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Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences 

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AsemconnectVietnam - Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is a government non-business agency and functions to conduct research into basic social science subjects of Vietnam; provide scientific grounds for the formulation of guidelines, strategies, master plans, plans and policies on socialist-oriented rapid and sustainable development of the country.

I. Position and functions
1. Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences is a government non-business agency and functions to conduct research into basic social science subjects of Vietnam; provide scientific grounds for the formulation of guidelines, strategies, master plans, plans and policies on socialist-oriented rapid and sustainable development of the country; provide consultancy on development policies; provide post-graduate training in social sciences; and participate in developing social science potential of the entire nation.
2. International transaction name in English: Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.
II. Tasks and powers
Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (below referred to as Academy for short) has the following tasks and powers:
1. To submit to the Government draft decrees defining, modifying or supplementing the Academy's functions, tasks and organizational structure; to propose the Prime Minister to decide on the establishment, merger, dissolution or change of names of its organizations falling under the Prime Minister's competence.
2. To submit to the Government or the Prime Minister for approval its strategies, master plans, five-years and annual plans, and other key projects and schemes, and implement them after they are approved.
3. To study the following theoretical and practical subjects of Vietnam's social sciences:
a) World development theories and experience, forecasts about major development trends of the region and world, evaluation of multisided impacts of the process of globalization and international economic integration on national, regional and global development;
b) Socio-scientific aspects of the development of science, technology and a knowledge-based economy in the globalization context and their impacts on Vietnam's socio-economic development;
c) Development of the socialist-oriented market economy; development of the civil society and socialist democracy in Vietnam;
d) Basic and urgent ethnological, religious, historical and cultural issues in order to bring into play the entire national strength in national construction and defense;
e) Basic issues on all-round development of Vietnamese imbued with humane characteristics and national cultural values while absorbing the quintessence of human cultures and civilizations:
f) Issues on renovation and improvement of the political system; raising the Communist Party of Vietnam's leadership capacity; the effectiveness and efficiency of the socialist law-governed state of Vietnam; and gradual improvement of Vietnam's legal system;
g) Basic, overall and systematic matters on Vietnam's development theory under the impacts of globalization and international integration;
h) Basic and inter-branch social science surveys and researches, socio-economic analysis and forecasts in service of national development, attaching importance to key socio-economic domains and the country's key economic branches and regions;
i) Study and compilation of major volumes of books representing the quintessence of Vietnam and world knowledge in service of research into, training in, and dissemination of social science knowledge.
4. To organize collection, excavation, research, conservation and museology activities to promote cultural heritages of Vietnamese ethnic groups.
5. To associate social science research with training; to provide master and doctoral training in social sciences and grant diplomas according to law; to participate in developing highly qualified human resources in response to the requirements of the nation, branches, regions, localities and enterprises.
6. To cooperate with international organizations and foreign institutes and universities in conducting social science research and training according to law.
7. To give opinions and comments on important socio-economic development strategies, master plans, plans, policies, programs and projects at the request of the Government, the Prime Minister, ministries, branches, localities and enterprises.
8. To provide consultancy and public services according to law.
9. To build a national system of social science information for scientific knowledge dissemination, contributing to raising people's intellectual level.
10. To decide on its organizational apparatus and payroll, and mechanisms, policies, training, reward and discipline for its cadres and civil servants according to law;
11. To manage finance and assets allocated by the State; to decide on and be responsible before law for investment projects under its competence according to law.
12. To perform other tasks and exercise other powers as assigned by the Prime Minister and the Government or prescribed by law.
III. Organizational structure
1. The Organization and Personnel Department.
2. The Planning-Finance Department.
3. The Science Management Department.
4. The International Cooperation Department.
5. The Office.
6. The Philosophy Institute.
7. The Psychology Institute.
8. The Sociology Institute.
9. The History Institute.
10. The Archaeology Institute.
11. The Ethnology Institute.
12. The Literature Institute.
13. The Linguistics Institute.
14. The Han-Nom Language Research Institute.
15. The Vietnam Economics Institute.
16. The State and Law Institute.
17. The Cultural Research Institute.
18. The Human Research Institute.
19. The Religion Research Institute.
20. The Environment and Sustainable Development Research Institute.
21. The Family and Gender Institute.
22. The Institute for Sustainable Development of the Southern Region.
23. The Institute for Sustainable Development of the Central Region.
24. The Institute for Sustainable Development of the Central Highlands.
25. The World Economics and Politics Institute.
26. The China Research Institute.
27. The Northeast Asia Research Institute.
28. The Southeast Asia Research Institute.
29. The Europe Research Institute.
30. The America Research Institute.
31. The Africa and Middle East Research Institute.
32. The Social Science Information Institute.
33. The Vietnam Lexicography and Encyclopedia Institute.
34. The Analysis and Forecast Center.
35. The Vietnam Ethnology Museum.
36. The Vietnam Social Science journal.

Leaders of the Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences

Nguyen Quang Thuan
Vice President
Bui Nhat Quang
Vice President
Pham Van Dung
Vice President
Dang Nguyen Anh

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