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Master plan on development of Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park, Lam Dong province till 2025, vision to 2030 

 Wednesday, June 19,2019

AsemconnectVietnam - Sustainable development of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park in association with biodiversity conservation Lang Biang biosphere reserve, Dankia lake, Suoi Vang lake, cultural heritage, environmental protection, natural disaster prevention ears and response to climate change; ensure compliance, consistency with relevant strategies, plans approved by all levels

Master plan on development of Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park, Lam Dong province till 2025, vision to 2030
1. Location and scale of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park
Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park is located in Lac Duong town (Lac Duong district) and ward 7 (Da Lat city), Lam Dong province; covering an area of ​​about 4,000 ha, out of which, zones focusing on tourism development, forming main functional sub-areas have an area of ​​about 760 ha.
2. Development viewpoint
a) Sustainable development of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park in association with biodiversity conservation Lang Biang biosphere reserve, Dankia lake, Suoi Vang lake, cultural heritage, environmental protection, natural disaster prevention ears and response to climate change; ensure compliance, consistency with relevant strategies, plans approved by all levels.
b) Development of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park bases on exploitation of typical values ​​of climatic conditions, ecological landscapes, unique landscapes associated with indigenous cultures to form special, valuable and competitive tourism products; contributing to promote tourism growth in Lam Dong and the Central Highlands provinces, harmoniously combining economic development objectives with security and defense protection, ensuring social security and people's livelihoods.
c) Development of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park in a space closely connected with Da Lat city, Tuyen Lam lake national tourism park and other key tourist attractions of Lam Dong province; forming linkages with the national parks of Mang Den (Kon Tum), Yokdon (Dak Lak) and Bien Ho - Chu Dang Ya (Gia Lai) and other key tourism sites in the Central Highlands tourism area.
3. Development objectives
a) General objectives
Striving to 2030, Dankia - Suoi Vang tourism park becomes a national tourism park, a tourism center of the Central Highlands and the whole country with synchronous and material and technical foundations, forming typical tourism products and brands, making important contributions to local socio-economic development; closely associating with Tuyen Lam national tourism park, Da Lat city and other tourism destinations and sites in the province, becoming an important destination on the tour of the Central Highlands.
b) Specific objectives
- Tourists: By 2025, about 3.0 million tourists will be welcomed, out of which international visitors will reach 56,000 visitors. Strive to welcome about 5.0 million visitors by 2030, out of which 100,000 international visitors.
- Total revenue from tourists (at current prices): By 2025, it will reach over VND 1,200 billion. Strive to reach VND 3,500 billion by 2030.
- Development of accommodation facilities: By 2025 there are 3,700 accommodation rooms. Strive to have 7,000 accommodation rooms by 2030.
- Employment targets: Strive to create direct jobs for about 3,700 workers in 2025 and about 7,000 workers by 2030.
4. Major development orientations
a) Developing tourism market
- From now to 2025: Focus on exploiting the market of local tourists and tourists from the Southeast provinces (focusing on Ho Chi Minh City), the South Central coastal provinces. For international tourists, priority is given to attract European tourist market (England, France, Netherlands), North America (USA, Canada) and Northeast Asia (Korea, Japan).
- Post-2025 period: Continuing to maintain traditional tourist markets with stable growth. Expanding to attract domestic tourists market from provinces in the North Central region, Hanoi capital and Northern provinces. Gradually approach and exploit the market segment of international tourists with high spending levels from Eastern Europe (Russia), Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway), Australia and New Zealand.
b) Development of tourism products
- Major tourism products:
+ Cultural tourism products: Promoting specific indigenous cultural values, especially the Central Highlands gong cultural space to develop into tourism products of visiting villages and learning tourism and covering cultural experience, community tourism;
+ Resort products: Exploiting characteristics of climatic conditions and landscapes to develop lakeside and resort products with golf sports, health care and beauty;
+ Sport and entertainment tourism products: Promote development of water sports activities such as swimming, kayaking; outdoor sports such as terrain racing, cross country, golf;
+ Tourism products associating with agro-ecological and medicinal ecology: Focus on exploiting advantages of climate characteristics, agricultural ecosystems and the rich source of medicinal materials of the region to form thematic bio-tourism products.
- Auxiliary tourism products include: festival tourism (traditional festivals and tourism cultural events); MICE tourism (conferences, seminars, exhibitions); cultural - spiritual tourism associated with Lang Biang mountain, tourism shopping for handicraft products and local agricultural products, cuisine.
c) Organizing tourism development space
- Main functional subdivisions:
+ Subdivision of the general tourism center: It is a general tourism service center, built on idea of ​​recreating charm of old Dalat (special architecture, pine hill, lake). Developing high-class resort services, enjoying food, entertainment and conference activities.
+ Resort subdivision: Developing high-class resort tourism with main types such as lakeside resorts, tourist villages, bungalows; designing in a variety of architectural styles, ensuring harmony with nature and landscape of pine and lake forests;
+ Health care subdivision: Developing tourism products associating with nursing, health care and beauty applying modern technology, providing tourism services combining with nursing and health rehabilitation and beauty care.
+ Sports tourism subdivision - national sports center: Organizing sports and sports tourism activities, outdoor picnic combining with developing water sports clubs, sports training centers. .
+ Golf course subdivision: Development of 18-hole golf course and recreational facilities combined with golf sports (according to the Decision No. 704 / QD-TTg dated May 12, 2014 of the Prime Minister)
+ Education center subdivision: Developing facilities to serve function of education, event organization, extracurricular programs, activities, entertainment, career exploration and orientation.
+ Lang Biang cultural tourism subdivision: Developing spiritual cultural tourism associating with scenic beauty of Lang Biang mountain, visiting national cultural village, learning about the life and customs of ethnic minorities.
- Agriculture and forestry production areas combining with tourism development:
+ Agro-ecological subdivision combining tourism: Developing high-tech agriculture combining with ecotourism tourism, sightseeing, experience, scientific research, procurement of agricultural products.
+ Pharmaceutical subdivision combined with tourism: Developing medicinal plants in combination with exploitation of convalescence, traditional health care, sightseeing and scientific research.
- Auxiliary functional subdivisions:
+ Administration and service subdivision: Executive functions and auxiliary services for operation of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park;
+ Technical infrastructure subdivision: Constructing a system of key infrastructure works - centralized wastewater treatment station for Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park.
d) Organizing tourism routes
- International tourism route connecting Dankia- Suoi Vang national tourism park with international tourist market through:
+ By air: Developing direct or indirect routes from Lien Khuong airport to target tourist markets from European countries (England, France), Northeast Asia (China, Korea) Korea) and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Singapore).
+ By road: Connect Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park with route "Central Highlands green road", exploit tourists by road from countries in Southeast Asia through international land border gates between Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia in the Central Highlands (national highways No.20, No.27 and No.19)
- Domestic tourism route: Connecting Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park in system of important tourism routes of the region
+ Intercity tourism route: Connect Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park with Tuyen Lam national tourism park and Da Lat city with national tourism areas, tourism destinations in the Central Highlands tourism area, South Central coastal area and the Mekong river delta follow the provincial route No.722, the national highways No.1A, 20, 21, 27 and 55.
+ Inner provincial tourism route connecting Dan Kia - Suoi Vang national tourism park: with Da Lat and Da Long cities along provincial road No.722; with Da Lat city, Tuyen Lam lake national tourism park, Lien Nghia, Di Linh, Bao Loc, Madagui (Da Huoai) along national highway No.20; through Da Lat City, national tourism park of Tuyen Lam lake connecting with Da Nhim lake, Ngoan Muc pass (Don Duong) along Highway 20; to tourism sites in Duc Trong district by provincial road 722 and highway 20; passing Lac Duong to Bidoup - Nui Ba national park according to highway No.27C.
d) Orientations for development of tourism technical facilities
- Accommodation system: To develop a variety of accommodation types in Lac Duong urban and neighboring communes, ensuring a close link with Da Lat city and Tuyen Lam lake tourism area, focusing on developing high-class accommodation facilities and residential accommodation facilities.
+ Development of high-class tourist villas, 3-star hotels - 5-star hotels, bungalows at the integrated tourism center (the area of ​​old Dalat space reconstruction - Da Lat retro), high-class resorts lakeside, golf area.
+ Development of eco-lodges, community lodges and homestay accommodation in the agro-ecological subdivision and medicinal subdivision
- Commercial service system, cuisine:
+ To develop a system of restaurants and commercial service establishments selling souvenirs, traditional handicrafts and local agricultural and medicinal products.
+ Forming specialized areas for food services, shopping in the main functional areas of the national tourism park, combining with trade centers, traditional markets in residential areas in Lac Duong urban and communes.
- System of recreation, entertainment and sports facilities: Developing amusement parks, theme parks to exploit features of topography, water surface, culture and local history, combining with investment in building high-tech entertainment areas. Investing in construction of facilities for sports such as golf courses, outdoor sports areas, picnic areas.
e) Investment orientation
- Regarding investment capital structure: Effectively mobilize all resources to invest in developing Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park, including: capital from the State budget, capital of organizations, enterprises and cities domestic economy and other legal sources of domestic mobilization and foreign investment.
- Regarding divergence and priority areas for investment:
+ In a period before 2025, focusing on investment in infrastructure development, technical facilities of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park and component projects according to functional areas to improve service quality and diversify tourism products of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park.
+ Priority to support investment in technical infrastructure development; human resource development; protecting environmental resources and adapting to climate change, with a focus on protecting and promoting traditional cultural values.
- List of investment priority projects in the attached Appendix.
5. Solutions to implement the Plan
a) Solution on policy mechanism
- Study and propose priority policies for tourism development at Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park; including mechanisms and policies, best incentives for procedures and clearance ... appropriate, stable and long-term to attract qualified investors.
- Simplify administrative procedures in the appraisal of tourism investment projects that are interested in preserving natural environment and linking tourism development with benefits of the community and residents.
- There is a mechanism to support local people in career transition related to tourism vocational training; direct support for organizations, individuals and households to invest in building standard accommodation houses.
b) Plan and management solutions
- Promulgating the regulation on management of the Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park according to the approved plan, clearly defining scope of areas covered by tourists and tourism service areas.
- Strengthen coordination of interdisciplinary and inter-regional action in plan implementation; periodic inspection and supervision to promptly remove difficulties in the process of implementing the plan.
- Land allocation, land lease, conversion of land use purpose, land acquisition to implement component projects in Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park comply with legal regulations on land and related legal regulations. The investment in construction and management of construction investment within the national tourism park complies with law on investment, construction, regulation on management of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park and relevant laws.
c) Investment solutions and investment attraction
- Create favorable conditions for investors to access information on plan, land, preferential policies ... in the form of investment calling conferences, field trips, field studies .. At Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
- Commit and widely announce on means of information and communication about incentives and administrative procedures to attract domestic and foreign investors to the Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
d) Solutions for human resource development
- Coordinate with the training centers in the province to increase the scale, training industries and cooperation programs in accordance with human resource needs and development orientation of Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
- Diversifying forms of training, improving the quality of tourism human resources; encourage training and use of local human resources, especially ethnic minorities.
- Actively seek and call for programs to support human resource training and community awareness education from the central and domestic and foreign non-governmental organizations.
d) Solutions to apply science and technology
- Promote research and application of advanced science and technology into management activities, training human resources for tourism, market research and tourism promotion.
- Prioritizing resources for applied research, science and technology transfer in the field of tourism, identifying technology is a core element in tourism development in line with the trend of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
- Applying advanced technology to treatment of tourism wastes and wastes in Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park, limiting impact on the environment. Encourage application of solid waste management and treatment according to 3RVE standards.
e) Solutions for market promotion and development
- Strengthen propaganda and promotion of tourism products on the media, organize propaganda and promotion activities at traffic hubs and accommodation establishments. Building an electronic travel portal for the Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
- Develop brand identity and souvenir product system of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park for destination marketing, propaganda and promotion programs.
- Organize market research to develop destination marketing strategies, branding strategies and prioritize resources for implementation of Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
g) Solutions to link tourism development
- Enhance international cooperation, actively participate in regional and international tourism programs and events to spread the brand of Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
- Linking organization of joint promotional activities of the "quadrangle of Nha Trang - Binh Thuan - Lam Dong - Ho Chi Minh City" with the product chain "Nha Trang sea - Phan Thiet sea - Lam Dong flower - Saigon market".
- Implement cooperation programs with strategic localities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan to call for enterprises to organize linked and exploited tourism products as resort tourism products, ecotourism, community-based tourism, cultural-spiritual tourism of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park in combination with sea tourism products (Khanh Hoa, Binh Thuan), eco-agricultural tourism, community tourism (Ninh Thuan) with urban tourism products (Ho Chi Minh City).
i) Solutions to protect environmental resources and adapt to climate change
- Absolutely abide the area of ​​zoning to protect natural forests, prohibit all violations, minimize impact, only implement tourist activities to visit, learn and experience ecology. Areas where special-use forest land, protection forests and production forests (not natural forests), implementation of investment in construction of tourist infrastructure must comply with provisions of forestry law and related legal regulations.
- Ensure water source protection and biodiversity protection corridors strictly according to the law on biodiversity conservation and other relevant law provisions within the plan scope.
- Applying modern technology and science and technology in alerting environmental incidents such as forest fire alarm system, monitoring quality and warning of water pollution, monitoring waste sources.
- Develop environmental management process for the whole tourism area; manage and operate environmental infrastructure system of the tourist area according to regulations. Building information and warning system for natural disasters; climate change scenarios and proposed solutions to respond to unexpected disaster events.
- Strengthen supervision and regularly check forest protection capacity, prevent forest fire, protect water sources and irrigation works.
- Promote propaganda and education to raise the awareness and responsibility of residents and tourists on environmental protection in general and water resources in particular.
k) Solutions to protect and promote value of local cultural heritage, ensure social security
- Enhance the budget for activities to support local communities in preserving, protecting and promoting the values ​​of cultural identity such as customs, practices, architectural forms, cuisine and art performances, especially gong culture in tourism activities.
- Support to restore and develop traditional craft and traditional handicraft products in residential communities in Lac Duong and neighboring communes of Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
- Propagate, educate, raise awareness and pride of the community about culture, conservation and development of cultural tourism resources.
- Implement on-site resettlement, encourage and create business opportunities for tourism services for local residents. Strengthening community support activities such as infrastructure investment, building a system of education, training, health and cultural facilities ...
- Compensation for enterprises and relocation of households is carried out on the principle of mutual benefit, ensuring interests and responsibilities of the parties on basis of current legal provisions.
l) Solutions to ensure security and defense
- Process of making detailed plan projects and specific investment projects in the Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park must have opinions of Ministry of Defense and units stationed in the area.
- Studying and establishing a rapid response rescue team, training professional forces in timely search, rescue and rescue work; security order team to handle security and safety issues for tourists.
- Closely coordinate with police and military forces to ensure tourism development associated with task of protecting security and defense.
6. Organizing the implementation of the plan
a) Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
- Shall function as the key implementer, in collaboration with the People's Committee of Lam Dong province, related ministries and agencies to appraise investment projects under plan or influential projects, greatly impacting Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park. Projects prioritized for investment within scope of this national tourism park are based on scale and nature of each project and must have opinion of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in accordance with the law.
- Coordinate with the Ministry of Planning and Investment to support Lam Dong People's Committee to implement socialization of tourism development investment and call for investment in tourism development of this national tourism park.
- Shall function as the key implementer in collaboration with concerned ministries and branches in examining and supervising the implementation of the plan.
b) Ministry of Planning and Investment
- Coordinate with Ministry of Finance to synthesize and balance the State budget's partial support funding for implementation of the plan according to provisions of the State budget law and relevant documents.
- Assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, concerned ministries and branches and the People's Committee of Lam Dong province in allocating investment capital for annual climate change projects in process of implementing the plan.
- The concerned ministries and branches within the scope of their assigned functions and tasks shall assume prime responsibility and coordinate with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the People's Committee of Lam Dong province and the concerned agencies in implementing the plan.
c) Lam Dong province People's Committee
- Organizing the plan announcement; develop implementation plan; regularly inspecting and supervising; conducting preliminary review of the plan to propose competent authorities to adjust and supplement contents; ensuring synchronous and uniform integration into provincial plan in the period of 2021 - 2030 in accordance with provisions of law on plan.
- Strictly implement Directive No. 13-CT/TW of January 12, 2017 of the Secretariat on strengthening the Party's leadership in forest management, protection and development; Resolution No. 71/NQ-CP dated August 8, 2017 of the Government promulgating the Government's Action Program to implement Directive No. 13-CT/TW of January 12, 2017 of the Party Central Committee's Secretariat XII on strengthening the Party's leadership in forest management, protection and development, regulations on investment, construction, forestry and related laws within the Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park.
- Promulgate regulations on management of Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park, including regulations for development investment, tourism service business activities, activities of tourists and population communities in the protecting natural resources and environment and being in line with task of ensuring national defense and security.
- Review and complete mechanisms and policies on investment incentives; in which prioritize strategic investors to invest in implementation of the national park development projects.
- Shall function as the key implementer and collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ministry of Planning and Investment to organize activities to promote investment in Dankia - Suoi Vang national tourism park in accordance with the approved plan. Based on the actual situation of plan implementation, the People's Committee of Lam Dong province and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism may agree to adjust the name, decide to supplement or reduce the project.
- Actively allocate capital from local budgets for developing technical infrastructure, urban infrastructure and environmental infrastructure of Dankia – Suoi Vang national tourism park. Integrating tourism investment with investment in other sectors and promoting investment in tourism development.

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