develop some high-tech industry, building technical infrastructure and develop high technology human resources.
2. Goal by 2015

2.1. To research, own and develop technologies on the list of high technologies, given priority to investment and development, including technologies to ensure production and supply at least 10 products and services of high technology at internatioanl level;
2.2. To apply high technology to increase the value of high technology industrial production of 30% of the total value of industrial production, improve quality of services; increase sharply value of agricultural production of high technology applications; increase sharply scale, added value of exported products and major product of major economic –technical fields of the country;

2.3. To establish and develop at least 200 enterprises manufacturing products or providing high-tech services on the list of high-tech products which are recommended and encouraged development, at least 80 agricultural enterprises of application of high technology in key economic regions;
2.4. To construct and develop about  30 high technology nurseries and incubator enterprises and enterprises on supporting manufacturing high-tech products, at least 40 research , training bases, science research collective bases streng in high technology reaching advanced level in the region. Building a modern information infrastructure, training workforce in high technology to implement projects and tasks of the program.
3. Goal by 2020
3.1. To research, own, develop, create high technology on the list high- tech given priorities to investment and development. Create at least 10 high-tech reaching the advanced level in the region;
3.2. To apply high technology to increase the value of high technology industrial production to reach around 40% of the total value of industrial production value, ratio of  agricultural production value applying  high-tech in agricultural production value doubles than in 2015, creating new services with high added value, solve the key tasks in fields of socio- economic, security and defense;
3.3. To establish and develop about 500 enterprises producing goods, supply high-tech services on the list of high-tech products which is recommended to encouraging development, about 200 agricultural enterprises applying high technology in key economic regions;

3.4. To construct and develop about 40 high-tech nurseries and incubator enterprises and facilities to support production of high-tech products. Establish and develop 50 science research collective bases strengths in technology have research programs on high technology at the advanced level in the region. Develop 20 training human force institutions of high-tech at the international level.
1. Research, own, develop and creat high-tech
Organize to implement research activities, owning, developing and creating high tech on the list of high-tech given priorities to invest and develop, the technologies to manufacture products on the list of high-tech products encouraging to develop. In short term, focus on some of the following technologies:
1.1. In the field of information technology and communications: technology are foundation for development of information technology and communications, especially the IC electronics technology and software. Technologies for building modern telecom infrastructure, new generation Internet networks, manufacturing terminals, identification and handling Vietnamese for equipments of information technology and communications, safety and information security, operation and efficient exploitation of telecommunications satelite in Vietnam;
1.2. In the field of biotechnology: genetic technology apply in diagnosis, assessment and treatment of diseases, especially all kinds of dangerous diseases; manufacturing and production of  recombinant vaccines, recombinant proteins; creating  plant variety, genes convert microorganisms of high economic value. Stem cell technologies for diagnosis, treatment, alternative tissues, organs. Cell technology in the -select-ion and creation of new varieties of agricultural, forestry and fisheries production. Technology of enzymes - proteins for the development of food industry, pharmaceuticals products. Industry –oriented micro technology and industrial pollution treatment. Initial formation of the genetic map of Vietnam;
1.3. In the field of automation technology: technology design and manufacturing with help of the industrial  computer, set up the system and manufacturing equipment of automatic measure and control for power plants, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, oil and gas exploration and production of agriculture. The technology for manufacture of digital control tools machine, industrial and service robots, micro-electromechanical systems, mechatronics nano systems, production of base software for manufacturing automation equipment, equipment of productivity electronic controllers for power systems and industrial specialized equipment;
1.4. In the area of new materials technology: technology for manufacturing of metal materials for industry of  machine manufacturing, especially high-quality alloy steel, alloys with general features, durable and ultra-light materials in construction. The technology of manufacturing composites, polymers, electronic materials and photonics in components and devices of telecommunication systems, particularly fiber optic network. Technology of nanoparticles for applications in industry, healthcare, griculture and environmental protection.
2. High-tech applications
Organize to  develop and deploy high tech application projects on the list of high technology items which are given priority to investment and development in sectors. In short-term, focusing on high-tech applications for the following tasks:
1.1. In industry and services:
Manufacturing equipment of measure and automatic control, biomedical devices for development of electronics and informatics industries. Raising capacity of manufacturing machinery, especially power force machine manufacturing, tools machine with high precision. Improve the purity and features of the products in metallurgy products, particularly products from domestic resources.
Improving the quality and added value of products, ensuring well ecological environment and energy saving in the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, processed food. Modernization of existing electronic plants, build new power plants; creating renewable energy sources, nuclear energy; reducing power loss during transmission loading and distribution; improve efficiency of controlling, dispatching and managing system; manufacture equipment of saving energy.
Create high quality and value added services. Develop new services such as service of technical infrastructure construction and satellite data transmission; service of  processing satellite images; cloud computing services. Improve the efficiency of system integration services; service of designing information ports; e-payment services, online payment, mobile banking, Internet banking; services of sequencing the gene; service of  testing quickly to detect harmful microorganisms and toxins.
1.2. In agriculture:
Create and widely use crop varieties, animal breeds and new fisheries varieties having superior productivity, quality and resistance; products of plants of
agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquatic products with high quality, high economic efficient and ensure the safety; anti-pest bio-products and environmental treatment, the substances of growth regulation, biological products for plant, animal feed, sets of kit, the vaccines, additives.
Implementation of advanced technologies process in farming, animal husbandry, forest management, aquaculture exploitation and breeding, preservation and processing of agricultural, forestry and fisheries; development of facilities are controlled automatically or semi-automatically in the cultivation, animal livestock; expand safety crop production, intensive cultivation; put the widespread use of  new materials and equipments in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, irrigation.
Plan to use and manage well  cultivation land and management of general crop and the seasonal harvest, investigation and exploitation of fisheries resources, management and forest protection, operation management and construction of irrigation and use water resource.
1.3. In health, the environment:
Improve the quality of diagnosis and treatment, production of medicines prevention, treatment of common dangers, prompt spread levels, the types of medicinal herbs of traditional medicine, materials for antibiotics, vitamins and functional foods, treatment products are produced from stem cells, biology sensors, bio-chips.
Environmental protection, especially the construction of weather forecast systems in time and systems of disaster prevention and warning, equipment systems,
microbiological products which treats effectively pollution and protect environment.
1.4. The security and defense:
Manufacturing equipment and building systems of high technology crime prevention; system of security and national defense; systems of prevention, response and reaction
quickly for informatic war, biology, chemistry. Manufacturing equipment of electronic combat and anti-terrorism.

3. Building and developing high-tech industry
Organization development and implementation of projects and tasks to establish and develop some high-tech industry.
3.1. To enhance capacity, efficiency, technological innovation and boost production high-tech products by 2020 to meet demand for 45% of demand of essential tech products in our country. Support industries to meet localized targets of about 50% of the value of the high technology industrial products producing domestically;
3.2. To establish and develop enterprises producing high-tech products, especially enterprises manufacturing, supplying high-tech services in the list of high-tech product which are encouraged to develop;
3.3. Rapid development of information technology industries: manufacture of some equipment computers, communications, software and services that meet domestic demand, export expansion in markets in which Vietnam has advantages. Quickly develop a strong enterprise on information technology services, producing equipment of communications and information, software and digital content, participate in chain of global value. Promote  information supply services and multimedia products in Internet;
3.4. To establish and develop enterprises of production , sales and supply of services to gradually form industry of  biotechnology, industry of  new materials, industry  of producing automation equipment;
3.5. Rapid development of new high-tech services in telecommunications, television,
banking, finance, health, education, environment, science and technology and a number of socio-economic affairs;
3.6. To establish industrial complexes, high-tech services, industry support for developing high-tech industry, restructuring of industrial parks, export processing zones by increasing the proportion of manufacturing high technology products and high technology service;
3.7. To establish a network of development of professional high technology services 
and products to meet the needs of the market, specialized links in research - production - markets, participation in global value chains;
3.8. To develop and implement a master plan, five year plans and each year plan on developing high-tech industry, high technology services. Formation system of statistical indicators of  high-tech industry, high-tech services.
4. Construct technical infrastructure and develop high-tech human resources
Organize to implement the tasks of building technical infrastructure, developing high-tech human resource development and attracting  domestic and foreign qualified high-tech experts to participate in the program's mission.
4.1. To 2020, form the high tech technical infrastructure to meet demand for research, application and development of high-tech industry.
- Develop and put into operation a number of research facilities in the high tech parks, agricultural zones of high technology applications, concentrated information technology parks;
- Develop and put into operation 30 facilities of nurseries for high-tech, high-tech nurseries enterprises. Construction and development 10 high technology lab reaching advanced level in the region. Build 12 facilities to support development of high technology products, including central support for decoding, improving technology, design and manufacture of integrated circuits and manufacture of determined mechanical details. Form of technology transfer centers to support the project of application, production of goods and supply of high-tech services;
- Build network of modern information infrastructure to support high technology research, electronic library networks, e-science network in the country, the
electronic data centers, centers of high-performance computing;
- Upgrading and construction of a prestige specialized journal in the high technology sector. Building information systems for enterprise of applications, manufacturing and
providing high technology services.
4.2. Training and mobilize high technology staff to implement the program's mission, including:
- To form 50 strong scientific research collectives having research works on high-tech sector reaching advanced level in the region. Training professional and improve the professional qualifications for 500 key leaders of the projects of producing high-tech products, 10,000 engineers and study workers to meet the requirements of the projects of  producing high-tech products.
- Organize for 20,000 students to conduct research and practice in organizations of science and technology, enterprises, projects of research , applications of high tech products. Create conditions for 2,000 Vietnamese students, graduated students who are studied and research abroad to collaborate on implementation of the tasks of the program.
- Mobilize 500 foreign volunteers, 1,000 experts are oversea Vietnamese in foreign countries who engages in high-tech activities in facilities of training , researching and producing high technology products in Vietnam.
- Organize 20 institutions of training high-tech human resources at the international level.
- Develop and implement programs of developing high technology human resources
in the field of biotechnology, automation technology, new materials,
new energy, space technology. Detection, training and fostering young talent
1. Support research, pilot production, high-tech nursery, enterprises of high-tech nursery
1.1. Finance the entire cost of the project of high-tech research as following:  reaching  advanced technologies in the region; have meaningful decisions to create the main products for the economic sectors, creating public high-tech services, form scientific  and technology enterprises on the basis of the results of science research; forming strong  science research collective; collaboration with foreign organizations and individuals to research and solve problems of practical work having important impact on socio-economic development.
1.2. Organizations and individuals to invest in research and development of high-tech are supported expenditures to deploy applications into production and lives; after the application results getting effectiveness on socio- economic, security, national defense, the environment will be approved through specific projects or programs to support self-invested study costs.
1.3. To support the cost of purchasing information, technology, equipment, sample products, software, hiring consultants, patents, transfer of industrial property  rights for high tech research cooperating projects among enterprises and organizations of science and technology.
1.4. To support funding for implementation of the project of  pilot production of high-tech products; investment in technical infrastructure construction and operating costs of high technology incubation facilities and high-tech incubation of enterprises in the first 5 years of operation.
2. Support and facilitate application, production of goods and supply of high tech service
2.1. Investment, investment support  in the project of application, production of goods, supply of high technology service are given priorities to invest in and encourage the development; construction of  center of consulting, training for application and development of  high technology;
2.2. The investment projects of producing high technology products with the demand for loans of foreign countries are considered by the Government for loan guarantees for each specific case;
2.3. The organizations and individuals having projects to purchase  high tech products and services belonging to the program are allowed to have the State credit loans from Development Bank of Vietnam in accordance with provision and supported interest rate by the program;
2.4. Support part of expenditures, creating favorable conditions for domestic organizations and individuals to participate in markets, fairs, exhibitions to promote high technology products and services in domestic and foreign countries;
2.5. The enterprises having projects to manufacture and supply of high-tech services under the program are considered to apply bid normination or entrust bid in accordance with 
current law to implement projects using State budget capital;
2.6. Support business test for new high-tech services and products.
3. Support and facilitate to build high technology infrastructure, training and using
efficiently high tech human resource
3.1. Investment, support investment in research facilities, high-tech nursery, nursery of high-tech enterprises, support the development of high technology in a number of high tech parks, high tech applied agriculture zones, concentrated information technology parks, industrial zones, export processing zones, universities;
3.2. Invest in upgrading or building a high-tech labs to reach international standards. Consider to support investment to build research facilities, high technology laboratory  which is self-invested by enterprises, especially laboratories linking between enterprises and research and training facilities. Facilitate establishment of high technology research facilities of the world leading companies in Vietnam;
3.3. Investing in constructing training bases of high technology human resource reaching advanced level in the region. Support short-term training for business leaders of the high tech industry on technology management, technology innovation management; training high technology human resource according to each program's mission; organize students to research, apprentices in the enterprises of manufacturing products and supplying services.
4. Apply a number of mechanisms, preferential policies
The task of research, applications, training, technology incubation, incubation of high-tech enterprises; testing production , production of goods, supply services, building high technology infrastructure under the program are:
4.1. To enjoy the highest incentives in land, corporate income tax, import and export tax, value added tax in accordance with law;
4.2. Borrow up to 85% of capital  from development bank of Vietnam and are supported the entire interest rate by the program within 5 years;
4.3. To support research expenses, training, consultancy, technology transfer, testing, laboratory building and construction of design center, pilot production, purchase of
sample product, equipment and sample lines, test equipment;
4.4. To settle once for investment budget capital, investment support for the program's mission after mission completion;
4.5. Adjust the content and funding of the implementation process to achieve mission
objectives and in accordance with actual requirements.
5. Diversification and focus capital source for program implementation
Mobilization of social capital, focus and increase step by step investment capital from budget for program implementation. Priority ODA capital and international cooperation capital sources for projects of the program. The program is allowed to mobilize legally  expenditures from funds, the type of credit; contributions and donations of businesses, organizations, individuals in the country and abroad.
Funding from the state budget for program implementation include: funding for implementation of program components; implementation of joint activities of the program, operation of the Program Steering Committee and other tasks of the program.
6. Promote cooperation and international integration of high technology
Support international cooperation in research, application and development of high technology especially with countries and territories, foreign organizations having advanced scientific and technology qualifications as the following:
- Participating in organizing and implementing the programs, bilateral and multilateral scientific research projects especially with countries having advanced industry.
- Establishment of centers for receiving and transferring high technology from abroad into Vietnam, especially from oversea Vietnamese community to
collect, obtain information, high technology secret;
- To form a basis, the joint research center of high technology, other projects of research, technology transfer and exploitation of patents, intellectual property rights
among industrial enterprises in Vietnam with the foreign enterprise on high tech;
- To exchange experts, research workers and students of organizations, Vietnamese enterprises with high technology research organization, training, enterprise
in foreign countries. Join associations, international associations and other organizations on high tech. Invite high-tech experts abroad,  Vietnamese in foreign countries to come to Vietnam voluntarily to participate in counseling, research, teaching and implementing the tasks of the program.
7. Raise social awareness about the role and impact of high technology
7.1. To promote advocacy, dissemination and introduction on the media
public about the achievements, development and applications of high technology in socio-economic development, ensure security and defense; introduction and dissemination scientific, high technology knowledge in schools;
7.2. Invite and facilitate business leaders, the world leading experts of high technology to Vietnam in exchange, consulting with senior leaders of Vietnam, attend forums and seminars with domestic experts, students and pupils;
7.3. To organize the visits and survey, training for policies making- managerial staff of  Vietnam on high-tech activities in the country and foreign countries.

1. Develop and implement components of the program 
1.1. Program of research , training and build technical infrastructure for high-tech has target of researching, owning and creating high technology to apply in the field of socio-economic, national security and defense, manufacturing and supplying high-tech services, building advanced technical infrastructure and training high technology human resource to serve the program with the content mentioned in II.1, II.2.c, II.2.d and II.4;
1.2. Program of development of some high-tech industries has a target of applying effectively  high technologies in industry and services; formation and development of enterprises producing high technology products and high technology services, some high-tech industry in our country with the content mentioned in II.2.a and II.3;
1.3. A program of development of high technology applied agriculture has a target of applying effectively high technology in agriculture as the content mentioned in II.2.b, organize tasks to establish the agricultural enterprise which applied high technology in key economic regions and some agricultural areas applied high technology in the eco-regions according to Decision No. 176/QD-TTg dated March 29, 2010 by the Prime Minister.
2. Coordinating related programs, targets, plans and schemes
Pursuant to the objectives and content of the program, implement the coordination between programs, planning, plans and schemes which are approved by the Prime Minister related to research of scientific and technology, develop human resource, application and development of industry in the areas of information and communication technology, biotechnology, automation technology, new materials, aerospace and new energy.
3. Established Program Steering Committee
Program Steering Committee is headed by the Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Science and Technology as permanent deputy  head, other members include representatives of the Ministries of Science and Technology, Planning and Investment, Finance, Industry and Trade, Agriculture and Rural Development, Information and Communication , Education and Training, Home Affairs, Government Office. Program Steering Committee is responsible for: organize to build orientation, the overall operation plan of the program; evaluation of the program components; coordinating activities of the program components and related programs relating to high technology; annual report to the Prime Minister the operational  results of program; inspection, monitoring, detection of difficulties and problems during implementation and recommend to the Prime Minister measures to handle timely; instruct relevant ministries and agencies to develop mechanisms and policies to implement program, submit the Prime Minister for approval. Program Steering Committee have program office located at the Ministry of Science and Technology. Board of the program components to manage the operation of program components. Board of the program components are decided to establish by the related Minister.
4. The mission of the ministries, branches and localities
4.1. Ministry of Science and Technology:
- Being the focal point to help Steering Committee of Program monitoring and review of formulation and implementation of programs; coordinate with related high technology ; implementing the tasks and measures to fulfill program;
- Preside and coordinate with other related ministries in construction of legal texts implementing the program, submit the Prime Minister to issue the mechanisms policies and measures to support implementation of the program;
- Preside and coordinate with the Ministry of Education and Training, Construction Interior submitting the Government to promulgate mechanisms and policies for training and developing high technology human resource, encouraging high-tech workers;
-  Preside and coordinate with the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance arrange and allocate the State budget to implement program which are approved by the competent authorities.

4.2. Ministry of Planning and Investment:
- Preside and coordinate with the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance to summarize and balance resources to ensure the implementation of the objectives and tasks of the program;
- Develop plan and targets of high-tech industry, agriculture of applications of  high-tech and high tech services in a plan of socio-economic development  5 year and each year; calculating the implementation of this plan, targets.
4.3. Ministry of Finance:
- Chairs and coordinates with the Ministry of Science and Technology and other related ministries and branches allocating the State budget for the program in accordance with  law on high technology
- Chairs and coordinates with the Ministry of Science and Technology to build financial mechanisms to implement program; mechanisms and specific policies for collection of information, high technology secret.
- Allocation of funding for the program.
4.4. Ministries shall chair to organize implementation components of program:
Ministry of Science and Technology shall chair to develop and implement a program of researching, training and constructing high tech infrastructure.
Ministry of Industry and Trade shall chairs to develop and implement a program of  development some high-tech industries.
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shall chairs to develop and implement a program of high technology applied agricultural development .
The ministries which are in charge of organizing component of the program  is responsible for construction and submitting the Prime Minister for approving; build plan and organize for implementation; control, investigate, evaluate and periodically report Program Steering Committee on situation of implementation of plan’s components
process components.

4.5. State Bank of Vietnam, the Vietnam Development Bank
Establish policies, mechanisms and ensure credits, loan guarantees, interest rate support for the mission of the program.
4.6. People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government:
Create favorable conditions for allocation of land use and implementation of preferential policies and mechanisms for implementation of the mission of the program.

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