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Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company is one of the leading companies in lighting equipment and thermos products in Vietnam. With more than 60 years of development, Rang Dong has provided essential products, serving life and production, becoming the pride of the Vietnamese people.
The company's mission is to become a pioneer in providing a synchronous solution system based on the core technologies of Lighting and IoT, contributing to the creation of smart homes, smart cities, Hi-tech Agriculture and precision agriculture, promoting life Harmony with Nature - Smart - Happiness - Environmentally friendly; Adding value to shareholders, employees and customers; Accompanying the nation to build a Prosperous Vietnam.
Rang Dong's products and services ecosystem in industry 4.0 is produced based on the achievements of Scientific and Technological Research of three Rang Dong R&D Centers (Lighting R&D Center, Digital R&D Center and Modern Business R&D Center - C4LED) of Rang Dong design team and Digital Transformation Consulting Team bring four breakthrough areas of I - 4.0 (Physics - Materials, Biology, New Energy and Digital Technology) into products and services to transform From providing products to providing System/Solution with synchronous service, complete package, restructure the Product/Service Strategy, towards customer experience and develop the Business Ecosystem.
Rang Dong's products and services ecosystem in industry 4.0 takes Smart Lighting as its core technology, expanding to Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Farms with synchronous features and package services to bring a comfortable life, health, safety and savings, green life and environmentally friendly. With the aspiration to Make in Vietnam for six decades, Rang Dong will continue to bring Vietnamese people the best lighting solutions, actively participate in the industrial revolution 4.0 and carry out digital transformation, collecting the wisdom of mankind, turning knowledge into the value of the Vietnamese people: designing in Vietnam, producing in Vietnam, doing business on digital platforms owned by the Vietnamese people.
Rang Dong's products and services ecosystem in industry 4.0 was honored to receive the awards: Two Vietnam Smart City Awards; the Year 2020- Rated 5 stars, in the field of “G-S-HCL lighting solutions in buildings/Smart apartments”; the Year 2021- Rated 5 stars, area: "Smart lighting solutions for streets in Smart City"; Smart Lighting Solutions and Precision Agriculture in Hi-Tech Agriculture have been Outstandingly recognized "Sao Khue Award 2021".
Rang Dong's product strengths not only stop at LED lighting but also develop and diversify thermos products. In addition to traditional thermos products, smart, modern, and highly applicable thermos products are brought into life such as thermos used to make tea, coffee, and all kinds of super speed kettles... personalized for each group, each individual.
Rang Dong products are present at 23,000 points of sale across the country and exported to 37 countries and territories spanning continents around the world. Many products meet stringent standards of fastidious markets such as the United States, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and Australia….
With the right direction and firm steps in solidarity, initiative, innovation, creativity, speed, and adaptation, Rang Dong has achieved proud successes. In 2022, Rang Dong achieved revenue of VND6,909 billion compared to VND5,709 billion in 2021, up 21% (2015-2019 average growth 8-10%/year; 2019-2022 up 15-20% average).
In 2022, Rang Dong Light Source & Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company was ranked by organizations: TOP 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam; TOP 50 enterprises with excellent profits in Vietnam; TOP 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam “VNR500”; National Brand 2022; TOP Technology 4.0 Vietnam –I4.0 Award” for the first time in 2022. Category 1: TOP Industry 4.0 Enterprises; TOP “Technology 4.0 Vietnam – I4.0 Award” for the first time, 2022. Category 1: TOP Science, Technology and Innovation Organizations/Enterprises – Solution: Digital transformation to improve internal capacity export stage, moving towards smart production "Make in Vietnam"; TOP 10 Top Brands in Vietnam; TOP 10 groups of products - services trusted by Vietnam; TOP 10 typical innovative Vietnamese enterprises in 2022; Certification of the Highest Energy Efficiency Lighting Brand in 2022; The number 1 brand in Vietnam in 2022.
The goal is that by 2025, Rang Dong will become a leading high-tech enterprise in the lighting market in Vietnam and a pioneer in the field of providing Ecosystem 4.0; By 2030, it will become a billion-dollar enterprise, bringing Rang Dong brand to the regional level; Building a company with a more creative, more cultural, more professional and happier working environment. (Average income will reach 2000 USD/person/month in 2025).
Rang Dong has overcome many difficulties, with the idea of actively attacking, striving with hard work and tireless striving; Rang Dong employees join hands to make proud achievements, create the foundation for the new development of Rang Dong with the steadfastness of the development path by science and technology, innovation and kindness. This helps to create a new face for Rang Dong in 2023 in the direction of shifting from a Technology Enterprise to a High-Tech Enterprise, a Real-Digital Enterprise.

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