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 Over 60 years of construction, growth and development, GAET Corporation, a Defense - Security unit under the General Department of Defense Industry/Ministry of National Defense has been affirming its role in the military field. National defense and economic integration, contributing to the defense of the Fatherland in the new situation, at the same time is also a reliable domestic and international partner, always at the top of the field of military trade and industrial explosion business.
Currently, GAET has more than 26 departments and units, and dozens of warehouse clusters and branches stretching from North to South and Lao PDR with 19 business lines in which the main tasks include: Commercial activities military; trading in industrial explosives and explosive accessories; import-export and trading in materials, equipment, production lines for defense industry and economy; blasting services; survey; detecting and handling mines and explosives; vocational training and labor import and export, mechanical production, transportation and other economic activities...
For military commercial activities, GAET Corporation is trusted and highly appreciated by the Ministry of National Defense in advising and proposing to partners and reputable sources of goods in the world when purchasing and transferring goods, delivery of modern technology lines; improving and upgrading a number of weapons and equipment in the whole army, contributing to speeding up the modernization process of defense equipment and defense industry.
GAET Corporation is known as the only focal point of the Ministry of National Defense and is one of only two units nationwide that are allowed to trade in industrial explosives to serve the national economy. GAET has built trust and made its mark in key national projects such as: Hai Van Pass Road Tunnel, Son La Hyower Plant, Dong Nai 3 Hyower Plant, Dong Nai 4 Hyower Plant, Song Tranh Hyower Plant - Quang South, Serepok 3 hydroelectricity, Buon Kuop - Dak Lak hydroelectricity, Ho Chi Minh trail...
In industrial production activities, GAET's mechanical products have reached out to European markets such as: Exporting ARG saws to the Czech Republic; winch gearbox for the Netherlands... The corporation also affirms its prestige in vocational training and labor export activities and is rated five stars by the Labor Export Association and the International Labor Organization ILO. .
Although operating in diverse specific fields, in any field GAET always achieves outstanding results. The Corporation has contributed significantly in the construction of the defense industry, building the revolutionary, regular, elite and modern army, contributing to the cause of national construction and development.
With the spirit of "Unity - Proactivity - Integration - Creativity - Self-reliance - Self-Strength", GAET soldiers have been promoting the good nature and glorious tradition of "soldiers on the economic front" always strives to overcome difficulties, improve service quality in order to bring the best products to domestic and foreign partners and customers.
As one of the leading military enterprises in production and business activities in the integration period, GAET Corporation has been integrating deeply, has cooperative relationships with hundreds of partners and customers in Vietnam. More than 50 countries around the world in many different fields, making an important contribution to building the defense industry, building a "revolutionary, regular, elite and modern" army.
Recognizing those contributions, GAET Corporation has been recognized and awarded many noble awards by the Party, State and Army such as: Labor Hero title, Second-class Labor Medal, Third Class Military Merit Medal, First Class Fatherland Defense Medal...

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