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Overall plan on socio-economic development of Vietnam's territorial waters and coastal area on Thailand Gulf to 2020 

 Thursday, September 20,2018

AsemconnectVietnam - To develop Vietnam’s territorial waters and coastal area in gulf of Thailand into a dynamic economic sector, contributing to general prosperity of marine and coastal area southwest of the country and connect with coastal area across the country to form an coastal economic belt from Mong Cai to Ha Tien, developing rapidly, promoting and engaging in mainland areas to develop together.

I. Scope of plan
Vietnam’s territorial waters and coastal area in gulf of Thailand include territorial waters and continental shelf under sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of Vietnam on gulf of Thailand and islands and coastal mainland: 02 cities of Ca Mau, Rach Gia, 13 coastal districts and towns U Minh, Tran Van Thoi, Phu Tan, Cai Nuoc, Nam Can, Ngoc Hien (Ca Mau), Ha Tien town, Kien Luong, Hon Land, Chau Thanh, U Minh Thuong, An Bien, An Minh (Kien Giang) and 02 island districts: Phu Quoc, Kien Hai (Kien Giang), with a population of 193,500 people, accounting for 67.3% of population of two provinces of Ca Mau and Kien Giang.
II. Development goals 
 - Develop Vietnam’s territorial waters and coastal area in gulf of Thailand into a dynamic economic sector, contributing to general prosperity of marine and coastal area southwest of the country, and connect with coastal area across the country to form an coastal economic belt from Mong Cai to Ha Tien developing rapidly , promoting and engaging in mainland areas to develop together. - To establish coastal economic corridor along gulf of Thailand as a pillar to promote development of the whole region and create basis to develop trade and expand relations with the outside world in an active and effective manner. - Construct Phu Quoc island into a dynamic development region, a huge and modern sea economic center ( in short-term, high-class sea-island eco-tourism zone), a "bright spot" economy of Vietnam and and Southeast Asia. - and develop some key marine economic sectors including aquatic product exploitation, breeding and processing, sea tourism, gas exploitation and processing ... to have relatively modern development level to keep pace with other countries in the region. - To achieve economic growth rate higher than from 1.35 to 1.4 times GDP growth rate of the country. In 2020 to raise material living standards of people in the region over 5 fold-times now, contributing about 5.0 - 5.5% in GDP; about 18-19% in aquatic production and 22-23% in seafood export turnover of the country. Reducing poverty rate (according to new standard) from current 14% to below 10% in 2010 and less than 3% in 2020.
- Complete secondary education universalization before 2010 and high secondary education universalization by 2020, raise percentage of trained labor to 25% by 2010 and 55-60% in 2020, complete program on national standards on health by 2015. - By 2010, 100% of communes have motor roads to communal center (except islet communes), 85-90% of households uses electricity, 95% of population are watched television, 100% urban population in the region will have clean water, 80% of rural population use hygienic water; to 2015 100% of households use electricity and are watched TV, 100% rural population use hygienic water.
III. Development orientation and economic space organization
 To achieve these goals, development direction and economic space organization of region by 2020 as follows:
1. Orientation of economic space organization
1.1. Construct coastal economic corridor along the Gulf of Thailand as backbone to promote development of the whole region:
- Concentrate on build coastal economic corridor along Gulf of Thailand (from Nam Can - Ca Mau to Rach Gia - Ha Tien) and gradually form important driving force in southern coastal areas of the country and has high growth, strong integration with countries in the region, create motivation to boost development of the whole region, and have strong ripple effects to local area.
- Implement construction of coastal traffic routes through third countries Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand (in framework of extended MekongRiver subregional cooperation), connect to an economic axis of Nanning (China) - Lang Son (Vietnam) - Singapore to expand cooperation and trade of goods between countries in the region. Coastal transport axis through three countries Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand, out of which, section of the axis passing through territory of Vietnam are 244 kilometers from Xa Xia border gate (Kien Giang) to Ca Mau City basically coincide with national roads 80 and 63 and they will be upgraded to road of grade III plains, sections through urban area will reachs level I or construct avoid road .
- Develop key economic sectors, having advantages such as industry, fisheries, tourism and marine services ... Promote cooperation between countries around Gulf of Thailand, especially in fields of infrastructure construction, tourism, trade, investment, finance, banking, marine resources exploitation and sea transportation ... Expand cooperation between coastal economic corridor along Gulf of Thailand with ASEAN countries, international organizations and other cooperative organizations in the region, facilitate rapid development of this coastal economic corridors.
1.2. Construct Phu Quoc island into a synthetic marine economic zone, a strong marine economic center of the country and region:
- Focus on developing Phu Quoc island into a general economic zone (centrally-run special administrative-economic units), a powerful marine economic center of the country and Southeast Asia. In short-term, construct promptly Phu Quoc island into a completed and luxury sea-island eco-tourism center. Develop diverse forms of tourism, sports and entertainment both on island and sea. Build a high-level recreation complex center (including casinos) to attract tourists, especially international visitors. Promote cooperation with countries around Gulf of Thailand to open tourism routes by air, by sea from Phu Quoc to urban centers, major tourism areas of countries in the region.
- Develop rapidly types of services, especially business services, finance, banking and other luxury services associating with tourism, gradually build Phu Quoc to become a major trade and financial center in the region. Construct modern trade centers in Duong Dong, Duong To, An Thoi; develop domestic and international conference services...
- Develop forestry and agricultural production islands toward ecology, create landscape and environment for tourism. Maintain scale of fishing in the region, expand exploitation to open sea. Promote aquaculture breeding, especially species of high economic value, specialty, ornamental fish ... around islands to directly serve tourism and combining with sightseeing, tourism and exports. Quickly establish and put into operation effectively marine protection area for tourism.
- Develop industry of food and beverage, manufacturing consumer goods, jewelry, souvenirs, mechanical repair for marine transportation and fishing, aquaculture breed, seafood processing ... a number of industrial clusters of appropriate size in Duong To, An Thoi with clean industries, high technology industries for tourism and export. Upgrade and expand existing urban centers; construction of new urban center of Duong To became a commercial, financial, cultural, tourism center of the whole region.
- Develop infrastructure towards modern to meet requirements of developing islands, focusing on tourism, high-level service and security and defense. Build quickly transportation systems, airports on islands and seaport system ... Focus on building a main road connecting An Thoi - Duong Dong - Bai Thom; roads around islands and branch line to tourism zones, residential areas. Construct a tourism port in gulf of Dat Do, Dong Duong , Bai Vong ports, cargo port of An Thoi, Vinh Dam and several other passenger ports with appropriate scale to serve, to welcome tourists. Build an international airport in Duong To(of around 2 million passengers per year) to put into operation in 2010. Build diesel power plant, develop wind power, solar power, build underground cable to transfer power to island and uniform grid system on the island ... Develop synchronous other technical infrastructure such as water supply, telecommunications ... to meet requirements of rapid development and maintain security and defense on the island. c) Development of coastal urban systems:
- Speed up pace of urbanization, construct several coastal urban become strong sea economic centers , centers to move to sea and growth clue of each region to promote sea, island economic .
- Focus on developing a number of areas of urban centers into centers of power sea economic to move to sea and close connect with inland.
+ Build Rach Gia city to become a strong sea economic center, major modern center of fishing of the country and a solid basis for promoting comprehensive exploitation of southwest territorial waters of the country.
+ Develop Ca Mau city in association with Ca Mau gas - electricity – fertilizer industrial zone and other satellite urban zones, form a large urban cluster, a strong economic center in eastern.
+ Build Ha Tien become a large tourism-service center of the region and at the same time as modern border urban in southwestern border of the country. - Construct other urban zones in areas of concentrating sea exploitation activities such as Nam Can, Chau Doc, Kien Luong - Hon Chong, Phu Quoc ... into coastal hub urban areas, powerful centers to move to sea for comprehensive exploitation of Gulf of Thailand , combining with security and defense. Research to construct Nam Can economic zone in order to maximize potential and advantages of the region, create a driving force for economic development in Ca Mau province in particular and coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam under Gulf of Thailand in general.
- Plan to develop rationally other urban areas. Combine with upgrading and expanding existing district capitals to build new coastal urban areas such as: Tan An, Dat Mui, Ham Rong and Khanh Hoi, Hon Da Bac (Ca Mau), U Minh, Xeo Noni, Ba Hon (Kien Giang )... create growth clue of each region.   more small and medium –scale urban areas, gradually form a network of coastal urban tightly linking together and connecting coastal areas with inland regions, accelerating process of agricultural and rural industrialization and modernization. Development of urban systems in the region must have foresight ( after 2020) to have enough space for upgrading and expanding urban in next stages.
1.3. Develop island economic in accordance with role, function and potential advantages of each island: Further promote migration to islands, especially islands locating in important outpost position such as Tho Chu, Nam Du and some islands in southwest pole adjacent to Cambodia ... to develop island economic and protecting sea sovereignty and security. Concentrate in investing in building infrastructure on islands, especially essential infrastructure projects to encourage settled residential developing economic of islands. Restructure economic islands towards giving priority to develop advantage sectors such as exploitation, breeding and fishery services, tourism and marine services ... Construct rapidly and uniform urban infrastructure in Hon Tre island, ensure functions of district capital of Kien Hai district. Invest in constructing Tho Chu island become major fishing service center of the region. Plan large and important islands such as Hon Tre, Hon Rai, Hon Nghe, Nam Du, Hon Khoai ... into islands with developed economic and a solid base to ensure national defense, security and sovereignty of territorial waters and islands of the homeland.
2. Development orientation of sectors
2.1. Concentrate on developing strongly sea economic
- Develop comprehensively and modernize fisheries, construct coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in Gulf of Thailand become key fisheries economic zone of the country and reach advanced level in the region. Continue modernization of fisheries in all sector. Transfer rationally production restructure between breeding and exploitation associating with processing, product consumption and resource protection, ensuring sustainable development. By 2020, aquaculture production in the region reaches approximately 800,000 – 850,000 tons, accounting for 18-19% national aquatic production, out of which exploitation output are 400,000-420,000 tons ( exploitation in Gulf of Thailand is about 250,000 tons), offshore production accounts for more than 70%; breeding area is about 350,000 hectares (an specialized breeding area is about 300,000 hectares), breeding production reaches 400,000 tons, exports reaches over USD 2 billion. Switch up structure of production from inshore fishing to offshore fishing associating with resource protection and development. Investment in developing a large fleet (over 100 CV) and synchronized fishery logistics facilities along coastal area and on some islands to expand exploitation of offshore waters, especially overlapping area combining with security, defense and national sovereignty on sea. Promote aquaculture breeding in all types of watersurface in direction of friendly environment ecological breeding. Prioritize to develop and industrial breeding and semi-industrial breeding where have suitable conditions. Develop mollusks and fish breeding associating with tourism. Continue to invest in modernization of seafood processing facilities, building a modern processing facilities in convenient areas on infrastructure, marketing and commerce and waste treatment in industrial zones: Tac Cau, An Thoi, Hoa Trung and other industrial zone... to create high quality products for export. two seafood processing center at regional scale in city of Ca Mau and Tac Cau (Kien Giang).  
- Develop rapid and sustainable sea-island, coast tourism to become key industry, contributing positively to growth and economic restructuring in the region. Rationally organize tourism space in the entire region. Build synchronous infrastructure of tourism and entertainment projects on Phu Quoc to develop diverse forms of tourism, amusement parks, entertainment complexes of high quality both on sea and on island, early construct Phu Quoc island into eco-tourism zone, high-class modern sea - island resort in region and in the world. Promote links with countries around gulf of Thailand, form international tour, linking tourism in coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in gulf of Thailand in general and Phu Quoc island in particular with popular tourism spots in region, especially after completing southern trans-Asia road and axis of economic Nanning (China) - Singapore . Construct tourism groups of Ha Tien - Kien Luong, Nam Can - Dat Mui and inner-region and trans-region tours ... to link and coordinate with tourism of island of Phu Quoc, create rapid and sustainable development throughout the region. Continue to invest in building comprehensive and complete infrastructure in key tourism areas like Mui Nai, Hon Trem, Thach Dong, Dong Ho, Chua Hang, Khai Long, Dat Mui ... and tourism spots in Ca Mau and Rach Gia cities. Quickly construct Ha Tien tourism resort associating with development of border gate economic zone. a triangle of tourism development Ca Mau - Ha Tien - Can Tho, Rach Gia - Ha Tien - Chau Doc and Rach Gia - Ca Mau - Phu Quoc to connect tourism in coastal areas with inland areas. Add tourism development with protection and restoration of historic culture, environmental protection and specific ecology of coastal areas. Boost work of propaganda and tourism promotion to call for investment and attracting tourists. In 2010, strive to attract about 1.3 to 1.4 million visitors, including 350,000-400,000 international visitors and in 2020 reaches over 3 million visitors, including 1 million international visitors; reach an average growth rate of 90-10% per year. Focus on developing high quality human resources to meet rapid growth demand in coming years.
- Develop exploration, exploitation and processing of gas. Boost self investment and search operation, oil and gas exploration in region to assert commercial and have plans to exploit. Actively perform seismic research and surveys to accurately evaluate oil and gas potential and reserves in plots, structure are still in form of prospects. Continue to attract foreign investment, especially big oil companies to invest in exploration and exploitation of petroleum in territorial waters of Vietnam in Gulf of Thailand. Promote oil and gas exploitation in plots which were identified reserves and overlap marine areas. Speed up implementation of oil and gas contracts in discovery area and make mine development plan to soon put into operation. In particular, promote exploitation of oil and gas fields on sea having common exploitation cooperation agreement with Malaysia (PM-3) to effectively exploit resources of the region. Construct and complete gas pipeline PM3 - Ca Mau, gas pipeline Lot B, 52, 49 - Tra Noc; continue to build other gas pipeline from gulf of Thailand to shore to provide gas for power plants of O Mon, Tra Noc ... and other gas processing facilities in the region. Build fertilizer plant with a capacity of 800,000 tonnes of urea per year in Ca Mau gas - electric – fertilizer industrial zone to put into operation after 2010. Attract investment to build liquefied gas plant and a number of other chemical facilities to use low-pressure gas resources of gulf of Thailand.
- Develop synchronous maritime economy. Take advantage of every possibility to develop marine economy including seaport system, fleet, shipbuilding and repairing industry , port services and maritime services ... create basis for moving to sea, while supporting and promoting development of other sectors.
Rational develope seaport system in region. Upgrade and expand port of Nam Can (Ca Mau), Hon Chong (Kien Giang) to reach a capacity of 700,000-800,000 tons per year and Binh Tri port of cement from 1.8 to 2 million tons per year. Construct newly port of Bai No (Ha Tien) with a size of 500,000 tons per year and specialized ports of Nam Du for Kien Luong thermal power center. Construct synchronous sea port in Phu Quoc island: An Thoi port (receiving 3,000 DWT ships and a floating dock receiving ships up to 30,000 DWT); port of Vinh Dam (receiving 3,000 DWT ships and passenger ships 2,000 passengers), passenger port of Duong Dong, Dat Do (receiving ships with a capacity of 2,000 passengers) and wharf parking for tourism ships and sailing boats ... to meet requirements of rapid development of the island. Gradually build in Phu Quoc a large center of ports and maritime services in gulf of Thailand. Establish ship teams having appropriate structures to meet transportation needs of goods and passengers in region. Promote coastal transportation to all regions of the country, forming a sea transport routes to islands, create tight cohesion between islands and mainland. Develop sea transport to Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. Open lines of high speed passenger transport from Ca Mau and Nam Can, Rach Gia, Ha Tien ... to Phu Quoc and from Phu Quoc, Ha Tien to coastal big cities of countries around gulf of Thailand to promote tourism development. Develop synchronous infrastructure of other services such as port service logistics systems, crew service, ship supply, system of maritime safety information, radar control systems and marine realms system, lighthouses, buoys and salvage and rescue ... to meet development requirements of marine economic and security and defense.
2.2. Development of coastal economic
- Develop strongly coastal industry, creating superiority of industry in economic structure of region and as a basis for rapid and efficient growth. Give priority to develop advantageous industry, basic and key industry, such as gas processing, power industry, shipbuilding industry, cement production, high technology aquatic product processing… to 2020 coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in gulf of Thailand basically has a strong industrial base with modern structures. Concentrate on building and completing Ca Mau 1 power plant (750 MW); speed up construction of Ca Mau 2 power plant (750 MW) to put into operation as plan. Construct Ca Mau fertilizer plant (800,000 tons / year) to put into operation after 2010. Implement construction of Kien Luong thermal power center with a scale of 4,400 MW (about 1,200 MW in phase I). Construct diesel power plant in Phu Quoc with a capacity of 21.5 MW in 2010 to meet development requirements of island. Develop wind energy, solar energy in coastal areas and on islands. Upgrade and expand existing cement production factories, install some new lines, increase production capacity in the region to 4.1 million tons of cement and 4.4 million tons of clinker in 2010 and continue to expand production after 2010. Develop production of other construction materials. Construct clinker grinding station and tunnel brick factories in Phu Quoc to gain initiative in construction materials source for construction of the island. Continue to invest in raising capacity of fishing shipbuilding and ship repairing facilities. Build newly some fishing ship repairing and shipbuilding facilities, mainly building big capacity ship for offshore fishing in Song Doc, Nam Can, Hon Khoai (Ca Mau), Rach Gia and An Thoi (Kien Giang) ...Speed up construction of shipyards Nam Can (Ca Mau); attract investment to build shipyard Hon Chong (Kien Giang), set up a large-scale shipbuilding centre, meet demand on newly shipbuilding and repairing all kinds of ships in the region. Develop high quality aquatic, agricultural product processing industry for export and tourism. Invest in renewing equipment of export rice processing facilities; build a number of new milling facilities, polish export rice with a size of 20,000 - 40,000 tons per year in key areas such as Tran Van Thoi (Ca Mau), Rach Gia, Hon Dat (Kien Giang) ... raise rice processing capacity in the whole region to 2.7 - 2.8 million tons in 2010 and over 3.5 million tons in 2020. Develop other industries such as garments, leather products, wood processing, electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical repair, appliance carpentry ... which are suitable to local conditions. Give priority to develop industry for serving agriculture and fishing exploitation, contribute to economic restructure in coastal rural areas. Regarding development of industrial zones: focus on building completely Ca Mau gas - electricity – fertilizer industrial zone. Rapidly develop concentrated area of heavy industry of Binh An - Kien Luong, gradually form two major and modern industrial center, creating a breakthrough in growth and industrial restructure in the region. Continue to invest in infrastructure construction of existing industrial parks , to promote investment attraction to improve occupancy rates of industrial parks. Promote establishment of new industrial zones such as Thanh Loc, U Minh, Thuan Yen (Kien Giang), Hoa Trung, Song Doc, Nam Can (Ca Mau) ... to meet development requirements of the region.
- Develop a variety of service to promote development of production and serve living of the people. Give priority to develop marine services and field having high added value such as export import service, travel services, fishing services, oil services, transportation services, financial, banking, telecommunications ... help services to truly become a dynamic economy sector, creating more jobs and a great contribution to economy of the region. Develop synchronous trade system in region towards modern and meet integration requirements. two trade centers of areas in city of Ca Mau and Rach Gia city. Build modern commercial center in Phu Quoc and Ha Tien border economic zone associating with tourism development. Construct other shopping centers in towns, district centers, coastal economic clusters ... playing role as hub for each region. Renovate, upgrade and build system of market, commercial points in townships and rural areas Promote export-import activities. Build completely Ha Tien border economic zone associating with investment of Xa Xia international border gate; upgrade Giang Thanh border gate to expand goods exchange between coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in gulf of Thailand with Cambodia and other countries in region. Develop financial and banking services. Create favorable conditions to attract large financial companies to invest finance and open branch of operation in the region, particularly in Phu Quoc. Mobilize countries around gulf of Thailand and international organizations to build development funds of fulf of Thailand to develop rapidly, link economic corridors in the region. Diversify and improve quality of transport services, port services, air services, fishing services, telecommunication services, information technology and other services. a number of new service industries such as oil services, search and rescue services ... to create conditions to promote marine economic in the region.
- Develop coastal ecological agricultural production, forestry in direction of productivity, high quality and sustainability. Invest in developing agriculture in depth, form areas of high-intensive concentrated production in association with processing, creating an effective trasfer of structure of agricultural production and rural development. Develop high yield rice, specialty rice for export. Transfer a part of rice growing area to aquaculture breeding and industrial crops, fruit trees, food crops ... in consistent with land use plan in each locality to enhance production efficiency. Expand modern, effective production model such as farming economy, high-tech agricultural zone ... to create high quality goods for export and tourism. Continue to restructure plants and animals in accordance with 6 sub-regional coastal ecological agriculture of region and gradually build up efficiency and sustainability agriculture.
- Restore and develop mangrove forests, increase forest coverage rate up to 20-21% to ensure coastal protection requirements associating with tourism development. Continue to promote socialization of forestry. Promote regeneration, reforestation and protection of special use forests, especially Phu Quoc national park, U Minh Thuong and U Minh Ha, Ca Mau cape, natural reserve zones and forests on islands. Develop production forest plantation, encourage investment in forest plantation under intensive cultivation of high yield, associating with forest product processing and tourism business.
3. Develop synchronous and modernize infrastructure system, especially transport infrastructure, meeting rapid development requirements of region
- Build completely and modernize road traffic system, especially coastal transport axis and routes connecting with inland, facilitate trade exchange in region and necessary precondition for attracting strong development investment in the coming period. Build southern coastal transportation axis Nam Can - Ca Mau - Rach Gia - Ha Tien in scope of coastal economic corridor along gulf of Thailand. Build new roads adjoining sea Nam Can -Song Doc-Rach Gia for sea economic development associating with security and defense. Renovate, upgrade and expand roads connecting coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in gulf of Thailand with inland areas (national highway 1A, 61, 63, 80 and N1, N2) to reach standard grade III and all of roads to district centers, industrial zones, new urban areas and coastal economic clusters to achieve level III or level IV, create continuous connection network in the entire region to promote trade exchange and goods production. Mobilize all resources for rural transportation development. By 2010 all communes in the region have roads to communal centers (except islet communes), percentage of solid roads to reach 70%; basically abolish foot bridge. After 2010, continue to invest in upgrading road to communal centers to reach delta grade V, out of which, a number of routes which are important on economic, security and national defense reaching grade IV. Maintain and improve river waterways, especially inter-regional river routes from Ho Chi Minh city to Ca Mau and Rach Gia - Kien Luong to promote effectively advantages of inland waterway transport of the region. Renovate and upgrade airport of Ca Mau, Rach Gia to achieve scale of 300,000 passengers per year, maintain airport of Duong Dong (Phu Quoc) with a capacity of 300,000 passengers per year to serve domestic flights. Build an international airport in Duong To (Phu Quoc) at 4E grade, which can receive medium-range aircraft such as 767 or equivalent; scale of the first phase is about 2 million passengers per year and after 2020 continue to expand investment in accordance with progress of development of economic zones. Build completely power supply networks in the region. Invest in new construction of important lines such as: Kien Giang – Thot Not, Kien Giang - Duc Hoa, Ca Mau - Rach Gia and Ca Mau - Bac Lieu, Ca Mau - Cai Nuoc, Rach Gia - Kien Luong and low-voltage stations for cities, towns and industrial centers ... Develop electricity grid to coastal economic cluster. By 2010, approximately 90% of households in the region will have electricity and 100% by 2015. Build underground cable to transmit electricity from mainland to island of Phu Quoc, to be put into use after 2010. Invest in constructing synchronous system of water supply and drainage, infrastructure of telecommunications and information technology ... to meet requirements of socio-economic development - in the region. Complete clean water plants at Rach Gia, Ca Mau, Tan Hiep, Chau Thanh ...Upgrade Duong Dong water plant (Phu Quoc). Build some water reservoirs and concentrated water supply stations in small islands. Develop sea and coastal modern information system, ensure regular communication, keep time, meet requirement of boosting sea exploitation and promote security and defense of island and territorial waters .
4. Construct synchronous system of works to prevent natural disasters, search and rescue, ensure highest safety for social-economic development
- Invest to upgrade sea dyke system associating with building newly coastal roads from Rach Gia to Nam Can, meet requirements of prevention of natural disasters at a high security level, combining with socio-economic development and national security and defense. Upgrade, improve fishing ports.
- Build information system for search and rescue synchronous in both technical and human resources; both on ashore and on ships and boats to ensure safety of activities on sea. Efficiently use equipment and availability resources economics and defense for search and rescue. Build response forces in place in all localities in the region. Closely coordinate and effectively use equipment and resources available in region such as search and rescue coordination center of southern region, maritime search and rescue center , fisheries search and rescue center, center for oil spill response in southern region, search and rescue force of border guards to work of search and rescue. Developm synchronous system of facilities and infrastructure of search and rescue in the region. Invest in construction of 01 modern information station using technology satellite; 01 centers of search and rescue at regional scale in Hon Khoai island and some other coordination station of search and rescue on Tho Chu , Phu Quoc island ... meet requirements of work of search and rescue in the whole region . Research to construct in coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnanm in gulf of Thailand a national disaster early warning center, gradually form system of search and rescue in the entire region scientific, modern and professional to meet requirement on search and rescue and regional and international integration in this field.
5. Comprehensive development of social sectors, to ensure harmony with economic development
5.1. Science - technology:
- Promote scientific – technology activities, apply powerful new technologies into production, create high quality products and high competitiveness. Build and expand effective production models such as ecological agriculture-fisheries model, model of high-tech agricultural zone ... Encourage enterprises to develop science and technology. Support enterprises to build brandname for advantage, characteristic products of the region. Widespread apply information technology in production and management to improve efficiency of economy.
5.2. On education - training:
- Develop education - training towards standardization, modernization and socialization. Complete programs of secondary education univeralization before 2010 and high school education univerralization throughout the region before 2020. Continue to implement programs to solidify schools associating with strengthening infrastructure, build and improve quality of teachers at all levels to increase percentage of schools meeting national standards. Step up training and retraining for staff, civil servants, entrepreneurs and workforce in the region, especially in areas with advantages such as aquaculture, exploitation, breeding and processing, tourism, sailor, repair mechanic, repair mechanical , construction, electrical technique ... meet development requirements of the region. Build Kien Giang University; set up a community college in Ca Mau and colleges, professional training schools in other provinces. Build vocational schools in Phu Quoc. By 2010 trained labor rate in the region is approximately 25% and 50% in 2020.
5.3. Health:
- Develop synchronous health care network from provincial level to grassroots levels, by 2010, 100% of communes in the region to reach national standards of health . Build completely provincial hospitals, upgrade district hospital, regional hospitals, centers of preventive medicine, social disease center ... to meet medical needs of the people. Build 01 regional hospitals in Chau Thanh (Kien Giang) and 01 general hospitals in Phu Quoc with modern equipment, capable of examination and treatment for foreigners, especially international tourists. Pay attention on develop marine medical. Gradually build a synchronization marine medical network to meet requirement of promoting exploitation of sea in future. d) Culture, information and sport: build institutions of culture, sports, information. Give priority to invest in institutions of serving community cultural activities such as center of culture - sports, cultural house, parks, entertainment ... Strive to 2010 all cities, districts, towns and 40 - 45% of communes and wards in the region have culture – sports center, 100% of households in region can listen to radio, 85-90% of households can watch television. Strengthen information supply systems, communication books to remote village, remote areas and islands. Promote socialization of culture, sports; develop mass sports, as well as make well physical education in schools.
5.4. Other social sectors:
- Continue to implement effectively national goal, programs on poverty reduction in the province. In 2010 reduce poverty household rate to below 10% (new standard) and in 2020 to below 3%. Develop specific plans for poverty reduction and hunger alleviation in accordance with conditions of each region. Integrate effectively programs and projects in area on poverty reduction and hunger alleviation and job creation for local people, especially for ethnic, remote areas, coastal area and islands ... Implement well social policies for families of war invalids, martyrs and other social subjects.
6. Strengthening and consolidating national defense and security, firmly defending sovereignty and national interests at sea.
- Build defense and security firm in terms of manpower and means to maintain peace, stability and development of coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam of Gulf of Thailand. Repell risk of armed conflict and prevent timely and effectively activities of encroaching, infringe upon sovereignty and national interests at sea. Develop synchronous and modern force of management, protection of sea, island and together with coastal defensive , realm system. Promote general strength of armed forces and militia, self defense ... form national defense posture, the people's security to protect firmly islands and territorial waters of the homeland. Build functional force to manage, protect sea and islands (Navy, Border Guard, Coast Guard Vietnam, Air Force ...) synchronous, modern, suitable defense measures to be ready meet when any event occurs. Upgrade and construct newly works of coastal defense, security and on islands for combat duty at sea.Construction of coastal defense base, on the islands (such as docks, boat repair facilities, security systems, marine medicine ...) just to be able to serve national defense and security and serveeconomic development of sea. Closely combine economic development with strengthening national defense, maritime security and defense, security and economy, contributing actively to promote process of industrialization and modernization of the country in general and development of coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in Gulf of Thailand in particular.
7. Environmental protection, sustainable development
- From now until 2020, coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in Gulf of Thailand will be invested and developed strongly to promote potential and advantages of the region, especially potential and advantages of coast and marine. To ensure prompt, effective and sustainable development, it requires positive and synchronous measures in both techniques, mechanisms and policies. Specifically: - Closely manage fishing activities, especially in tidal areas and coastal areas. Specify number of ships and boats, job category and maximum production output for each region and each season to protect and develop resources. - Establish sustainable and stable protection forest system. Restore and develop mangrove forests, especially in U Minh, Dam Doi and Ca Mau peninsula. Strictly protect existing national parks; building several other reservation parks to protect and restore unique ecosystem of the region. - Strictly control use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers in agriculture and aquaculture to limit pollution. Strengthen system of plant protection stations, centers to ensure ability to control input and output of food, fertilizer and plant protection chemical. - Enhance environmental protection in urban and industrial areas. Quickly move heavily polluting factories out of central areas of cities such as Ca Mau, Rach Gia; also thoroughly treat waste for environmental protection, construct synchronous and step by step modernize drainage systems and wastewater treatment in urban areas, industrial parks, resorts, ensure all wastewater must be treated under standard of Vietnam before discharging into sewerage system . Plan location and size of garbage disposal areas suitable for cities, towns, townships, industrial zones ... For waste of hospital, it is required incinerators with suitable scale to handle spot. Have special policies and regulations on protection of natural resources, environment of Phu Quoc island to ensure sustainable development. - Promote protection of coastal and marine environment. Closely manage discharge of transportation ships operating on sea. Build a specialized force of rescuing oil spill on sea, coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam under Gulf of Thailand. Strengthen prevention of coastal erosion and on island, especially in area from Rach Hao to Rach Goc ... Build a complete system of sea dykes. There are plans for dyke protection, migration, protection of lives and property of people living in critical coast before storm season. - Enhance the State management capacity on environmental protection at various levels and branches. Strictly rule assessment of plan on environmental protection in process of approving development projects, especially works may cause pollution such as chemicals, ports, shipbuilding , thermal power ... Strengthen and effectively use budget allocations for environmental protection. Mobilize enterprises in the region to contribute fund for construction of waste treatment system on principle "who benefit should pay, polluter must invest to overcome pollution" . Step up propaganda and education, raising awareness for people about environmental protection.
8. Develop international cooperation on marine
- Promote international cooperation towards multilateral and diversify forms of cooperation and fields of cooperation. Strengthen cooperation on sea with neighboring countries in areas such as:
- Sea delimitation areas: promote cooperation with neighboring countries to resolve disputes over sea, establish sea area under sovereignty, sovereign rights and national jurisdiction of Vietnam in Gulf of Thailand. Develop mechanisms for cooperation talks with Cambodia on historical water area of both countries to ensure stability and development to create favorable conditions for the peoples of two countries doing business; demarcation of economic exclusive zone and continental shelf with Malaysia and delimitation of economic exclusive zone and continental shelf of three countries of Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, creating stability for development.
- In fisheries sector: promote cooperation with countries around Gulf of Thailand in fisheries research surveys; exploitation, management and protection and renewable of marine resources, especially resources in open seas and breeding special products on. Quickly negotiate and sign fishing agreements with countries around Gulf of Thailand to expand exploitation in foreign waters. - In field of oil and gas exploration and exploitation: continue to coordinate with other related nations to implement signed agreements in field of exploration and exploitation of petroleum in overlap territorial waters. Boost cooperation with Malaysia to develop oil and gas joint exploitation cooperation (PM-3) and exploration of mines in overlap area between two countries. Expand cooperation with other oil companies in the world, especially big oil companies to develop oil and gas exploration and exploitation in blocks in Vietnam's sea in Gulf of Thailand in form of product division.
-Development of coastal and marine tourism: strengthen cooperation with foreign countries for development of tourism - island, especially development of luxury ecological tourism zone in Phu Quoc island in order to create high level, high quality travel in Southeast Asia. Promote cooperation with countries around Gulf of Thailand in building technical infrastructure and developing tourism. Build international tours among countries and tourism tours around Gulf of Thailand connecting countries in the region. - In sea science - technology: expand cooperation in basic investigation and sea technology- science research. Build regulat and long-term cooperation program with other countries around Gulf of Thailand to coordinate implementation of joint Programs on General Investigating Gulf of Thailand to build a full, comprehensive and sufficiently reliable database to serve management and exploitation of Gulf of Thailand effectively and sustainably. - Promote cooperation in other fields such as marine environmental management and protection, search and rescue, disaster warning, ensure safety and security on sea ... Develop cooperation with countries around Gulf of Thailand in building infrastructure (especially coastal transport axis connecting countries), trade, finance, banking, marine transport, post and telecommunications , culture, education ... for rapid development, while contributing to consolidate and develop relations of friendship cooperation relationship between Vietnam and other countries in Gulf of Thailand .
IV. Road of implementing plan
1.Period from now to 2010: form coastal economic corridor along Gulf of Thailand and special zone of administrative - economic Phu Quoc; build basic infrastructure system in the region, promote investment in key projects ... create conditions for rapid development in later stage.
2. Period 2011 - 2020: continue to invest in developing synchronously and modernize infrastructure system in the region; complete and put into operation important item of the region under plan, develop special zone of administrative-economic of Phu Quoc island under plan.
V. Implementation solutions
1. Building and perfecting framework of policies and mechanisms
 - Continue to revise, supplement and concretize policies to promote all resources, all economic sectors for rapid development and modernization of some key industries and dynamic territorial areas. Focus investment on breakthrough and urgent area and region.
- Give priority to spend adequate investment capital in infrastructure construction in Phu Quoc island. On basis of Regulation on organization and operation of the Island which has issued on Decision No. 02 No.38/2006/QD-TTg dated May 14, 2006 by the Prime Minister, ministries, agencies and localities continue to concretize special preferential policies to attract domestic and foreign investors to invest and have rapid development in the coming time.
- Develop special policies to encourage organizations and individuals promoting exploitation of marine resources (fisheries, petroleum, minerals ...) in overlapping sea areas and joint exploitation . Supplement and concretize current policies and newly construct special policies in order to build coastal rural and island areas on three aspects: people's knowledge, people's living, democracy
- Supplement support policies for building infrastructure on important islands. Have adequate investment policy for implementation of programs to build islands in the region strong in economic, outpost and firm logistics on national defense and security. Encourage and support the people to live in islands and develop island economic. Have special mechanisms for construction of offshore fixed works to assert national sovereignty on sea. Equip with necessary level for force of protecting sea, especially Navy, Coast Guard ... enough to control and protect territorial waters of the country.
2. Continue to implement administrative reform
- Continue to promote administrative reform in direction of reorganizing to streamline and compact administrative apparatus, simplifying administrative procedures, especially procedures related to housing, investment license, construction license ... Publicize and make transparency policies of the State as well as locality. - Accelerate implementation of "one door" mechanism in field under control of management agencies in the locality. Continue to review and amend administrative procedures, remove regulations and institutions which are no longer appropriate, cumbersome, overlap procedures prone to abuse. Improve level of staff of cadres and public servants; renovate thinking and methods of administration and economic management in accordance with market mechanisms and international integration.
3. Develop high quality human resources to meet development requirements of the region towards industrialization and modernization
- Have positive policies to attract and train human resources, especially for each marine economic fields, gradually build high quality workforce to meet requirements of rapid development of the region in the coming period. Research to promulgate specific incentives policies and mechanisms to attract many technical workers, specialists, skilled entrepreneurs ... from other regions to work permanently in coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam under Gulf of Thailand.
- Expand training and vocational training in various forms, in which, focuses on marine carriers and fields having advantage of the region. Promote training and retraining cadres, civil servants at all levels. Strengthen training ability of colleges, professional schools; focus investment in vocational training centers. Encourage large enterprises to participate in training workforce of the region.
4. Solution on science - technology
- Renovate measure of managing science - technology in accordance with market mechanisms and international integration requirements. Enhance application of new technologies in production, especially of marine technology. Have mechanisms to encourage and force enterprises to invest in research to improve techniques and apply new technology, appropriate technology into production.
- Step up basic investigation and marine technology - scientific research to have enough scientific foundation for constructing long-term, effective and sustainable marine exploitation plan. Promote establishment of an Institute (or station)to research sea on Gulf of Thailand. Expand cooperation with countries around Gulf of Thailand in areas of marine investigation and research. Have incentive policies to attract qualification scientists to work in the region. 5. Mobilization and efficient use of capital investment for development It is forecasted that investment capital demand of the region from now to 2020 is around VND 550 trillion (current prices), out of which, in the first phase (from now to 2010) is VND 70 trillion; in a period of 2011 - 2010 is VND 480 trillion. To meet above-mentioned capital requirement, it is necessary to implement synchronous and positive solutions to attract any possible capital resource, under any form, which focuses on following major measures:
- Define priority areas, projects and priority scale to call investment capital from all economic sectors at home and abroad. Conduct propaganda, advertise strengths of the region, position, role and ability to attract investment into dynamic economic zones, industrial zones, key tourism area ... Have incentives policies ( policies of land , capital support, clearance, tax , administrative procedures ...) for enterprises to invest in constructing infrastructure of industrial zones, economic zones on the region. Exploit and rationally use land to generate capital for infrastructure construction for industrial , urban zones ...
- Promote attraction and effective use of State budget. Base on Action Program of the Government on implementation of Resolution No. 09/NQ-TW dated February 09, 2007 of the Political Bureau on Sea Strategy of Vietnam up to 2020, provinces in the region should coordinate closely with other ministries to implement projects of ministries, branches which are implementing in localities on schedule, and also give key projects in the province to plan, development plan of ministries for timely allocation of capital for development investment. Centrally-run ministries and agencies prioritize adequate allocation of capital for coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam in Gulf of Thailand under decisions: No. 178/2004/QD-TTg dated October 05, 2004 of the Prime Minister approving draft of overall plan of Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang province to 2010 and vision 2020; No.38/2006/QD-TTg dated February 14, 2006 of Prime Minister on promulgating regulation on organization and operation of Phu Quoc island and Nam An Thoi island cluster, Kien Giang province and No.14/QD-TTg dated January 14, 2006 by the Prime Minister on approval of plan on sustainable transport development of Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang province to 2010 and orientations to 2020.
- Promote business and production and have measures to rear collection resource to increase budget revenues in the region. Use capital for right purposes under projects through bidding. Intensify investment management, construction management to avoid losses and waste, especially in construction stage. Integrate effectively programs and projects being implemented in the province to enhance efficient use of investment capital.
- Research to establish investment fund on infrastructure construction of the region to attract medium and long-term capital into infrastructure development and key industries. Encourage domestic and foreign banks, credit institutions to open branches or representative offices in coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam under Gulf of Thailand. - Mobilize credit and equities capital. Expand form of loans and loan objects, simplifying lending procedures and create favorable conditions for enterprises and other economic sectors to access to this fund. Encourage development of joint stock enterprises, accelerate equitization of the state –owned enterprises.
- Continue to promote administrative reform, create open environment in investment field. Apply preferential policies such as exemption or reduction of enterprise income tax; exemption and reduction of import-export; exemption, reduction of tax and land rent, land use cost; support clearance and resettlement. .. for enterprises which invest and develop business in the area. Use necessary capital of the State (as primers capital) to attract investment capital of enterprises. Encourage development of small and medium-sized enterprises.
- Encourage investment from private and residential sectors. Create favorable conditions for private economic to develop and invest, unlimited in size, industry, sector or geographical area. Promote mobilization of contribution of the people (both in money and public labor) in accordance with provisions of the State to build rural infrastructure, especially coastal rural and island infrastructure.
- Work closely with other ministries, central agencies and international organizations to mobilize ODA projects. Develop specific projects and actively arrange reciprocal capital as a basis to campaign financing. Take advantage of capital of international organizations on hunger eradication and poverty reduction programs, rural water programs, sanitation, health, education ...
- Renew mechanism of attracting FDI, develop synchronous mechanisms and policies to attract FDI in accordance with integration process. Strengthen investment promotion at home and abroad. Create all favourable and open conditions to attract foreign investment. Give priority to attract large, important projects. Support large projects which are intended to invest in coastal area and territorial waters of  Vietnam under Gulf of Thailand. Broaden investment form of BOT, BT and other forms ...
5. Organization of implementation
Base on overall plan on socio- economic development of territorial waters and coastal area of Vietnam under Gulf of Thailand to 2020, related ministries, branches and provinces in the region need to concretize plan and put into development programs, plans of ministries, agencies and localities to implement. Specifically:
- Ministry of Planning and Investment will coordinate with ministries, branches and provinces in the region to build a common action program for coastal area and territorial waters of Vietnam under Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam (including assignment of specific responsibility and explicit coordination); coordinate with Ministry of Finance to balance and mobilize investment capital for regional development.
- Related ministries and agencies to develop specific action Program of their agencies and organize to implement plan; integrate objectives, orientations and tasks and development solutions of this plan into development plan of agencies on a national scale; coordinate with related ministries, agencies and two provinces of Ca Mau, Kien Giang to ensure balance of resources for development of coastal area and territorial waters of Viet nam under Gulf of Thailand as plan.
- Ca Mau and Kien Giang provinces to review, adjust and supplement overall plans on socio-economic development of provinces and districts, towns and coastal cities; integrate objectives, direction of this plan into overall plan of socio-economic development of provinces, districts, towns, coastal cities; conduct establishment of plan on sea-island economic development and detail plan of economic zones , industrial zones, tourism zones and recreational zones, urban systems ... in province in accordance with general orientation of this plan and Resolution No. 09 /NQ-TW dated August 02, 2007 of the Politburo on Vietnam Sea Strategy up to 2020.  
- Integrate this plan into five year, annual plans of ministries, agencies and localities and allocate capital in annual plan for implementation. - Annually, the People's Committee of Ca Mau and Kien Giang provinces to coordinate with related ministries and agencies review and evaluate implementation of plan to propose competent authorities to promptly adjust and supplement to suit new situation


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