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Scheme on promoting communication activities on tourism 

 Thursday, January 31,2019

AsemconnectVietnam - Innovate ways and contents and enhance the application of modern technology in tourism information and communication.

1. Innovate ways and contents and enhance the application of modern technology in tourism information and communication.
2. Strengthen information and propaganda activities on the position and role of the tourism industry in promoting the development of other sectors and fields, on mechanisms and policies for tourism and production development. Typical tourism products of the local regions with rich and diverse forms to people, businesses, domestic and foreign tourists to contribute to the promotion of the destination "Safe - Friendly - Quality ".
3. Communication to promote Vietnamese image, culture, country and people to contribute to building and positioning Vietnamese tourism brand image with domestic and foreign tourists.
1. Disseminate information on the Party's views and policies, the State's policies and laws, the contents and results of implementing the State's strategies, plannings, programs and projects on tourism development Calendar and rules of civilized behavior in the field of tourism.
2. Information and propaganda about outstanding, differentiated, highly competitive and national tourism products to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam's tourism in the international tourism market. .
3. Propagating and exchanging experiences on typical successful models and typical examples in tourism development, well solving social security issues, creating jobs, economic restructuring and creating motivation for other industries and fields to develop, bringing about many economic, cultural, social, political, external and security and defense benefits.
1. Propagating through mass media
a) Building specialized pages, categories, specialties, newsletters, regularly propagating, disseminating, raising awareness and knowledge about tourism development; propaganda about typical types of tourism in our country such as: Heritage tourism, historical and cultural tourism, marine tourism, resort and eco-tourism, promoting images, countries and people. Vietnam, ensuring tourism is one of the regular and continuous content of mass media agencies.
b) Developing tourism publications including printed publications and electronic publications in many languages, including building a separate publication for a number of key markets, publications for specialized markets.
c) Production of film, reportage, video clips, messages to promote Vietnam tourism brand; associated with international television stations to produce Vietnam tourism promotion programs.
d) Combining operation and exploitation of external electronic information pages; portal,, and electronic information sites to serve the needs of foreign information and tourism.
e) Posting information about the image, country, people and potential of Vietnam tourism through the website of Vietnamese representative offices abroad.
Implementation time: Monthly, quarterly and annually.
2. Communication integrates through activities and events
a) Communication through programs of activities, forums, conferences, seminars, fairs and exhibitions in the country and abroad to propagate and promote tourism.
b) Communication through the Exhibition on "Vietnam - Human country through journalistic perspective" combined with propaganda activities on Vietnam's sovereignty over sea and islands and other external information and propaganda activities .
c) Communications through regional and international economic, political, diplomatic, cultural, sports and tourism events.
Implementation time: Monthly, quarterly and annually.
3. Communication via Internet system
a) Transmission of messages and information on tourism in various forms on the internet and social networks; transfer content, printed materials to electronic copies and upload to the internet.
b) Produce short films, posted video clips, broadcast on social networks in order to provide the most vivid and visual images to help promote brand values ​​and attract the attention of tourists.
c) Travel communication on google search engines, enhance the image and the fastest display speed of Vietnam destination on search engines.
Implementation time: Every year.
4. Communication through other activities
a) Provide communication materials on tourism posted on the Portal of the Ministry of Information and Communication to reporters, editors of central and local press agencies for reference.
b) Developing and publishing travel publications to organize communication at international tourism fairs.
c) Organize the propaganda competition to promote images of tourism.
d) Training and retraining of tourism propaganda skills for staff: Reporters, editors of central and local press agencies; the contingent of officials engaged in basic information work; officials of Tourism Service Department, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism or Department of Tourism of provinces and cities under central authority; training in Tourism Culture for travel agencies, business establishments, tourist centers, tour guide staff; cadres engaged in advertisement and promotion activities of tourist promotion centers of provinces and centrally-run cities.
Implementation time: Every year.
1. From the state budget according to the State Budget Law.
Every year, based on the functions, tasks, ministries, central and local agencies, elaborate specific implementation plans and cost estimates for implementation and generalization in the annual budget estimate plans of the ministries. , central and local branches to submit to competent authorities for approval.
2. Mobilize from funding sources, contributions of businesses, social organizations and other legal sources.
1. The Ministry of Information and Communication is the agency to assume the prime responsibility for:
a) Develop propaganda plans for each year as a basis for relevant units and press agencies to implement.
b) Organize, direct and guide the basic press agencies and information systems to innovate the propaganda methods, enhance the application of modern technology, improve the effectiveness of tourism promotion.
c) Promote digital communication applications, social networks; strengthen cooperation with international television channels to share information, develop tourism promotion programs.
d) Periodically review and evaluate the implementation situation annually, send to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to synthesize and report on the implementation of the Government's Resolution No. 103 / NQ-CP.
2. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
a) Based on the scope, functions and tasks of directing and guiding communication activities on tourism in the culture, sports and tourism sectors.
b) Actively providing information to press agencies on the theme of the National Tourism Year and major events for press agencies to have propaganda plans.
3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
a) Direct overseas Vietnamese representations to post information on Vietnamese advertisement through the system of electronic information pages of overseas Vietnamese representative missions.
b) Coordinate with relevant agencies to organize tourism promotion events in foreign countries.
4. Ministry of Finance
Arranging regular funds to implement the Scheme's tasks in accordance with the State Budget Law and relevant regulations.
5. The ministries, branches, concerned agencies, the People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities shall base themselves on the scope of their functions and tasks to be assigned to coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communication and related agencies. The implementation of the scheme.
6. Press agencies at central and local levels
a) The People's Newspaper, Vietnam Television, Voice of Vietnam Radio and Vietnam News Agency are the key agencies in the implementation of the Scheme and have the task of building specialized pages, sections, topics and copies. propaganda about tourism.
Coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies to organize and promote tourism events to enhance the promotion of this activity.
b) Other press agencies shall base themselves on the annual propagation plan of the Ministry of Information and Communication and information provided by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, actively formulating propaganda plans and ensuring suitable for readers, principles and purposes of each press agency.

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