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Master plan on socio-economic development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone, Quang Ninh province to 2020, vision to 2030 

 Monday, August 27,2018

AsemconnectVietnam - Socio-economic development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone must be in consistent with socio-economic development strategy of the wholly country in a period of 2011 - 2020, Vietnam’s marine strategy to 2020, master plan on socio-economic development of Northern key economic region, development of two corridors, one economic belt between Vietnam and China, master plan on socio-economic development of Quang Ninh province to 2020 and plans of fields in the local.


I. Scope of territory

Mong Cai boder gate economic zone includes entire city of Mong Cai with 17 communes, wards and 9 communes, townships of Hai Ha district (including communes of Quang Dien, Quang Phong, Phu Hai, Quang Thang, Quang Thanh, Quang Minh, Quang Trung, Cai Chien and township of Quang Ha), Quang Ninh province.
II. Development viewpoints
1. Socio-economic development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone must be in consistent with socio-economic development strategy of the wholly country in a period of 2011 - 2020, Vietnam’s marine strategy to 2020, master plan on socio-economic development of Northern key economic region, development of two corridors, one economic belt between Vietnam and China, master plan on socio-economic development of Quang Ninh province to 2020 and plans of fields in the local.
2. To promote advantages of geo-economics and geopolitical location, developing Mong Cai border gate economic zone with rapid and sustainable growth rate on basis of effective exploitation and use of resources nature, effective application and transfer of advanced science - technologies into production in order to constantly improve material living and spirit of the people.
3. To develop Mong Cai border gate economic zone to become dynamic economic zone of Quang Ninh province and the country; being a gateway for external relations and international economic cooperation, corresponding with stature of the region and the wholly country on basis of connectivity, trade exchange among large domestic, regional and international markets.
4. Development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone must ensure synthesis socio-economic efficient, ensuring political stability, maintaining firmly national defense and security, social order and safety.
5. Development of Mong Cai border gate economic zones associates with preserving natural landscape and controlling food safety, protecting health of residents and tourists, environmental protection and adaptation to climate change.
III. Development objectives
1. Overall objectives
To develop Mong Cai border gate economic zone to become a pole of sustainable and dynamic economic growth of Quang Ninh province and Northern key economic region. The economic zone have modern and synchronous infrastructure systems with perfect service network; material, culture and spirit living of the people increase constantly; national defense - security is assured, being a solid defensive line to protect national border sovereignty.
2. Specific objectives to 2020
2.1. Economic
Average growth rate of GDP in a period of 2015 - 2020 hits 17.7%. Average growth rate of services sector is 18-20%/year; industry 20-22%/year; agriculture 6-8%/year.
Proportion of economic structure to GDP: services sector accounts for 59% of GDP, industry – construction: 35% and agriculture, forestry and fisheries: 6%.
Income per capita is about USD 10,000/person.
2.2. Social:
Total population is about 177,000 people; average life expectancy is 78 years old; proportion of agriculture labour to total labour workforce is about 24%.
Reaching rate of 7.2 doctors/10,000 people and rate of 27.2 hospital beds/10,000 people; rate of malnourished children under 5 years old is 8%.
Maintaining preschool education universalization for children 5 years old; at least 90% of children go to kindergarten school; mobilizing 100% of children of 6 years olds to go to class 1; rates of pupils going to primary school hits 99%, rate of pupils going to lower secondary school reaches 95% or more.
2.3. Environment:
To collect and treat 90-100% of living solid waste in urban areas, rural residential area, 100% of industrial solid waste and industrial waste water, 100% of health solid waste, 70% of urban waste water ensure environmental standard. Rate of reducing energy consumption per GDP reaches 1 to 1.5% per year; rate of applying clean technologies into production is over 50%.
2.4. National defense and security:
To associate closely between socio-economic development with ensuring national defense, security and social order, safety. Strengthening fighting against all kinds of crime, social evils and actively protecting national border sovereignty, sacred sea and island sovereignty of the country.
2.5. Vision to 2030
Mong Cai border gate economic zone develop into a modern, dynamic economic center on Beibu gulf economic corridor. Being a one of tourism centers, key trade and financial service centers of province of Quang Ninh and the wholly country; applying clean technology into production, associating with sustainable development and ensuring ecological environment. GDP per capita is about USD 22,000/person; proportion of economic structure to GDP: services 60%, industry - construction 37% and agriculture, forestry and fisheries 3%.
IV. Development orientation of sectors and fields
1. Development of trade, service
Trade and transport services are defined as core activities in development direction of Mong Cai border gate economic zone. Focusing on prioritizing to boost export - import and distribution of industrial equipment, cold storage, textile services, e-commerce. Striving to 2020, growth rate of trade - service hits approximately 18-20%/year, contributing about USD 240 million.
To develop Mong Cai border gate economic zone into a one of financial service centers of Quang Ninh province. Giving priority to development of banking services, supporting commercial operations, services of consulting trade exchange and development investment.
2. Development of tourism
To develop tourism into a key tourism center of Quang Ninh province and the wholly country, focusing on developing tourism of sea, island, cultural tourism combining with shopping, frontier tourism, ecotourism, resort tourism. At the same time, closely linking to create a closed, uninterrupted tours between Mong Cai with Ha Long, Van Don, Yen Tu, associating with reforming process of granting visa, passport. Striving to 2020, Mong Cai border gate economic zone welcomes 1.4 million arrivals, contributing USD 115 million to GDP.
Construction of synthesis shopping center (with Outlets) is a breakthrough in field of tourism. Diversifying forms of cooperation and investment to build projects of tourism infrastructure in downtown area of ​​Mong Cai, Tra Co – Binh Ngoc beach area, Vinh Thuc island tourism zone, Cai Chien island. Completing schemes of investment in constructing infrastructure of bilateral economic cooperation zone, terminals for export goods in Hai Yen.
3. Industry development
To develop sustainably, selectively several industrial fields with key pillars: textile, food processing, beverage and auto industry.
To expand scale of garment and textile industry, attracting textile enterprises operating in high added value stages of value chain; focusing on developing garment and textile industrial cluster in industrial park of Hai Yen and Hai Ha seaport industrial park; striving to increase total value of garment and textile industry of Mong Cai border gate economic zone to USD 114 million by 2020.
To focusing on issuing solutions of reaching and attracting many huge investors in field of beverage production. Striving to 2020, enterprise of soft drinks production contribute about USD 25 million to GDP.
To build concentrated cattle, poultry slaughter units at large scale and seafood processing service zone as planned; investing in food processing factories with advanced and modern technology and securing environment conditions. Promoting attraction of oversea food processing enterprises. particularly large scale enterprises in the region. Striving to 2020, food processing industry contributes about USD 29 million to GDP.
Building industrial cluster of producing auto components with major products including wheels, tires and brakes, having advanced, environmental friendliness technology. Developing production of premium furniture according to market demand. Attracting enterprise of producing communications equipment, semiconductor equipment, circuit boards, liquid-crystal display (LCD) having environmentally friendly technology.
4. Development of agricultural field
To develop sustainably agriculture, associating with restructuring of agriculture and new countryside construction. Promoting restructuring of plant and animals; developing high-tech agriculture in some advantage fields of the locality on basis of forming value chain from production - processing - distribution - consumption of products in order to enhance value and competitiveness of agricultural products. Building safety food supply chain between Vietnam and China.
Striving to 2020, growth rate of agricultural sector is about 6-8%/year, maintaining paddy land under the Resolution of the National Assembly on Quang Ninh province’s land using plan to 2020. Raising rate of forest coverage to approximately 50-55%; combining forest economic development with sustainable poverty reduction objectives.
5. Field of socio-culture
5.1. Development of human resources:
Focusing on attracting human resource to offset labor shortages in fields of labor: transfer of labour in agriculture, forestry, fishery field because restructuring of crops and livestock, expanding production scale of economic sector; attracting human resource from elsewhere to work in Mong Cai border gate economic zone.
To coordinate with training centers, Hong Cam mine vocational training college to organize training courses of Chinese, mechanic and weaving under recruitment demand of enterprises.
Building capacity of the State management staff in Mong Cai border gate economic zones through training programs which are suitable with management demands at all levels; sending officials to attend domestic and international high quality training programs; enhancing recruitment of qualified and experience personnel from private sector.
5.2. Development of education and training
To build and complete educational infrastructure at all levels of preschool, elementary, high junior, high school to meets national standards; organizing well ramification of pupils, striving that 30% of pupils graduating high school take part in vocational training courses. Developing vocational training system associating with demand of improving skills of labor of enterprises in the province operating in key industries, fields, creating high added value.
To issuing mechanisms of encouraging students in mountainous, island communes to go to schools in order to reduce dropout rates and attract pupils to go to high school; consolidating and developing supplementary education combining with vocational education in mountainous, island communes.
5.3. Health development
To develop comprehensively health staff and health systems in order to ensure efficient delivery of health care services for people in Mong Cai border gate economic zone. Strengthening attraction of doctors staff to work in health facilities in Mong Cai border gate economic zone and gradually improving the people's health service in remote, mountainous, island communes.
5.4. Development of culture, information and sport:
Development of culture, information and sport must be in harmony with economic development. Gradually raising cultural and spiritual living of the people and gradually shortening gap of cultural enjoyment between urban and rural areas, remote areas. Repelling backward habits and other negative aspects; maintaining and promoting traditional cultural identity; launching culture, sport movement comprehensively and widely.
Building a system of sport, cultural and information institutions in communes, wards and villages to meet daily demands of spiritual culture of the people. Striving to 2020, 100% of communes, wards have standard sport and culture centers; over 95% of families reaches cultural family standard; over 80% of villages, hamlets hits cultural standard. Construct completely cultural center, stadium to help Mong Cai city hit urban standard grade II.
6. Science and technology development
To develop science and technology towards accelerating research, application and transfer of science and technology to fields which are strength of Mong Cai border gate economic zone such as aquaculture, textiles, eco-agriculture, high-tech agriculture, agro-processing.
To strive to innovate technology with an average rate of 10 - 15%/year. Encouraging enterprises to conduct research and development, cooperation and transfer of science - technology, building science and technology workforce sufficient in quantity, having increasingly degree to meet requirements of development in new period.
7. Development of infrastructure
7.1. Transportation infrastructure:
To promote and focus on investments in synchronous transport infrastructure development to meet demand of socio economic development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone. Focusing on building completely some major projects before 2020, such as highway project of Ha Long - Mong Cai; coastal roads; project of constructing Bac Luan II bridge; road from Bac Luan II bride under plan of ring road III of Mong Cai city; telpher to Vinh Thuc island; underground infrastructure projects; waterway system of Ha Long - Mong Cai; Hai Ha seaport and highway linking Hai Ha seaport industrial park with Mong Cai; building heliport. After 2020, constructing projects of Ha Long - Mong Cai railway to connect with Dongxing, China.
7.2. Electricity supply infrastructure:
Focusing on investment in building and upgrading infrastructure of power sources and power grid to meet demand for electricity for development of industry, services, agriculture and living electricity. Ensuring quality of electricity supply and safety of electricity source and power grids; researching to add into electrical diagram VII to attract investment in building power plant in Hai Ha seaport industrial park.
7.3. Sewerage, irrigation and water supply infrastructure:
To construct water reservoirs, irrigation systems for exploiting and using effectively freshwater resources in the province to serve demand of the people, productions of agriculture, industry, services and economic sectors.
To upgrade water plant in Quang Ha township; constructing additionally water supply stations in communes; water plants in Hai Ha seaport industrial park, Quat Dong water plant; water supply network in urban centers, Hai Ha seaport industrial parks and city of Mong Cai to ensure enough clean water for 100% of the people of urban areas and 90% of population in rural areas under urban standard grade II; supplying enough water for production units and industrial clusters, zones in the province.
To construct and upgrade rain water drainage systems in urban areas, in industrial clusters and industrial parks under scale of basin and sewage capacity of factories in line with forecasts of climate change and tide level to facilitate reconstruction of the works in future.
7.4. Development of post and telecommunication network
To upgrade synchronously infrastructure of post and telecommunication networks; building synchronously underground telecommunications projects along transport routes. Developing infrastructure to meet demand on ensures data transmission, supporting administrative reform, providing wireless internet connection in areas developing public services.
8. Development under spatial territory
8.1. Development of space for distribution of facilities of service, trade, import and export, industry and handicraft:
By 2020, Mong Cai border gate economic zone has three industrial areas and breakthrough tourism points. Mong Cai city will be a center of political, administrative, commercial, cultural and at the same time, being the door to for trade exchange activities with Dongxing, China. Two poles of economic growth are also power supply sources for economic zones include Hai Yen industrial park and Hai Ha seaport industrial park. Major motivation boosting tourism growth are Tra Co beach, Vinh Thuc island, general malls under model of outlet with restaurants, hotels, high quality amusement parks, resort and luxury shops.
After 2020, developing space of Mong Cai border gate economic zone toward "one axis - 2 zones - 3 centers". One axis is socio economic pillars of Mong Cai border gate economic zone; two regions are (ecotourism and agriculture, new rural development and national defense) and southern (luxury and unique island tourism); three centers includes Mong Cai city (development center), Hai Ha seaport industrial park and new synthesis center(located between city of Mong Cai and Hai Ha).
8.2. Development urban areas, network of residential areas
To develop urban area of Mong Cai border gate economic zone into a "smart city" which are environmentally friendly, applying modern technologies into public services. Centre of Mong Cai will extend westward Ka Long river, creating a new urban district called "new Mong Cai". Urban area in east Ka Long river will be called "old Mong Cai".
After 2020, developing center of Mong Cai in the east and center of Hai Ha in the west, developing a new urban area in halfway between Mong Cai center and Hai Ha center called new general center. After 2025, administrative center of Mong Cai will move to the new general center.
8.3. Development of forestry space and green strips:
To develop and manage well forest space; developing green strips reasonable and sustainable.
8.4. Land using orientation land to 2020 and vision to 2030:
Land using orientation by 2020: giving priority to national defense and security; commercial and service units; constructing industrial production units; urban construction. In agriculture sector, giving priority for construction of high technology agricultural areas, especially giving priority for pig breeding, dairy breeding, vegetable and concentrated clean agricultural production.
9. Protection of environment and sustainable development
To construct wastewater treatment plants in industrial parks; building plants of urban waste, medical waste treatment; at the same time, building plan to relocate factories having high emission levels, outdated technology from residential areas and key tourism destinations.
To construct and invest in upgrading capacity of environmental monitoring systems; establishing partnerships for environmental protection across border with city of Dongxing and Guangxi province (China) to control pollution (air, water, ...) in border areas.
To strictly protect, do not switch uses existing special-use forests and protective forests; strengthening cultivation, protection and regeneration of forests.
10. Orientations of external activities
To focus on performing well external propaganda, especially for foreign trade; promotion of investment, trade and tourism promotion; coordination of border management, ensuring that economic, trade and cross-border tourism activities develop healthy, legally.
To implement training and retraining of professional knowledge, foreign languages ​​for staff working in foreign affairs tasks of the local in the country and foreign countries to meet requirements of integration process and having ability to predict, analyze situation and effectively counsel in foreign affairs tasks to serve socio-economic development.
To strengthen coordination in order to unify and harmonize customs procedures at border gates through coordination mechanism between relevant agencies of the two countries, as well as simplifying entry procedures for Chinese tourism in consistent with the Party's guidelines and policies of the State in relation with China as well as agreements between Vietnam and China.
11. Combining economic development with protection of national defense and security
To strengthen national defense, security capacity, building the people’s national defense posture associating with solid posture of the people national security in area; constructing increasingly solid national defense area on basis of close cooperation between socio-economic development with building the people’s national defense posture, the people's national security posture to create synergy to protect firmly national border sovereignty, rights and sovereign rights sacred sea and island of the homeland.
V. Solutions on implementing the plan
1. Fields given priority to development
To build a system of modern and synchronous infrastructure, focusing on transportation systems, infrastructure of trade, services and tourism to create a link, promote and spread to other locations in the province. Build a complete irrigation system to supply water for production and daily living; building synchronous culture and sport institutions; building a system of facilities of waste, wastewater treatment to prevent and mitigate negative impacts on environment.
To improve quality of education - education, vocational training, developing rapidly qualified human resource to meet development requirements. Combining development of human resources with research and application of high science - tech in production sector to improve productivity, quality and value of products.
To continue administrative reform, creating an environment for fair competition among economic sectors, building an open investment environment to attract domestic and international investment.
2. Raising capital and strengthen model of implementing the plan
To exploit maximum capital source from all economic sectors to invest in infrastructure programs and projects to serve socio-economic development on basis of harmony combination between public resources and private resources (projects of PPP).
To establish investment promotion agency (IPA) in Mong Cai border gate economic zone to organize investment promotion events, advertise opportunities and approaches, introduce investment opportunities in Mong Cai border gate economic zones to find potential investors. Setting up plan implementation unit which are responsible for implementing programs, projects and measures to achieve objectives of the plan.
3. Development of science - technology and environmental protection
To promote research and transfer of science and technology high technology agricultural production, animal husbandry, safety fisheries, food, seafood breeding and processing for the people.
To perform transfer, application of scientific research and development of pollution treatment technology, environmental friendly production technology in order to serve effectively for the State management on environmental protection.
4. Development links and cooperation
To step up cooperation with major economic centers such as Hai Phong, Hanoi and other provinces in northern key economic region and economic regions of the country in order to provide international commercial service to connect localities nationwide with China.
To cooperate with Dongxing and other localities of China in order to tap market with a huge scale of population and growing economy. To implement a pilot project of cooperation of constructing Mong Cai – Dongxing border economic cooperation zone; exploiting advantages of geographical distance, free trade agreement, visa exemption program and a position as a gateway to China to attract investment and tourists from ASEAN countries.
5. Solutions on ensuring national defense – security
To combine closely socio-economic development with consolidating national defense - security; improving quality of strong defense and security force to meet missions and requirements in new situation. Supplementing and completing determinations, plans; actively promoting prevention, struggling effectively with plots and tricks of enemy forces, kinds of crime; maintaining firmly political security, social order and safety, not being passive, surprised.
VI. Organizing to implement the plan
1. After master plan on socio-economic development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone to 2020, vision to 2030 being approved, Quang Ninh province should organize to make public to the Party Committees and authorities, agencies, associations, enterprises and the people in the province about content of the plan.
2. To step up investment promotion activities, organize to introduce and promote potential and advantages of Mong Cai border gate economic zone to investors; introducing investment priority programs and projects, out of which, focusing on investment in major projects to create key products.
3. To develop action plans and concretize objectives of the approved plan by annual plan for implementation.
4. The approved master plan on socio-economic development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone to 2020, vision to 2030 is a basis for implementing tasks of socio-economic development in the province. People's Committee of Quang Ninh province:
- To direct implementation plan of development of urban system and residential areas, plan on construction of Mong Cai border gate economic zones in line with contents of this plan in order to ensure consistency among kinds of plans on the locality. Setting up detailed plans to implement programs and key projects associating with effective mobilization of resources for implementation.
- To shall function as the main implementer, in collaboration with other ministries and relevant agencies to research, submit the State competent authorities to issue some suitable mechanisms and policies in order to enhance attraction of investors and have investment sources to build important infrastructure of Mong Cai border gate economic zone under the approved plan.
- To study to establish investment promotion agency (IPA) and units of implementing plan in Mong Cai border gate economic zone under regulations of current laws.
5. Relevant ministries and agencies within their assigned functions and tasks are responsible for:
- To support Quang Ninh province to mobilize domestic and international investment capital sources to implement the plan.
- In collaboration with Quang Ninh province to study and submit the State competent authorities to issue a number of specific mechanisms and policies to implement outlined objectives of the plan in context of integration.
- To accelerate implementation of approved projects under assigned tasks in areas having an important role and being a driving force for development of Mong Cai border gate economic zone and Quang Ninh province.
- To address effectively relevant works under functions and tasks to help Quang Ninh province, Mong Cai border gate economic zone to complete objectives of the approved plan.

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