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Intellectual property development program of Kontum province for the period of 2017-2020 

 Saturday, November 30,2019

AsemconnectVietnam - Raising awareness of production and business organizations in the province on creating, protecting and developing intellectual properties in economic integration

Intellectual property development program of Kontum province for the period of 2017-2020
I. Objectives of the program
1. General objective
a) Raising awareness of production and business organizations in the province on creating, protecting and developing intellectual properties in economic integration.
b) Assist the production and business organizations in the province in creating, protecting and developing intellectual properties. In which priority is given to supporting key products, specific products and advantageous products with export potential of the province.
2. Specific objectives
- Promote the propagation, training, training on intellectual property for organizations, individuals and businesses in the province.
- Supporting exploitation and application into practice of 5 or more domestic inventions / solutions; From 01 to 02 foreign inventions are not protected in Vietnam and some new plant varieties have high yield and quality.
- Supporting the protection, management and development of intellectual property rights at home and abroad with 20 or more subjects of key products, groups of products, specific products and trade villages (including: Geographical indications, collective marks, certification marks such as: Expanding Ngoc Linh Geographical Indications; developing Geographical Indications of Mang Den forest, Dak Ha coffee; certification marks , a collective brand of cold-water vegetables, flowers, tubers, fruits of specialties of localities ...)
- Supporting the registration of protection, exploitation and application of 50 or more subjects of copyright, industrial property rights and plant varieties to organizations, individuals and enterprises in need.
- Building a provincial intellectual property database integrated on the provincial web portal and website of the Department of Science and Technology.
II. Content, expenditure, funding sources, implementation time of the program
1. Content and level of implementation of the Program
Comply with the provisions of Resolution No. 22/2019 / NQ-HDND dated July 18, 2019 of the Provincial People's Council, defining the content and spending level for implementation of the Program on development of intellectual property in Kon Tum province in the period of 2017-2020.
2. Funding sources for implementation of the Program
a) Sources of scientific and technological non-business expenditures belong to the provincial budget.
b) Other funding sources, including:
- Funds of organizations, individuals and businesses participating in the implementation of the Program's tasks.
- Funds mobilized from other lawful sources.
3. Program implementation period: From 2017 to the end of 2020.
III. Organization of implementation
1. The implementation contents of this Program are formulated into projects and scientific and technological tasks funded with the state budget. Project contents, order and procedures for task identification; content evaluation; funding appraisal; signing performance contracts; Acceptance testing; settlement of tasks ... is applied according to the current regulations of the province on management of science and technology tasks using the state budget.
2. The Department of Science and Technology is the Program management agency, responsible for leading and coordinating with relevant branches and localities in drawing up a plan to organize the implementation of common activities, including : Information and propaganda about the Program, Conference, Workshop, preliminary and final summary of the Program; study tours, surveys, surveys, learning experiences on protection, development of intellectual property and implement activities to help the Provincial People's Committee direct the effective implementation of the Program.
Department of Science and Technology organizes the management of specific projects under the Program, including: Proposing, developing, selecting and approving or advising to approve the project implementation program; inspect and supervise the implementation, organize the evaluation and pre-acceptance test of the project; organize application, dissemination and replication of project implementation results. Issue specific documents to guide and manage the Program, including: Guidance on documents, procedures for task determination, content evaluation, cost estimate evaluation, acceptance, settlement payment of scientific and technological tasks, projects under the Program ... to ensure compliance with current regulations. Summary of recommendations, proposals for amendments and supplements to be submitted when new central regulations are issued. Develop a budget plan for goods to implement the Program and submit to the Provincial People's Committee for consideration and decision. Annually, summarize and report to the provincial People's Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology the results of the Program implementation.
3. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; The Department of Information and Communications shall assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Department of Science and Technology in proposing and evaluating support contents in the field of management under the Intellectual Property Law.
4. Department of Finance chairs and coordinates with Department of Science and Technology, Department of Planning and Investment to advise Provincial People's Committee to allocate budget to implement the Program.
5. Department of Industry and Trade shall lead and coordinate with relevant departments and branches to support enterprises and production and business establishments in promoting and developing local product brands through the Industrial Promotion Program and the trade promotion process.
6. Department of Information and Communications directs and guides provincial press agencies, provincial web portals, websites of departments, branches, People's Committees of districts, cities and radio systems basis to promote the propagation of Program content, program implementation results; Intellectual property law; promote and develop trademarks of products protected by local intellectual property rights.
7. The People's Committees of districts and cities select and propose the contents of the Program to be assisted in the protection and development of innovative products and results of organizations, individuals and enterprises in the locality.
8. Enterprises, organizations and individuals that have innovative products and achievements need to protect, advertise and develop proposals to management agencies for consideration and support; at the same time, allocating funds of units and individuals for implementation together.

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