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Master plan on Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone development, Thua Thien Hue province till 2025, vision to 2030 

 Sunday, March 31,2019

AsemconnectVietnam - Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone has the following boundaries: bordering Loc Binh commune to the North; bordering the non-tariff area of Chan May - Lang Co economic zone to the north - west; bordering Hai Van pass to the south and the East sea to the east

1. Location, boundary, scale of national tourism zone
a) Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone is located in Chan May - Lang Co economic zone, in Lang Co town and Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien - Hue province; covering an area of ​​about 9,490 ha, out of which the area of ​​concentrated tourism core area is 1,350 ha.
b) Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone has the following boundaries: bordering Loc Binh commune to the North; bordering the non-tariff area of ​​Chan May - Lang Co economic zone to the north - west; bordering Hai Van pass to the south and the East sea to the east.
2. Development viewpoints
a) Development of Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone bases on promotion of position of Chan May - Lang Co economic zone, a sea tourism hub from Chan May international port, a strength of marine and island tourism resources, unique lagoon ecosystem, forest mountains and the brand "Lang Co bay - member of the most beautiful bays club in the world".
b) Development of Lang Co – Canh Duong national tourism zone deserves a destination of international stature with outstanding tourism products for recreation, entertainment, cultural and sports events, international ports, forming the brand name of Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone, improving the competitiveness, prolonging the stay of tourists, contributing to the local economic development.
c) Development of Lang Co – Canh Duong national tourism zone closely connected with festival city of Hue and other key tourism destinations in the province such as Bach Ma national park, Cau Hai lagoon and Hai Van pass; forming links with key tourism destinations and sites in the Central region such as Cua Tung - Cua Viet tourism area (Quang Tri), Son Tra national park, Ba Na and Non Nuoc tourism areas (Da Nang).
d) Development of sustainable tourism in harmony with objectives of economic development, social security and ensuring national security, maritime sovereignty, adaptation to climate change, sea level rise, prevention of natural disasters and environmental protection; ensure compliance, consistency with relevant strategies, plan approved by all levels.
3. Development objectives
a) General objectives
By 2025, Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone becomes the leading important destination of Thua Thien Hue province and the Central region, with synchronous, modern technical infrastructure and attractive investment environment to attract tourism development investment projects, meeting the criteria and being recognized as a national tourism zone.
Striving to 2030, Lang Co - Canh Duong tourism area becomes an international destination.
b) Specific objectives
- Target of tourists: By 2025, welcome over 1.5 million visitors, of which about 600 thousand international visitors. Strive to 2030, welcome over 2.5 million visitors, out of which about 950 thousand international visitors.
- Total revenue from tourists: By 2025, about 3,400 billion VND. Strive to reach about VND 7,000 billion by 2030.
- Demand for accommodation rooms: by 2025 the demand for accommodation is about 7,000 rooms; by 2030, the need more than 10,000 rooms.
- Employment targets: By 2025 create jobs for 7,000 direct employees. Striving to achieve over 12,000 direct employees by 2030.
4. Major development orientations
a) Regarding development of tourist market
- Period to 2025:
+ International tourist market: Continue to consolidate and maintain the traditional international tourist markets such as Western Europe (France, England, Germany), Northeast Asia (South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan (China)), North America (USA, Canada), Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar); step by step approach and effectively exploit the market of high-class tourists from China.
+ Domestic market: Continue to welcome domestic and local tourists, tourists from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi capital and Northern provinces.
- The period after 2025:
Continue to maintain and promote exploitation of traditional tourist markets with stable growth, focusing on segments of high-paying tourists market.
+ For international tourists, boosting attraction of market segments of high-class tourists and eco-tourists; step by step approaching market of Japanese, Nordic, Russian and Eastern European tourists.
+ For domestic tourist market, step by step shifting structure of visitors, focusing on market segment of high-end tourists and entertainment, tourism to learn and experience cultural tourism specialized in sea and islands.
b) Orientation of tourism product development
- Major tourism products:
+ Resort and tourism products: beach resort and lagoon tourism combined with health care services.
+ Ecotourism products: marine, island eco-tourism, lagoon ecotourism and forest ecotourism.
+ Golf tourism products: golf sports associated with golf training centers and national and international golf tournaments.
+ High-tech sports and entertainment products: Focusing on water sports activities and on beaches, thematic and entertainment parks with casino and horse racing prizes.
- Development of auxiliary tourism products: Community tourism products such as sightseeing combined experiences in fishing villages and craft villages; cultural and tourism products, conferences and seminars (MICE) such as sightseeing, learning about historical - cultural relics, traditional festivals, and landscapes.
c) Organizing tourism development space
- Focus on developing 08 main tourism zones:
+ Tourism section of Lap An lagoon, in Lap An lagoon, Lang Co town (subdivision A, an area of ​​about 70 hectares): It is a tourism service center of Lang Co – Canh Duong national tourism zone with priority for development, service center for ecotourism, entertainment and cuisine on the basis of exploiting the water surface advantage of Lap An lagoon.
+ Gion mountain and Phu Gia mountain tourism sub-zone, Loc Vinh and Loc Tien communes (subdivision B, an area of ​​about 50 hectares): This is an eco-tourism, adventure sports area and a landscape along the hill. To limit the construction of solid and large-scale works there; only build some small-scale projects to serve the development of eco-tourism and adventure sports.
+ Lang Co sea tourism zone, Lang Co coastal strip in Lang Co township and a part of Loc Vinh commune area (subdivision C, an area of ​​about 540 hectares): It is the dynamic tourist zone of the national tourism zone; prioritize development of marine tourism and community tourism in association with understanding the culture and experiencing the life of people in Lang Co town.
+ Tourism zone combining houses in urban areas in the west of Lap An lagoon, located in the south of Lap An lagoon, Hoa Mit and Hoi Dua areas (division D, area of ​​about 130 ha): is a tourism service area combining with urban development; Priority is given to refurbishing residential areas, developing a system of restaurants and shopping centers in combination with visiting aquaculture and fishing models to develop community tourism.
+ High-class sea tourism zone, at Bai Ca, Chuoi beach and Son Cha island, located southeast of Lang Co town (Subdivision E, an area of ​​about 80 hectares): This is a high-class sea resort. In this area, priority is given to landscape conservation, low construction density, water and road access.
+ Cu Du – Canh Duong tourism zone, Loc Vinh commune (subdivision F, an area of ​​about 310 hectares): Focusing on developing marine eco-tourism resorts, community tourism and catering logistics areas, yacht travel service from Chan May port.
+ Chan May port area, east of Loc Vinh commune (division G, an area of ​​about 130 ha): Focusing on building general ports, international tourist ports to receive and rotate tourists.
+ South Hai Van landscape protection zone, south of Hai Van pass (area H, an area of ​​about 40ha): This is a strictly protected area on the landscape and flora and fauna of the southern area of ​​Hai Van pass. Organize activities to experience ecology, adventure tourism and sightseeing attractions, monuments.
d) Development of tourism routes
- International travel route:
+ By air: Connecting international flights via Phu Bai airport (Hue) and Da Nang connecting with domestic and international tourist markets.
+ By sea: Connecting international maritime routes through Chan May tourism port.
+ By road: Connecting with international markets such as Laos and Thailand through national highway 9, Lao Bao international border gate and East-West economic corridor.
- Inter-provincial and inter-regional tourism routes by road:
+ According to the national highway 1A connecting Lang Co – Canh Duong national park with other localities in the country
+ Follow Ho Chi Minh route connecting Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone with Cam Thuy (Thanh Hoa), Thai Hoa, Tan Ky (Nghe An), Huong Khe (Ha Tinh) and Phuc Trach (Quang Binh) , Khe Sanh (Quang Tri), the Central Highlands and southern provinces
+ Central heritage route: connect Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone with relics of Ho dynesty (Thanh Hoa), Kim Lien (Nghe An), Phong Nha (Quang Binh), Hue ancient capital (Thua Thien - Hue), Hai Van, Non Nuoc (Da Nang), Hoi An, My Son (Quang Nam).
- Tourist route by sea: Connecting Chan May port with major tourism ports such as Hai Phong, Tien Sa (Da Nang), Vung Ro (Phu Yen), Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa), Vung Tau (Ba Ria - Vung Tau).
- Provincial tourism route connecting Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone with relics, tourism spots in the province such as the ancient capital of Hue, Thuan An, Tam Giang lagoon, Cau Hai lagoon, Bach Ma national park, and Hai Van pass, A Luoi, Ho Truoi.
- Local tourism route: line of Phu Loc town - Loc Tri - Loc Thuy - Loc Tien - Lang Co town.
d) Development of material and technical facilities for tourism
- Regarding tourism accommodation establishments: To develop various types of accommodation, attaching importance to development of 4 - 5 star standard high-class accommodation types; Inside:
+ High-class resorts, tourist villas and high-class hotels associated with high-class health care and entertainment concentrated mainly in Cu Du area - Canh Duong, Lang Co and Ca beach area, Chuoi beach and Lap An lagoon.
+ Low-rise hotels and services associated with urban areas, marinas, night entertainment areas developed in the southern area of ​​Lap An lagoon.
+ Resort hotels, amusement parks, sports and services associated with tourism ports focusing on development in Lang Co coastal area, Chan May port area.
+ Developing marinas, floating houses on the sea in association with marine sports activities such as diving, watching coral, surfing, sailing, high-class entertainment and development in the area of ​​Son Cha island.
+ Home stay services associating with development of tourism services are concentrated in Lang Co town, Hoi Mit and Hoi Dua residential areas.
- Catering facilities: Floating restaurant system in the center of Lap An lagoon tourism center; high-class cuisine area in Son Cha island, Chuoi beach, Cu Du - Canh Duong area, Lang Co and Lap An lagoon; system of food service establishments follows the development model of restaurants, cultural markets and tourism in the reception center area.
- System of sports facilities and entertainment:
+ Developing a system of casino, golf courses in Cu Du and Lang Co areas.
+ To invest in building a system of high-class entertainment and recreation parks, concentrated mainly in Lap An lagoon and Lang Co townships.
+ Theme park, amusement park to focus on developing in the center of Lang Co town, Cu Du - Canh Duong, Lang Co coastal area, south of Lap An, Ca beach and Choi beach.
+ Camping and picnic areas in Canh Duong, Bai Ca beach areas, central axis of Lang Co tourism area; Small entertainment facilities in the service center areas.
- Constructing trade and service facilities in tourism zones; souvenir sale service areas serving tourists in the center of the town; pedestrian street, night tourism market at coastal roads, along Lap An lagoon and seafood processing and trading streets.
e) Orientation of technical infrastructure for tourism
- About road traffic:
+ Research and invest in building a main road connecting perfectly Lang Lang - Canh Duong national tourism zone with national highway 1A; the route connects Canh Duong area and Lang Co town, including Canh Duong coastal road and the road at the foot of Phu Gia pass.
+ Investing in completing the system of internal roads in the national tourism zone: road connecting national highway 1A from Hai Van pass to Ca beach and Chuoi beach; the main route connecting Lap An lagoon road to tourism area combining the urban area of ​Hoi Mit and Hoa Dua; Main axis of Lang Co tourism area; West Lap An lagoon road according to plan of road.
+ Proposing to open bus routes from Hue city and Da Nang to connect to Lang Co – Canh Duong national tourism zone.
- Rail transport: Gradually invest and upgrade Lang Co station to meet demand of transporting goods and serving tourists.
- Waterway transport: To study and propose construction of a marina at Chan May international ship port; tourism marinas and waterway tourist services at Son Cha island, Chuoi beach and Ca beach.
5. Investment orientation
a) Effectively mobilize all resources to invest in developing Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone, including capital: support from the State budget, ODA, foreign direct investment (FDI), mobilized from contributions of business organizations, domestic economic sectors and other lawful mobilized capital sources; in which capital mobilized from economic sectors is mainly.
b) Prioritize support for partial investment from the State budget for developing frame infrastructure for tourism within the national tourism zone and in functional sub-zones; tourism product development, brand of Lang Co – Canh Duong national tourism zone; protecting tourism resources, preventing natural disasters, coping with climate change and rising sea levels; ensure livelihoods for population communities; training and improving quality of tourism human resources, ensuring safety and security for tourists.
c) List of projects prioritized for investment in the attached Appendix.
6. Solutions for implementing plan
a) Planning and management solutions
- To organize public announcement of the planning and investment projects in Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone after being approved; plan subdivision, detailed plan of functional areas in Lang Co – Canh Duong national tourism zone.
- Supervise implementation of investment projects in accordance with the plan; periodically check and evaluate implementation of the plan to promptly propose competent authorities to promptly remove difficulties and obstacles in the process of implementing the plan.
b) Solutions on mechanisms and policies and attraction of investment capital.
- Study and propose priority policies for tourism development in Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone to update and supplement the general mechanism and policy mechanism of Chan May - Lang Co economic zone; study and amend and supplement relevant administrative procedures in direction of creating convenience and simplicity in investment registration.
- Having policies to support from the State budget to invest in infrastructure such as: transport, electricity, water supply, waste treatment and environmental sanitation, to restore natural landscapes in the area of ​​national tourism zone.
- Research and propose mechanisms and policies to support career change for local people to make tourism services; direct support for organizations, individuals and households to invest in building standard accommodation houses.
- To take advantage of domestic and foreign investment capital sources to implement the framework technical infrastructure project, support investment in technical infrastructure projects on traffic, electricity, water supply and communications to project. To attach importance to mobilizing ODA capital and taking advantage of international support for technical infrastructure works in service of tourism.
- Strengthen coordination and integration of national target programs, projects of other relevant sectors to promote tourism development such as national target programs on new rural construction, carving restoring pollution and improving environment, responding to climate change ...
- Constructing and implementing programs calling for investment in Lang Co – Canh Duong national tourism zone. Encouraging the province's enterprises to produce handicrafts and agricultural products to invest or associate distribution and introduce products for tourists.
c) Solutions for human resource development
- Deploying human resource training to serve national tourism zone in the form of State management agency - School - Enterprise - Community. Diversify forms of training and retraining to improve quality of tourism human resources; encourage training and use of local human resources.
- Implementing policies to attract human resources with professional qualifications and skills; have policies to attract external human resources. Prioritize development of training of tour guides, speakers and tourism management from local human resources; strengthening short-term vocational training in order to equip basic knowledge and skills on tourism for indirect workers, people participating in tourism business.
d) Solutions on application of science and technology
- Coordinate with relevant branches to strengthen research and application of advanced scientific and technological achievements in investment, tourism development, product development and tourism brand. Complete database system and tourism statistics, step by step approach, apply the system of travel satellite accounts.
- Applying information technology in smart tourism development; focus on technology products such as virtual tour assistant, artificial intelligence, augmented reality (3D, 4D projection room), tourism digital maps to increase value and attractiveness of destinations and products , travel services; Develop applications on smart phones to support tourists before, during and after the trip.
- Scientific application to research and protection of tourism resources and environment: Using high-resolution satellite images to monitor environment and changes in land use, water resources and activities risk of bad impacts on marine resources and environment.
- Researching and applying measures to save energy and water in tourism services.
d) Solutions for promoting and building brand of national tourism zone
- Strengthen tourism promotion and investment activities in the form of farm trip, tourism fairs, via social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and through travel agencies; develop a brand identity tool and develop a variety of promotional materials, publications in many different languages.
- Building website of Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone in general electronic portal of Chan May - Lang Co economic zone to regularly update news, activities and investment projects.
- Promoting links and boosting promotion to attract investment capital from domestic organizations and individuals, foreign investors; funding sources, promoting development of a joint venture and appropriate model.
e) Solutions for market development and tourism products
- Calling investors to develop tourism products that are highly competitive on the basis of exploiting the tourism potentials of national tourism zone, creating brand names for tourism products.
- Developing national tourism zone, entertainment spots, accommodation facilities towards different market segments. Investing in construction of entertainment areas in accordance with nature of each functional zone.
- Developing community tourism in association with traditional fishing villages to meet the demand of tourists who are interested in learning and experiencing the living and production life of local people.
- Promoting the unique value of "Lang Co - legend of the sea" festival, value of the title "Lang Co - member of the most beautiful bays club in the world" and forming a link with activities of Hue heritage festival to build unique tourism products, attracting tourists.
g) Solutions to link tourism development
- Develop and organize annually the forum for developing Lang Co bay tourism and connecting with landmarks in the list of members of the most beautiful bay club in the world to exchange experience in management and tourism development.
- Promote links and develop tourism with localities on "Central heritage road" from Quang Binh to Quang Nam; with other sea attractions throughout the central coastal strip such as Thien Can (Ha Tinh), Nhat Le (Quang Binh), My Khe, Non Nuoc (Da Nang), Cua Dai (Quang Nam) to form the continuous route, diverse tourism products.
- To attach importance to linking with other national parks in the region such as Son Tra (Da Nang) and Cu Lao Cham (Quang Nam) to form a continuous tourist route.
- Linking with the focal areas to distribute tourists from the whole country such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City to seek opportunities to cooperate with major travel agencies in exploiting and organizing tourism programs Lang Co - Canh Duong national tourism zone.
h) Solutions to protect the environment and respond to climate change
- Building disaster warning system, monitoring coastal erosion changes in combination with natural disaster safety control, disaster response plan to ensure safety of lives and properties for tourist areas. Organizing information, communication and capacity building on natural disaster prevention and control.
- Strictly zoning off for landscape protection, not constructing service works in areas with natural forests and protective forests, strictly prohibiting all acts of violation. In areas with natural forests, protection forests, only combine ecotourism and eco-friendly tourism under the strict control of the authorities.
- Maintain and expand the area of ​​coastal protection forest and mangrove forest to limit coastal erosion due to sea level rise, saline intrusion ... and form the landscape of tourism exploitation and development.
- Publicize, disseminate and closely monitor operation of tourism development investment projects to ensure compliance with regulations on environmental protection, coastal protection corridors and marine resources and related law. Activities in the coastal protection corridor must strictly comply with provisions of law on marine and island resources.
- Apply and closely control implementation of environmental standards for tourism and related activities such as transporting tourists on the bay, aquaculture and tourist accommodation services. It is strictly prohibited to discharge waste water and garbage directly into the sea. Activities with sea water exploitation and use must ensure regulations on marine environmental protection.
- Research and develop a program for granting green labels to accommodation establishments. To synchronously develop and efficiently and sustainably use energy sources, research and apply solar electricity technology in tourism projects. Promote the transfer and effective application of technology for adaptation to climate change in Lang Co National Park - Canh Duong.
- Strengthening propaganda, education, raising awareness and responsibility of enterprises and communities on protecting forest and marine resources and environment for sustainable tourism development.
k) Solutions to ensure security and defense
- Ensuring socio-economic development in association with security and defense, protecting the island sovereignty; Create the best conditions for tourism development. Closely coordinate with police and military forces in the area in inspection and examination activities during the implementation of tourism projects.
- Strengthening propaganda, mobilizing people and tourists to raise awareness about national security protection, voluntarily participating in the movement of the entire people to protect the national security and build the national defense.
- Strictly managing tourism service business activities, promptly grasping issues related to national security to have a plan to deal with arising situations.
l) Solutions to preserve local relics and culture
- Raising people's awareness of the meaning of preserving and promoting the value of cultural tourism resources through educational programs to learn about the roots, green environment protection, and propaganda Deep sociality. Encourage local communities to participate in the protection of forests, seas and historical and cultural relics.
- Promoting propaganda about folk festivals; building scripts, restoring traditional festivals in combination with exploiting festival tours.
- Preserving and developing traditional craft villages associated with tourism development. Encouraging and creating conditions for production establishments in trade villages to develop cooperation.
7. Organization of implementation
a) Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
- Leading and coordinating with the People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue Province, relevant ministries and agencies to appraise investment projects under the National Park Planning Plan or other influential projects, greatly impacting the National Park area. She - Canh Duong. Investment priority projects issued together with this Decision are based on the scale and nature of each project, which must be commented by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in accordance with law.
- Coordinate with the Ministry of Planning and Investment and relevant ministries and agencies to support the People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue province to implement socialization of tourism development investment and call for investment in tourism development. at Lang Co National Park - Canh Duong;
- Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned ministries and branches in, inspecting and supervising the implementation of the Planning;
b) Ministry of Planning and Investment,
- Coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to synthesize and balance the state budget's partial support funding for the implementation of the Planning according to the provisions of the State Budget Law and relevant documents.
- Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, concerned ministries and branches and the People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue province in balancing and allocating investment capital for annual climate change projects in the process. planning implementation.
c) Relevant ministries and agencies within the scope of functions and tasks assigned to coordinate with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue province and relevant agencies to implement planning implementation.
d) People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue Province
- Organization of planning announcement; develop implementation plan; regular inspection and supervision; conducting preliminary review of the planning to propose competent authorities to adjust and supplement contents; ensuring synchronous and uniform integration into provincial planning in the period of 2021 - 2030 in accordance with the provisions of law on planning.
- Promulgate regulations on management of Lang Co - Canh Duong National Park area, which clearly stipulates for development investment, tourism service business activities, activities of tourists and communities in the protecting environmental resources and ensuring national defense and security.
- Review and improve mechanisms and policies on investment incentives and incentives, prioritizing strategic investors to implement Lang Co - Canh Duong National Park development projects.
- Leading and coordinating with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Planning and Investment to organize activities to promote investment in Lang Co - Canh Duong National Park zone according to the approved planning. Based on the actual implementation situation, the People's Committee of Thua Thien - Hue Province and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism may agree to adjust the name and decide to reduce the project.
- Actively allocate capital from the local budget for developing technical infrastructure, urban infrastructure and environmental infrastructure of the tourist area; integrate tourism investment with investment in other sectors; promotion of investment calling for investment in tourism development.
- Direct the management and close supervision of the protection of natural resources and environment, especially for natural landscape areas, lagoons, rivers and lakes, cultural and historical relics for sustainable development. Lang Co National Park - Canh Duong.

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